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Ultra-Level Up in Anime-watching and PS3 Capabilities

Take that! I now own the largest TV in my house and am sitting right in front of it. Now I just need a new computer that can run giant movie files smoothly, since my Thinkpad X61 "Sylvana" can’t really cut it for games and high-res anime. It’s a Samsung 32 inch LCD TV, the model name is a bunch of numbers. It’s quite inexpensive at only 530 dollars, which is slightly less than the PS3 I intend to use it for as well.

Now I can see Queen’s Blade titties in a larger size. More importantly, Eden of the East and other releases now look really fantastic. I just have to get my hands on a 3.5mm jack that goes both ways, so I can have my laptop send the sound over to the TV as well and a HDMI cable for the PS3. Not sure if the latter is needed though, since the 3 coloured wires do work well enough.

I can’t believe this upgrade was only 500+ dollars, which is less than the price of most of my camera lenses. I think I should sell some of them, and figures. 3-4 figurines = this TV! The TV shall be named Selvaria.

The angle makes it look small, but if you’re in that seat and have watched anime for the past 1 year on the 13 inch screen, it’s a huge mindblowing trip. In fact, I think I’m getting dizzy.

With my Drill, I Pierce the Moon!

Hohoho, since LianYL is all worked up about some ancient tradition of staring at full moons, let me dedicate this photograph to him!

Taken by me with my new voyeur rig, which I don’t have a picture of since my only camera is that. But I’ll just take some from the web.

Yup, this is the one.