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RIUVA Special: Be The Best Man You Can Be!

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Hi all, while I’m the one writing the post, this is actually brought to you courtesy of the RIUVA team.

3 things have happened on this site in the last few weeks. Normally it would be greeted with much fanfare and contests, but due to the hectic nature of school life, we’ve sort of overlooked it. Till now. In any case, the three major events are:

1. The 22nd anniversary of tjhan’s mother excreting him.

2. RIUVA’s 1000th post, the honour of taking it went to LianYL, and deservedly so.

[LianYL] Finally, Minna no Mina

I’ve waited so, so long for a decent Getsumen Mina figurine.

So long.

Since long, long ago.

We should all vote for Okama.

Bad pun.


Alter has released news of two 1/8-scale figurine releases for August and September 2008.

Getsumen Mina to be released in August ‘08. I am pretty sure this will be on my buying list, slapped with a hefty price tag of 6615 yen. Japan’s figurine market has been scaling up really quickly. May the bubble burst, so that we get discount bin raids.

[G-Man] What in the world was I thinking!?

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I guess there was no mass email sent out to proclaim the news that I’m the newest member of the Riuva team. Oh please hold your applause… When I got the news I was pretty ecstatic because I thought my scholarly treatise on emoism didn’t nearly receive the attention that the coincidentally timed post, that hardly ever shows up, on otaku’s skewed view of reality by TJ-han garnered. I mean it completely overshadowed my wee little post to the point that one could consider such a coincidence an act of nefarious design wrought with malice. ..LOL ..But I digress..When I got the news that I could now have free reign to share my views on otakuism, anime, and life via rivua I was beyond excited. Until I actually sat down and began thinking about what topic I should tackle for you lifeless, I mean, you anime enthusiast out there, and realized that when I agreed to this I must have been out of my mind.

[LianYL] NCRM >> Random Rumours

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Below are some news/rumours that I’ve read around Chinese anime sites these few days. I can’t really remember where I read which from so I’ll just leave it unreferenced.

News/Rumours of late:

1. Detective Conan manga will end this year. Rumours say that Dr. Hiroshi Agasa is the mastermind villain behind the criminal organisation that caused Shinichi to turn into a kid. What better way than to keep his test subject closely under watch beside him. Apparently, if you tweak around the doctor’s name, you’ll get a revelation and spoiler of his identity. Oh, and the female agent who took the same drug as Shin will die, or so it seems.

[Ascaloth] Final Critique: True Tears

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When the winter/spring 2007 previews of the upcoming anime season first started appearing on the various anime blogs, hardly anyone took notice of yet another "harem" show that was in the list; understandable, considering that SHAFT’s excellent ef ~a tale of memories~ had just concluded, and KyoAni’s big-hitter CLANNAD (TV) was still halfway through its broadcast. And of those who did take notice of it, the reactions ranged from "maybe following" to "not another harem show". Nevertheless, within the course of a few weeks, True Tears had gained a respectable following with a gripping story and incredible visual beauty, causing many who overlooked it to eat their words.

Indeed, I was one of those who was intending to skip it altogether, being fairly occupied with CLANNAD (TV) as it was. Yet, one cannot ignore such a show for long if one keeps hearing raves from others about said show, and so it was in my case, enough for me to check it out for myself. And get myself hooked, while I was at it. Let’s take a look at the various aspects which made True Tears one of the dark horse candidates within the romance/drama genre, which went from being largely unnoticed to earning itself a respectable amount of attention from anime bloggers everywhere.

Do you think Otaku should seek a fellow Otaku as their significant other?
  • Yes. Matching interests, and they wouldn't find each other repulsive.: 33% (109)
  • Yes, because otaku can't talk about anything besides their hobbies.: 8% (25)
  • No, because that will lead both to a spiral of increasing otakuness.: 12% (39)
  • No, because male otakus think female ones are ugly and weird and female ones think likewise about male ones.: 21% (69)
  • Otakus do not need such a thing.: 26% (84)

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