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[LianYL] Anyone Still Interested In Otaku Goods?


I understand that no one reads this site anymore but this is a matter of absolute emergency

[Tenshi_MKII] New and Local Anime T-Shirt Brand: Metronome

If you guys have been to Cosfest and visited booth, you guys should have known of their existence or even better, already ordered their T-shirts. For those who don’t know, they are basically like COSPA just that the artwork is done by bj0rN / Collateral Damage Studios and it’s cheaper.

If you would like to order, simply just email them at with your name, contact number, item name, size as well as your bank account type and number.

Do support them!

Here are the designs so far:

Menma: I personally like this design a lot.


Here’s the size chart if anyone is interested(In inches):
XS – 36
S – 38
M – 40
L – 42
XL – 44
XXL – 46

Here is their Facebook Page: