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Maid Costumes Make Girls Look Ugly.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that one of my real life friends, who strangely enough, I met at the zoo, signed up as a maid for the AFA’09 silly maid cafe thing, and I got an even bigger shock when I heard people saying all the maids are ugly. I checked out the full list and photos of the maids, and wtf, we have one "Miyake" who’s a frequent FHM model and has won some FHM contest, plus one "Mika" which is a fake name my friend Chloe got (presumably Sentinel named her that lol). I bet they just had a random lottery to decide who gets what name.

So people are complaining about a few things.

1. The Japanese names are fake. Some people claim that fake names are retarded, while others insist that all maids must have Japanese names. I’m on the fence for this one actually, because I seriously doubt even real Japanese maids use their real names when they work! So the point of fake names is moot. I think as long as a name doesn’t sound too Chinese, like "Hock Huat" or "Poon Boon", then it’s fine. What’s wrong with having English names for the maids anyway? Having Japanese ones are fine too.

2. The girls can’t pronounce Japanese. Yeah, of course not because Singaporeans don’t speak Japanese. Duh, how many of the otakus can speak Japanese? I’m supposed to be able to comprehend, read and write Japanese but I still sound pretty bad when I speak it, despite my Japanese friends saying "It’s fine!" They sure are polite. LianYL has the best conversational Japanese out of all of us, including Darkmirage’s, but he still sounds like a Chinaman when he speaks the language. I seriously don’t expect these pretty faces to be linguistically inclined enough to learn Japanese phrases, and still master the pronounciations and intonations to convey a "moe" vibe. For me, as long as a girl has a pretty face and a decent body, she just serve me in silence for all I care.

3. The maids aren’t hot. Guys, you are otakus. Complaining someone isn’t hot is the equivalent of Bhutan invading the USA military-wise. From what I’ve seen, I can assure you that the maids look better than the average cosplayer, and would probably  beat out the vast majority of the cosplayers here in Singapore. Possibly because Singaporean girls aren’t hot but that’s another arguable issue.

I shall now explain why people are thinking this way.

1. Maid costumes come with huge baggage. People have heightened expectations of girls in maid costumes and these expectations are not realistic because they are based on anime girls!! Even Japanese maids are horrible looking compared to anime girls. It doesn’t help that many of the maid costumes are of pretty bad quality and are not tailored to fit, which results in them being unflattering to the girls’ figures. I would much prefer a bikini cafe.

2. Anime maids are voiced by seiyuu, professionals at the art of voice. Real life maids are a lot weaker in that area. If a girl had a great voice, good body, and a great face, she wouldn’t want to work in a maid cafe!! She would be an idol, star or a high class prostitute. Be realistic in your expectations. It’s funny that otakus always complain that others are not good enough for them, when they, in their 3-day old shirts and BO, stand there in an awesome picture of irony.

And to substantiate my case I present you some evidence and a possible reason for AFA09 (which I won’t be going again most likely, no thanks to it again falling during exam period.)

Source of photos: Our AFK writer Breadpit! He sent me these lol. The fucker just doesn’t want to write stuff.

[Ascaloth] Singapore Toy and Comics Convention, Day 2

Sunday was the second day of the Singapore Toy and Comics Convention, and more importantly, it was the day when the Coscon is based on the Anime theme. Naturally, this means it would be one of the biggest draws for otaku, and hence somebody from RIUVA was going to have to cover it.

Unfortunately, since Kok-face-naden is busy being involved in the NUS booth there, and the CEO TJ Han is a lazy fuck who can’t be bothered to even take pictures ever since he had his 姫さま to worry about, it has to fall to me again to cover this event. Sigh….well, that’s the lot of a sub-writer of this blog, we have to do all the shit work while it’s the Boss who gets all the accolades for having the Funniest Blog Of The Year. Anyway, here we go, the second day of the Singapore Toy and Comics Convention.

There’s always a Haruhi around. You know, it’s impressive how long the Haruhi phenomenon has lasted, even until now. It’s gotten to the point where the Haruhi fanboys got tired of fapping to the same old female characters in SHnY, decided to change everyone’s genders, and then fap some more to the new females characters attained through the genderbend. O Haruhi-sama, what have you wrought?!

Anyway, there were the usual gaggle of cosplayers hanging around outside the entrance to the convention hall, some of whom waiting for the Coscon to start, and the others….well, being cosplayers.

Hatsune Miku. You’ll see a lot more of her later on.

Some bishonen-wannabe from Vampire Knight, I think. I’m going to guess that it’s Zero, but since I don’t care for Vampire Knight, I don’t know for sure.

Shirley Fenette and Karen Stadtfeld from Code Geass. "Karen" is fairly good-looking, and while she may not have the anime-perfect body of her inspiration, she does meet the basic requisites to be Karen, if you know what I mean.

Otherwise, they have one of the better-crafted costumes I’ve seen there, which makes it more of a shame that they didn’t join the Group competition. You’ll see what I meant by that later.

Genesis Rhapsodos from FF7 Crisis Core. The guy’s very into his role the whole time, and he does have the panache to pull it off. Not to mention that humongous one wing. Awesome stuff.

Tieria Erde and Lockon Stratos from Gundam 00. Is it just me, or are there no guys around here who can pull the Meisters off? Well, considering the characters are a gay bunch to begin with, I guess that doesn’t matter…

Unlike reports of the first day from other sources, there was no registration to begin with on the second day, and it was free to enter. Naturally, there was nothing like the line of angry people reported to be present on the first day as well. However, the crowd inside was pretty thick, and many a times I was glad to have a set of strong shoulders; it allowed me the option of simply bashing through when the crowd left no other path to go. Not exactly the most polite of options, but when there’s no choice, that’s as good a choice as any.

The first thing you see when you enter Convention Hall 603.

The booth of Gary Erskine, who is supposedly a famous comic artist who has been around for 20 years or so. There were quite a few queueing up for his autograph. I’m not much for Western comic books, so I had no idea who this guy was. Even now, I still don’t much care, though.

The D-Box racing simulator, with technology designed to simulate the actual conditions within the game. Practically all who tried the simulator were kids, who promptly went crashing into walls and giving themselves a buttload of sore in the process.

The movie theater seating, also in the D-Box booth. I’m kind of wondering how much these systems cost, and what kind of people can afford these. They’ll probably go well with surround sound for a total movie experience, but probably only the very rich might be able to afford them…

The tokidoki booth. The designs are admittedly quite eclectic, and probably would appeal to some.

Darth Vader and his minions are still around. You know, before this I didn’t even know that the 501st Legion even existed. Now THAT’s dedication.

The Bandai booth, one of the larger ones in the Convention, and with shelves stocked full of classic mecha figurines.

The three statues depicted above are the Chohin, Kanu and Ryubi Gundams, each depicting Zhang Fei, Guan Yu and Liu Bei respectively.
O great sons of China, how low hast thou fallen;
from great figures in Chinese legend, to parody fodder for thy craven Studio of Mecha Trainwrecks.

And you know, being depicted as SD Gundams isn’t even that bad; it gets particularly galling when the heroes of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms gets turned into fap material. Oh, Japan.

More Gundams.

The Magma Heritage booth. The company specializes in Pullip dolls, which can be seen here. I’m only showing this because I know of at least one girl who might be interested in this.

And this is the abysmally small presence of NUS in the convention, sending only the comics section of the Forum Co-op Bookshop. Even Singapore Polytechnic has a much bigger presence within the convention. Bah, pathetic.

CosCon Cosplay Competition (Anime)

The highlight of the day was the Anime-themed Coscon, which started at 1400 hours. Or it would have been, if the whole thing wasn’t as pathetic as it was.

Apologies in advance for some of the shitty shots, there was only so much I could do with a shitty camera.

First up is Tifa, who did some lame-ass dance in a lame-ass attempt to impress, which fell flat on its lame ass.

Then there was girl Cloud, who spouted off some obscure reference to a side-plot in the original FF7 PS game.

Then we have generic Lolita…

And generic samurai…

And a chump Roy Mustang from Macross Full Metal Alchemist. I think this was the guy who first answered "Singapore" when the MC asked "where (which series) are you from?", sparking off a whole series of variations on the same gag.

More generic Lolita…

…I don’t even know who this guy is supposed to be. If he hadn’t said it was some sort of "mayonnaise bottle-cannon", I would have thought he was carrying around some fuckin’ huge milk bottle like some fuckin’ huge baby…

And to cap off the pathetic-ness of the entire affair, here’s the ONLY entry in the Group/Family category;

And the screams of all FYGs in Singapore brought about a great tremor in the hall.

That, however, was but the precursor to the greater tremor that resulted from the rage of the FYGs. Never again will that MC ever dare to get between Naruto and Sasuke, for fear of the wrath of They Who Wants Buttsecks.

Now we’ve got the worst of the lot out of the way, we can finally take a look at those who weren’t so bad. From left to right, Afro Guy from the DDR arcade games, Sword-Wielding Angel who keeps talking about protecting her Oujo-sama, Devil God Guy from some Samurai fighting game, and Sakata Gintoki from Gintama…

Yup, it’s the same Genesis guy from before, Bleachtard posing as Kurosaki Ichigo, the same Hatsune Miku from before, and Generic Fighting Miko-san…

And finally, along with Miku and Fighting Miko-san, Master Narutard and finally Lenalee from D-Gray-Man.

Rätsätsää ja ribidabi dilla
Beritstan dillan dillan doo,
A baribbattaa baribariiba
Dibi dibidibi disten dillan doo
Ja barilla stillan deijadoo
A daba daba daba daba daba dybjabuu,
Baristal dillan stillan duubadäg
Dägädägä duu duu deijadoo

Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii can give you Gaaaaaatsubiiiiiiiiii………

On the bright side, some of the cosplayers were great fun. DDR Afro for one, and Miku in particular; while the rest were doing the standard pose-for-pictures, she was like an Energizer bunny prancing around with her leeks, singing the Loituma song, and generally not slowing down her pace one bit.

Genesis was awesome as well. Like I said earlier, he was really into his role, and even the MC got freaked out, heh.

And the final results: 3rd Place Genesis, 2nd Place Lenalee, 1st Place Miku. Although Genesis looks like he’s about to kill someone…

Found Karen and Shirley again after the CosCon.

Lego Changi, and Lego Merlion.

See what’s on the top left corner? Yup, OMFG IT’S ODEX!!! GET THE ROTTEN EGGS!!!!

As a wind-down from the hustle and bustle, I took a look at the Domuya Your Doll booth. They specialized in Ball-Jointed Dolls.

To cap things off, I leave you guys with….

The yellow hairband isn’t that obvious, but yes, that’s Seitenkan’s Suzumiya Haruki (Haruhiko)…

And Yin from Darker Than Black, with Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight.

And that concludes the first-ever Singapore Toy and Comics Convention coverage. Ascaloth from RIUVA, signing out.