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If you hang out at #animenano, you’ll see drama once in a while. Here’s a cleaned up chat log of the latest. By cleaned up, I mean I removed unrelated chatlines, DRMKRRRSSo’s manic moaning and other irrelevant bits.

The incident started when physics223 got miffed by my SchRumble Quiz post, which included the phrase "Silly people have been complaining that School Rumble is going downhill." and he felt offended about his intelligence being questioned. Read on the really long log where I sacrificed my Rahxephon time to entertain myself through another activity.

I highlighted the choice bits in bold and the italics are my post-comments. See if you can spot all the anime references I included in my replies. I think there are 4. I highlighted one as an example.

07:28     physics223     tj - i’m part of those ’some people’
07:30     tj_han     i was refering to u
07:30     tj_han     and i said silly people

07:33     physics223     TJ thinks that people who don’t agree with him are silly. KISS MY ASS>
07:34     physics223     ^_^
07:34     tj_han     i dont think that
07:34     tj_han     i think silly people are silly
07:34     tj_han     hopeless doesnt agree with me about mecha being the greatest
07:34     tj_han     but i dont think he’s silly!
07:34     tj_han     SO THERE
07:34     physics223     Okay.
07:34     physics223     That’s because he doesn’t like smalltalk.
07:34     physics223     I love smalltalk.
07:35     physics223     I bet I can write better than you, though.
07:36     tj_han     physics
07:36     tj_han     i can write "BETTER THAN YOU"
07:36     tj_han     BETTER THAN YOU

07:36     physics223     Okay.
07:36     physics223     Good.
07:37     tj_han     i am wondering if u got the joke
07:37     physics223     Are you talking to me?
07:38     tj_han     u
07:38     physics223     No, I didn’t understand.
07:38     physics223     Uh …
07:38     JoKEraI     LAWL
07:38     tj_han     basically, when i wrote "BETTER THAN YOU".
07:39     tj_han     i wrote the phrase "better than you". since u said that you "can" write better than you

07:39     tj_han     watttt.. slow.
07:39     JoKEraI     he means he literally wrote it out
07:39     physics223     No, seriously, I was quite offended when you thought I was silly. But then again, I can’t act like JP or Hopeless most of the time… so … :)
07:39     physics223     Yes.
07:39     physics223     I understood that joke.
07:39     physics223     Now.
07:39     JoKEraI     uh huh
07:40     physics223     YEs.
07:40     physics223     Yes.
07:41     physics223     I do think … that School Rumble doesn’t ’suck.’
07:42     physics223     It just doesn’t get anywhere.
07:42     physics223     Okay, when it takes two steps forward.

07:42     JoKEraI     sch rumble is moving alot now
07:42     physics223     It takes at least two back.
07:42     whai_whai     it goes back 3
07:42     physics223     Yes.
07:43     tj_han     not at all.
07:43     tj_han     i dont see how its not advancing
07:43     physics223     Yes. Hanging around until …
07:43     tj_han     eri and harima got to know each other very well
07:43     tj_han     and are much closer

07:43     JoKEraI     sch rumble is advancing
07:43     tj_han     yakumo takes initiative for the first time
07:43     tj_han     tenma hates harima
07:43     tj_han     and karasuma goes to her house
07:43     tj_han     is this not advancing?

07:43     physics223     I was stating the point that
07:43     JoKEraI     if she could
07:44     physics223     You haven’t read the more recent manga chapters, have you?
07:44     physics223     Three steps back.
07:44     tj_han     i would prefer this 2steps forward 1 step back approach rather than the speedy bokura ga ita
07:44     tj_han     i read volume 13
07:45     tj_han     would you call that recent?
07:45     physics223     No, you prefer things not moving at all.
07:45     physics223     I prefer Honey and Clover.
07:45     tj_han     considering i read and enjoyed ranma 1/2 for 38 volumes
07:45     tj_han     of total static.

07:45     tj_han     maybe not moving is a good thing.
07:45     HopelessS     Bokura ga Ita is so damn fast, episode 2 seemed to contain more than many whole series do in 23 minutes.
07:45     tj_han     yeah precisely. even H and C ends at vol 10
07:45     physics223     That’s what I said
07:46     tj_han     anyway sch rumble is moving.
07:46     physics223     That not moving is a good thing to others
07:46     tj_han     it wasn’t like ranma or inuyasha
07:46     physics223     Ask people
07:46     physics223     It isn’t.
07:46     tj_han     even inuyasha moves.
07:46     tj_han     physics doesnt read one piece?
07:47     physics223     Nope
07:47     tj_han     you dont collect manga do you
07:47     physics223     I read and watch a few
07:47     physics223     I do
07:47     physics223     Good ones

07:47     tj_han     long series?
07:47     physics223     No
07:47     physics223     MPD Psycho
07:47     physics223     Leviathan
07:47     physics223     Stuff that work the mind (he loves to boast about his "intelligence")
07:47     tj_han     my point is, people who are unused to long series tend to be very impatient.
07:47     physics223     And aren’t cheesy
07:47     physics223     I’m not very impatient.
07:47     physics223     I’m normal.
07:48     physics223     I read 200+ chapters of Bleach only to realize that it’s not worth it.
07:48     meganeshounen     It’s not? Damn.
07:48     physics223     The same is with School Rumble.
07:48     tj_han     ok then go off for your intelligent manga.
07:48     HopelessS     One Piece is worth reading that much, but Bleach definatly isn’t now :’(
07:48     physics223     It’s too formulaic - it isn’t intelligent anymore.
07:49     tj_han     life must be tough for the "intelligent" anime viewers I guess.
07:49     physics223     I mean … I do understand it’s a cycle of thesis-antithesis-catharsis. (Start count of unnecessary big words when he’s cornered.)
07:49     meganeshounen     o_O
07:49     meganeshounen stays away from the babble-speaking Atenean
07:49     physics223     But keeping manga in a formula isn’t what I want in a manga. I don’t also want that in an anime.
07:50     physics223     HEY! I’m being serious for a bit.
07:50     tj_han     yeah I understand that protogenesis is the bane of stereotypical garrulation
07:50     physics223     Now that’s babble
07:50     physics223     But yeah
07:50     meganeshounen     ……
07:50     tj_han     formula is there because it works. i would like a 70:30 ratio.
07:51     physics223     I’d like a 50:50
07:51     physics223     School Rumble is just dumb right now, and although you’re a more vehement and stolid fan, a lot of people are disillusioned and disappointed.
07:51     tj_han     a lot of people?
07:52     tj_han     schizo?

07:52     Guest142852     can you point out those people?
07:52     tj_han     i can also claim that A LOT of people, far more, like school rumble.’
07:53     JoKEraI     each to his/her own
07:53     physics223     nope
07:53     physics223     just read the AS forums
07:53     tj_han     by taking a small sample like that
07:53     physics223     Unless they have multiple accounts, that’s a lot of people.
07:53     tj_han     how about u read the wannabe forums
07:53     physics223     Try checking THAT out
07:54     physics223     It’s not there
07:54     tj_han     what’s not there?
07:54     physics223     The wannabe forums
07:54     tj_han     duh. they changed the address
07:54     physics223     ?
07:54     physics223     OH
07:54     physics223     ?
07:54     tj_han     just change .net to .info
07:54     JoKEraI     wannabe fansubs have changed their address
07:55     physics223     ah
07:55     physics223     oh
07:55     physics223     there’s still a, though
07:56     JoKEraI     that site is inactive
07:57     physics223     no, but it can fool
07:58     JoKEraI     yea well
07:59     physics223     so
07:59     JoKEraI     it aint my business right?
07:59     physics223     anyway, I still feel SR is in all that static
08:00     JoKEraI     thats how you feel
08:00     JoKEraI     no one can stop it
08:00     JoKEraI     but for me
08:00     JoKEraI     i do feel that it is moving forward
08:00     JoKEraI     watch season 1 and season 2 and see the difference
08:01     JoKEraI     and once again you compared sch rumble with honey and clover

08:01     physics223     You know
08:01     physics223     No
08:01     physics223     I watch SR isolated from H&C
08:01     physics223     I did watch S1 twice
08:02     physics223     S2 I’ll rewatch when it finished
08:02     physics223     *finishes
08:02     physics223     Yes, Yakumo took a step forward.
08:02     physics223     You’ll see that she’ll just take two steps back.
08:02     physics223     Eri liked Harima as another guy
08:02     physics223     but she still beats Harima up
(this just shows how he can’t really comprehend the changes in character behaviour)
08:04     JoKEraI     i could argue all day long but i don’t really want to
08:05     JoKEraI     i haven read vol 13 so i cant really say anything abt it either
08:06     JoKEraI     so i’ll just talk base on your four sentences here
08:07     JoKEraI     but i could simply zoom it down to one point
08:07     JoKEraI     you want a closure
08:07     JoKEraI     but sch rumble is unable to give you a clourse
08:07     JoKEraI     *closure
08:07     physics223     I don’t mean a total closure.
08:07     physics223     No, I want development.
08:07     physics223     Hopeless, has SR manga even ‘developed’?
08:08     physics223     Rather, James.
08:08     physics223     :D
08:08     HopelessS     I’ve only read up to the US release, sadly, so I cannot comment
08:08     physics223     So that’s why there aren’t any more WF fansubs
08:08     physics223     SR was licensed
08:08     JoKEraI     no
08:09     JoKEraI     i don’t really think WF gives a damn abt it ._.
08:09     w1ckhunt3r     i think WF is just plain slow
08:09     w1ckhunt3r     in getting out the subs
08:10     JoKEraI     i rather wait for WF than watch your mom though
08:10     w1ckhunt3r     it isn’t about license or not
08:10     JoKEraI     or i could juz read the manga
08:10     Matte     wf was very slow with the first season too
08:10     w1ckhunt3r     i’m reading the manga
08:10     JoKEraI     there is development in sch rumble
08:10     JoKEraI     but it aint the kind you want
08:11     Matte     what kind is it? :o
08:12     JoKEraI     wat you want is characters moving forward and actively start going after each other
08:12     JoKEraI     is that not what you want physics?
08:16     JoKEraI     yea ok so lets drop this topic
08:16     JoKEraI     not worth discussing actually
08:16     JoKEraI     we all have better things to do i presume
08:21     tj_han     physics obviously does not see the development. in spite of eri’s kick, which is just a spur of the moment thing, in the later chapters she still did show increased liking for harima
08:21     tj_han     and greater understanding of his character
08:21     tj_han     as shown in the christmas baito arc

08:22     physics223     it fails in the sense that it doesn’t move forward at all
08:22     physics223     it moves
08:23     physics223     yes
08:23     physics223     i admit it does
08:23     physics223     in place

08:23     tj_han     physics what?? so does it or not
08:23     physics223     it moves in place
08:23     tj_han     oh yeah
08:23     tj_han     i eat and barf
08:23     tj_han     or i eat and the food goes into dimension x
08:23     tj_han     or perhaps i run on a treadmill
08:24     physics223     so it doesn’t move from one point of view (mine)
08:24     physics223     relatively everything moves
08:24     physics223     Joke: do I see people going after super-actively in H&C?
08:24     tj_han     you can bring in the frog in boiling water saying here
08:24     tj_han     and yes
08:25     tj_han     in h and c ppl go after actively

08:25     tj_han     mayama chases rika, yamada chases mayama, nomiya chases yamada so o n
08:25     tj_han     all actively
08:25     physics223     mmm
08:25     physics223     i define ‘actively’ different (start of the really weird ‘active’ definition discussion)
08:26     tj_han     like how?
08:26     tj_han     how more active can mayama be?
08:26     physics223     uh …
08:26     physics223     he waited for 4 years
08:26     physics223     active = instantaneous

08:26     tj_han     wat the hell
08:26     JoKEraI     ._.
08:27     tj_han     that’s pretty dumb.
08:27     physics223     Sure.
08:27     JoKEraI     so like boy meets girl boy immediately goes after girl = active
08:27     physics223     No, I don’t think pondering outside a window watching the girl you love is active.
08:27     tj_han     that’s just one aspect.
08:28     tj_han     he also did other things.
08:28     physics223     Yes, but the fact that he took a whole lot of time in just trying to improve himself before going for Rika isn’t what I really call active.
08:28     physics223     Active often connotes idiocy.
08:28     physics223     Hyperactive -

08:28     tj_han     LOL
08:29     tj_han     you think hyperactive is the same as active?
08:29     JoKEraI     thats a different kind of active
08:29     physics223     okay
08:29     physics223     No, I don’t think it’s the same. It’s as obvious.
08:29     physics223     But in our society we often equate ‘active’ with a lack in brains.
08:29     physics223     In yours, perhaps, you don’t.

08:29     tj_han     what the hell are you talking about
08:29     physics223     Yes.
08:30     physics223     Okay.
08:30     tj_han     so a person who campaigns for votes
08:30     tj_han     is active. and hence an idiot.
08:30     tj_han     a person who sits around waiting is passive.

08:30     physics223     Most people here who do are active.
08:30     tj_han     and hes smart?
08:30     physics223     = idiots

08:30     tj_han     jokerrai
08:30     JoKEraI     ._.
08:31     physics223     Yeah
08:32     JoKEraI     so i shld be less active in my sch less i may become dumber
08:32     JoKEraI     we learn new things everyday
08:32     physics223     It often follows.
08:32     physics223     In terms of academics.
08:33     JoKEraI     wat the..
08:33     JoKEraI     so what you mean is that if i become less active in my studies
08:33     JoKEraI     i’ll be smarter
08:33     physics223     Here’s a definition: Marked by energetic activity
08:34     physics223     In no way was what Mayama did ‘energetic’
08:34     tj_han     but through his posts, we already know that physics despises proactive people.
08:34     physics223     No, I mean that if you become less active in extracurricular activities, you’ll be smarter.
08:35     JoKEraI     and why is that?
08:35     DrmChsr0     Irony.
08:35     tj_han     lol. i wonder where you came from
08:35     JoKEraI     do joining swimming team makes me dumbe?
08:35     JoKEraI     no
08:35     tj_han     all the elites worldwide have stellar grades and extraC activities
08:35     JoKEraI     do joining scounts make me dumb?
08:35     DrmChsr0     Because the only extra-curricular activity I’m doing happens to be the only group of people I regularly hang out with.
08:35     tj_han     yeah but spelling it wrong does
08:35     JoKEraI     is learning survival skills dumbe?
08:35     JoKEraI     no
08:35     tj_han     LOL
08:35     JoKEraI     *dumb
08:35     physics223     I placed a hidden argument. (lol this from someone who can’t even get the "WRITE BETTER" joke.)
08:36     physics223     It’s because if you were less active in extracurricular activities, it would give you more time for study.

08:36     tj_han     oh yeah i placed a joke unhidden.
08:36     tj_han     study doesnt make you smarter.
08:36     JoKEraI     true and untrue
08:36     tj_han     as you yourself stated.
08:36     tj_han     and this is fucking pointless
08:37     physics223     I did place here: <physics223> It often follows.
08:37     physics223     <physics223> In terms of academics.
08:37     DrmChsr0     Books don’t make you smarter. If you don’t know how to impleent it.
08:37     physics223     You’ll be considered ’smarter’
08:37     physics223     in academics
08:37     physics223     if you study more
08:37     physics223     but I did mention that … ‘It OFTEN follows’
08:37     physics223     Not always.
08:37     DrmChsr0     Also, you’ll also be considered antisocial.
08:37     physics223     Yep
08:38     physics223     I don’t deny what you’re saying.
08:38     JoKEraI     <JoKEraI> so i shld be less active in my sch less i may become dumber
08:38     tj_han     physics. you make a horrible debater.
08:38     JoKEraI     <physics223> It often follows.
08:38     JoKEraI     <physics223> In terms of academics.
08:38     JoKEraI     <physics223> It often follows.
08:38     JoKEraI     <physics223> In terms of academics.
08:38     physics223     Yes
08:38     JoKEraI     oopes
08:38     HopelessS     Study does not make you more intelligent, through my experience; also, quite a large quantity of scientific research suggests that people who take part in activities like sports etc are also more likely to gain higher grades because it encourages commitment and effort.
08:38     physics223     I thought you meant extracurricular activities because that’s how I TOOK it.
08:38     physics223     We belong to different societies.
08:38     physics223     Yours concentrate on being smartasses.
(now he launches generalised attacks)
08:39     JoKEraI     no we dont
08:39     tj_han     and yours concentrates on thinking they are smart?
08:39     JoKEraI     we focus on creativity and innovation
08:39     physics223     Nope.
08:39     physics223     CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION!?!
08:39     physics223     That’s what our country is known for.

08:39     tj_han     jokerai. i didnt know that
08:39     HopelessS     I often find it part to quantify societies, because it’s of my firm opinion that where you
08:40     tj_han     yes
08:40     HopelessS     *’re born and your environment does effect you but does not change you that much.
08:40     physics223     Ah
08:40     HopelessS     People of all types and opinions can be found pretty much anywhere
08:40     tj_han     it’s like how physics thinks hard workers are lame. but there are many filipino hard workers who are not lame. (note Physics’ is from there but he seems to despise hard workers.)
08:40     JoKEraI     and creativity and innovation is now the focus of many countries anyway
08:41     physics223     mmm
08:41     HopelessS     At least in the Western countries, I don’t think many ascribe to a common characteristic or goal that marks them apart from other countries.
08:41     physics223     you oversimplify
08:41     physics223     but I guess such is the limit of language

08:41     DrmChsr0     I want to creatively and innovatively kill and terrorize people. (for some reason, this is funny.)
08:41     DrmChsr0     Is that wrong?
08:41     tj_han     or the limit of grey matter
08:41     tj_han     not really
08:42     tj_han     you have succeeded in half
08:42     physics223     Hell, I don’t know.
08:42     tj_han     the terror part
08:42     physics223     What is correct?
08:42     DrmChsr0     lol
08:42     JoKEraI     there is no "correct" thing in the world though
08:42     physics223     But I don’t like the fact that you, tj, oversimplify my point.
08:42     physics223     It’s quite the apotheosis of a lot of Singaporeans I know.
(egg on his face, wrong use of words!)
08:43     tj_han     life is tough for you eh?
08:43     tj_han     shinji
(eva reference for the win)
08:43     physics223     No.
08:44     physics223     Oversimplification is for the weak-minded, though.
08:44     DrmChsr0     Stop using big words T_T
08:44     HopelessS     Hmm, I have little knowledge of Asian social culture but it feels here that there is a lot of stereotyping between at least some countries; do such divisions in the characteristics of people from border to border truly exist?
08:44     tj_han     so is using big words for no purpose
08:44     physics223     It’s not even ‘big.’
08:44     tj_han     oh time for my ethereal monocular binomic repository
08:44     physics223     ^^
08:44     DrmChsr0     aka…?
08:45     tj_han     nothing.just like physics’ statements.
08:45     tj_han     nothing.
08:45     physics223     He doesn’t even state anything.
08:45     tj_han     precisely.
08:45     physics223     I do.
08:45     tj_han     he doesnt even state anything.
08:45     physics223     tj_han doesn’t even state anything.
08:46     tj_han     when you start using country level generalisations, your credibility is severely undermined.
08:46     JoKEraI     from what i know Apotheosis means glorification
08:46     physics223     You undermined yours way before I did.
08:46     tj_han     this is from someone who thinks stalking is not considered an active form of pursuit.
08:47     physics223     IF you consider that stalking.
08:47     JoKEraI     what do you considering stalking as then?
08:47     JoKEraI     24hrs following?
08:47     physics223     Not that.
08:47     physics223     Does he do that?
08:47     physics223     No.
08:47     physics223     He even went away for about a year from her.
08:47     HopelessS     Checking someone’s email inbox without their knowledge, in our day, is pretty much a form of stalking, even if it isn’t the physical following
08:47     tj_han     it’s funny.
08:48     physics223     Point taken.
08:48     physics223     But not ‘following her for 24hrs,’ because he doesn’t do that
08:49     JoKEraI     i didn’t say he followed her 24hrs
08:49     tj_han     LOL. joker here suggests that you think for someone to be a stalker, he has to follow 24h

08:49     tj_han     and here you are insisting that he thinks that way
08:49     physics223     Ah
08:49     physics223     Okay
08:50     physics223     I just read through the statements once (excuses)
08:50     tj_han     well, everyone does
08:50     physics223     I took that differently
08:50     tj_han     just admit you took that WRONG.
08:50     physics223     You are quite insolent (so I am. Rainy will tell you loads about it.)
08:51     tj_han     as are all your statements about "active".
08:51     physics223     No, I didn’t take that wrong
08:51     physics223     I took it differently

08:51     physics223     Geez
08:51     tj_han     oh my, the sky is green.
08:51     tj_han     i see it differently.

08:51     physics223     Yes, good for you.
08:51     physics223     I even posted a definition of active that I used
08:52     JoKEraI     Here’s a definition: Marked by energetic activity <–this one right?
08:52     tj_han     just because you make a definition doesnt mean its the law. you arent haruhi. and your definition is hilariously warped.
08:52     physics223     I didn’t make the definition.
08:52     physics223     Ask the lexicologists.
08:53     physics223     You want the source?
08:53     tj_han     ok so let me just ask you a simple question.
08:53     tj_han     is mayama actively going after rika?
08:53     physics223     There. Admit that you took that differently.
08:53     tj_han     or rather, has mayama
08:54     tj_han     been actively going after rika?
08:54     physics223     No.

08:54     tj_han     ok life goes on. we have won!!
08:54     tj_han     time for the firecrackers jokerai
08:54     physics223     because she’s already his?
08:55     physics223     Yes, go celebrate it with your buddy Jokerai.
08:55     tj_han     at least i have friends.
08:55     JoKEraI     has mayama gotten rika? oO
08:55     tj_han     yeah he has
08:55     physics223     I have friends too.
08:55     tj_han     but i was asking "has mayama been actively chasing"
08:56     physics223     Those are two questions, not one.
08:56     physics223     I answered the first one.
08:56     tj_han     i said, "or rather"
08:57     tj_han     which is a common way of rephrasing questions.
08:57     physics223     No, that was AFTER the question mark.
08:57     physics223     Oh. Right.
08:57     physics223     Sure.
08:57     tj_han     i forgot english isnt your first language.
08:57     physics223     No, I forgot you were dumb at it.

08:57     physics223     Sorry.
09:02     tj_han     life is good for those who think they are really popular.
09:03     physics223     It’s good for you.
09:04     Sasa     i’m totally not popular, i think
09:04     tj_han     yeah unlike physics.
09:04     Sasa     but for some reason, i always get treated very well when i go somewhere O.o
09:04     physics223     I’m unpopular too.
09:04     JoKEraI     hey physics can you give me the source for teh active defination you found?
09:04     physics223     But I do get treated well.
09:04     tj_han     lol
09:05     physics223     The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition
09:05     physics223     Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.
09:05     physics223     Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
09:05     JoKEraI     er ok
09:05     physics223     It’s the third one.
09:06     JoKEraI     erm another question if active is defined as marked by energetic activity
09:07     JoKEraI     how does one become inactive by that defination?
09:07     physics223     How about by non-energetic activity?
09:08     JoKEraI     er like how?
09:08     JoKEraI     juz sitting there or what?
09:08     physics223     How about gradual, slow movements?
09:08     tj_han     i pity honey and clover.
09:08     JoKEraI     but there is still movements right?
09:09     JoKEraI     so it cant be consider as inactive
09:09     JoKEraI     =/
09:09     JoKEraI     hmm
09:09     physics223     We’re making tautologies here.
09:09     physics223     Logic that’s circular.

In short, that concludes a bit of fun on the #animenano channel.

After the much documentated CosQuest + shopping trip with some of the local bloggers and anime subject matter experts, I headed for a junior college class reunion BBQ.

I cooked a lot.

Note that none of my JC classmates are anime-lovers with only one or two having ever watched the most popular series like Gundam Seed and Kenshin. Around them, the topics of conversation pertaining to popular media revolves not around why Nagato Yuki is the cutest or why Hirano Aya is OVERRATED but rather who the hottest Desperate Housewife is, which American Idol is better and so on. I find myself completely alienated from these, for the simple reason that I have not watched television (besides Animax) for the better part of my life. Having never been interested in American TV, HK drama, Taiwan soaps or local trash, whenever these are touched upon during conversations, I’ll often be left in bewilderment.

Having no one to talk to about Yuki is kinda lonely.

They claim, "Lake house is the awesomest romance show!!" I think, "WHAT? How can a stupid fantasy about a l33t mailbox be better than HONEY AND CLOVER???" Then they rave about American Idol, and I think of Beck, Haruhi ep 12 and Suneohair, Last Alliance. Over the past two years of total anime immersion, my thought process has been highly attuned to a niche frequency. But I was well-reminded of how my school days were like. Back then, I only read manga, barely touched anime and as far as peer pressure goes, I’m pretty immune to it but it does affect everyone to some degree. Now that ALL of the people I hang out with and talk to whether in real life or online are anime fans, the hobby is just growing stronger.

I have nine months till I enter university. I’m leaving the military in about five months and then starting school in April. So, for the sake of fun, adventure and possible financial + social improvements, I will now comence the "Become Kyouya in Nine Months" Project.

Silly as it sounds, I asessed my options and out of all the host club members, the closest in terms of physique and apearance would be Ootori Kyouya. So let’s see if I can pull this off.

What I have now:

Spectacles. Yeah man. OK, just need to buy a few for variety.
Black hair. Straight too. OK.
Height. OK. Kyouya’s 180 and I’m 178.
Build. Basic bone structure OK. Needs more toning though.
Eyes. Black pupils, evil eyes. Good enough.

What I’ll need to work on:

Anime-ish sharp chin and slender face. This can hopefully be achieved through a strict exercise routine with heavy focus on aerobic activities. I looked at my old pictures, those back when 15 or so and I had Kyouya chin! It must be the KFC, McDonalds and two years of non-exercise lol.

Speech. I’ll need to start practising his incisive sacarstic tone.

Skin. All anime characters have perfect skin. I’m looking at either makeup or some plastic surgery. I’m not sure if I want to follow his white skintone though. Perhaps a tan would be better in real life.

Today was supposed to be a rest day for this site but glancing over at the hit counter I noticed 101,000+ visits. Hey I missed the 100,000 milestone! JP Meyer moved his site when he reached 100,000. So what will I do? Nothing but this post.

I’ve been marathoning the excellent Starship Operators. This show is fantastic, especially for guys who have some interest in realistic military warfare as opposed to Seed-style God-mode battles.

I started this blog back in March, 3rd March was the date of the first post. At first, I made a series of articles on my newly purchased figurines and posted them on a small anime forum that’s exclusive to Army people only. Without a camera and with a rambling writing style, on hindsight these posts were quite atrocious. However, I saw the possibility of actually posting these on my own site.

I discussed the name of this site with a friend. I had just watched Genshiken, and so was keen to have some sort of reference to it. In short, I wanted a cool acronym that would expand into a long phrase consisting of multi-syllabic words. Some of the non-anime friends actually thought Riuva meant something scientific. They asked me like, "So you into visual arts these days?" LOL. Sure I am.

Remember the hot Saya cosplayer we all couldn’t take our eyes off at the recent Cosfest? Lenneth was at Sentosa for another photoshoot last week and kindly took some time off her busy schedule, to speak to

tj han (Yeah that’s me): For a while I actually thought your real name was Lenneth. Until someone pointed out that Lenneth is from Valkyrie Profile… Haha.

Lenneth: Well yes, Lenneth is not my real name.^  ^ it’s a cosplay alias.

tj han: But tj han is my real name. Anyway, so why did you choose Saya to cosplay?

Lenneth: All along, I’ve been just cosplaying characters who are from the same category (feminine and sweet) and I really wanted to try something new. I began watching BLOOD+ a few months before the event and I really loved how Saya looked in her bloody school uniform when she slayed the chiropteran at school. Not forgetting that awesome-looking katana of hers! I’ve always been into prop-making so I took up the challenge.
tj han: Yeah I love Blood+ too. How did you go about recreating her physical appearance?

Lenneth: Actually, I was most worried about my hair because I’m keeping my fringe long for another cosplay but I simply trimmed the back of my hair shorter, tucked some fringe behind my ear and trimmed just a small area of the side of my fringe to create a look like hers using hairspray. I had to also trim the original length of my eyebrows to half because she have such…short eyebrows…

Do you like your figurines to be poseable or have a fixed pose? Refer to this post.

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