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New Camera! W0000 POWER!

These pictures were taken under crap fluorescent lighting even the Powershot S3 IS couldn’t get good pics under. The power of 30,000 dollars.

After getting this, I realised how bad my old Fuji Z-2 was. To think I got it just half a year ago too.. it was a bad choice then. For a similar price, the range of features and picture quality of the Ixus 800 totally rapes the Z-2. While I would’ve liked a dSLR of course, the money source came with a catch - only small cameras allowed.

This may not be new since it was introduced a year or so back. But Singpost has this Vpost service that gives you an address in Japan to deliver your goods to. They then consolidate and ship it to your doorstep. Simply put, this is ownage and solves a lot of problems, although I have yet to use it. Obviously, non-Singaporean readers can just skip the rest of the article.

As promised, here are the pictures of my Happy Red Mecha Family.

Front View: Through this picture, I noticed for the first time that Speed Grapher and Traveller have different shades of red. Btw Cocoon looks exactly like the back of Speed Grapher. And yes, Cocoon has started to break apart. It is an MP3 player made of glass… literally.

I have finally gotten my Digicam!! Wheee. It’s in red and silver, and looks EXACTLY like my portable hard drive. Just smaller. It also looks like my mp3 player. Just bigger. I now have a family of red machinery. I’ll take a pic of them all together.. like a family photo when I get to the office on Monday. I wonder who names their tech equipment here?

Has the Rise of Anime contributed to your neglecting of other hobbies?
  • Yes, my best skill now is "watching anime".: 74% (112)
  • No, anime is too weak to make me lose control.: 26% (39)

Total Votes : 151


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