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It was about time to update that rotting About page. I decided to go with an FAQ format because it is more readable and I can just add stuff later on.

Click on the link to see the page. And you can submit questions too, just leave a comment.

I noted a problem which I foresaw to be an obstacle to RIUVA’s growth - older posts are terribly difficult to find and new users don’t get to see them. I’m too lousy to code a sidebar gallery like Heisei Democracy or have random galleries on the side like Danny Choo. So I just created a new page chock full of thumbnails linking to each review. So there!

Clicking on the Figure Review tab above lets you see all the reviews I’ve done so far. Truth be told, looking through my old pics was quite a shameful experience. The insane jpg compression, super blur photography and poor angles really are an embarrassment. Luckily, improvements have been made but still, it’s a long way to go. As of now, more than half of my figurines are left unreviewed and unphotographed, so I still have lots of material to work with.

I had big plans. I planned to convert my header image into a updatable gallery showcasing the latest Riuva figurine review thumbnails, and with links to them. After designing the header and slicing everything, I spotted a tiny setback - I didn’t actually know how to do it.

That’s right, Riuva will be shutdown for a period of five days as I head off to the rainforests of Indonesia. I have yet to decide which figurine to bring along though.

Hotlinkers MUST DIE!

I hate hotlinkers. They steal bandwidth and most of the time, don’t even leave links. Worse, I check their sites and they are bullshit kids or lazy NEETs. If you want to hotlink, at least have a decent site! I don’t want to enable hotlink protection because that causes a lot of problems and inconveniences.

Has the Rise of Anime contributed to your neglecting of other hobbies?
  • Yes, my best skill now is "watching anime".: 74% (112)
  • No, anime is too weak to make me lose control.: 26% (39)

Total Votes : 151


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