In a fit of impulse, or rather the fact that this Alter 1/5 Rei was going for a mere 85 dollars, I spent the money that was supposed to be for Megahouse’s Karakuri Circus set on yet ANOTHER Rei figurine. While this is my fourth one (with a few more on the way), this Alter 1/5 PVC of Bandaged Rei in a plugsuit is the only Rei I have that is "in-character" and not dressed up as tennis players, mermaids and school chicks. This is also the first non-SEGA Rei figurine I have.

Alter truly doesn’t disappoint, even with their usual high standards. I was awed by the multi-layered hair, the detailed and crisp plugsuit and the bandages.

For these few pictures, I tried flash for a more evil setting.

Turned out alright I guess for a limited camera with no external flash and lighting.

Larger figurines (1/6 and above) tend to suck when mass-produced for a few reasons. Their large size makes them Godzillas when displayed alongside other figurines and hence the appeal is lost. The large size also means any deficiences in paint or molding are amplified and more visible. They are just plainly more expensive. And their immense weight does prove problematic when the figurine is standing.

Whew, finally got this review done! I had the pics taken, processed and uploaded on the server for weeks already. With seven figurine reviews backlogged and 5 more yet to arrive or photographed, I have a lot of material to work with for this period of time.

The Megahouse 1/8 scale PVC bust of Saya and Hagi was hugely anticipated, especially be Blood+ fans. The promo pictures looked exquisitely detailed and romantic. The actual product isn’t too far off, but there are a few inadequacies that proved to be disappointments.

I purchased this for 5040 yen (but stores locally are letting it go at about 58-65 dollars). For the price, it does seem a bit on the small side but this is only due to Saya’s being sculpted rather slimly and her resting on Hagi’s shoulder. The figurine stands at about 12 cm.

Saya is in her school uniform, wielding her custom katana about to perform a downward overhead slash. Her right leg is trailing while her left is supported by Hagi. The katana is a removeable accessory. Hagi’s body is cut off at the waist. The figure is screwed on tight to the red translucent base which bears the Blood+ logo. The entire weight of Saya is distributed evenly across Hagi’s trunk, and fastened in place with a screw and his left stump so there shouldn’t be a likelihood of warpage. The base is typical of the Excellent Model series and hence nothing to shout about, though the colour, a dark red, does go perfectly with Blood+ and Saya’s red bow and red eyes.

How to show some anime love part 1: Get an ahoge.

No my hair’s not silver, it’s just the flash. But that’s an ahoge.

Onto the new "anime goodozu" as Satou of the NHK so bluntly puts it, I went to the figurine wholesaler at China Square Central today with the intention of getting the Megahouse Karakuri Circus Set. But the store hadn’t gotten the stock yet. Noticing a Alter Rei 1/5 scale figurine that was as beautiful as … Rei herself, I was tempted to part with 85 dollars to get her. It helps that the retail price + shipping costs about 100 dollars, while the store was selling it at 85.

So I did a "the name of the Gundam Shin Asuka uses in Gundam Seed Destiny’s first episode" buy. The feeling is rather sickening because it’s a bit like getting a girlfriend - you know you like her but you also know your wallet’s going to be empty and suffering ensues.

And Revoltech Eva-03, the black version that was devoured by Eva-01, is out. It comes with an impressively cool ballistics shield and I need the full set. So I bought it for 28.

Finally watched Flag. I was pretty much looking forward to it, having heard it contains elements of all my favourites of media - war, partisan crowds, gritty civil war, transforming yet realistic non-uberpowered mecha, gatling guns, cameras, unique character designs and cosmopolitan team of crack warriors.

Ok, the story of Flag goes like this - Shiras Saeko (VA: Tanaka Rena, debut seiyuu role it seems. Actress. Hawt 26-year old. Special skills are Sado aka Tea Ceremony, Mandarin. Very hot.) is a photojournalist. The first episode shows her in different time frames, her as a rookie, in the midst of covering a civil war and finally, her as a celebrity photographer ready for her biggest assignment yet. Shirasu captured the most popular photo of all time, one that has come to symbolise peace (see below). The picture is of a jubilant local crowd waving their flag together with UN peacekeepers, while two women pray with the sun in the background.

The setting is Uddiyana, a third world country ravaged by civil war between many armed factions. The UN have been struggling to lead the country to peace but with the help and inspiration of Shirasu’s picture, titled Flag, they make inroads to resolving the crisis. However, radicals steal the flag shown in the picture and fearing the collapse of the people’s belief of attainable freedom, the UN organise a team to recover the flag.

Finally. These were stuck at the post office for quite a few days, since no one was around to collect them when the mailman delivered the parcel. From left to right is Sawachika Eri of School Rumble, Ayanami Rei of Eva (like duh) in a short yukata and Lain of Serial Experiment Lain.

I am ashamed/proud to say that I spent 43 thousand yen on figures last month, excluding those I bought with cash. Besides the three above, I also have the two new Revoltech, King Gainer and Eva-02, the two waitress Ichigo Mashimaro girls, Dark Saber, Mermaid Rei and Kanaria.

Now for some first impressions.

Eri is not Eri. We knew that from the promo pictures though. The box is the same design as the previous two. Eri in the above pic actually looks a bit like .. Eri but the figurine itself is a bit strange. PITY. Good Smile you blew it!!!

Yukata Rei looked awesome from the promo pics. The packaging art is very nice and cute, with chibified versions of the two main heroines of Eva. Generally, for its price, I don’t have any complaints. The yukata is so cute though the hem is a bit too short to exist in real life. One thing - she is cross-eyed. Tragic.

Lain, being more than four (4!!!)  times the price of Rei, is not very attractive sadly. Her eyes are a bit weird. I like the diorama though.

Do you like your figurines to be poseable or have a fixed pose? Refer to this post.

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