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Damn. From a freak goal caused by Takahara and Yanagisawa (who were utterly useless pieces of monkey shit otherwise) pushing Mark Schwarzer the Aussie keeper from catching a Nakamura cross, Japan took the lead against the run of play. For the first 15 minutes I was sure Japan would concede, such as the Aussies’ dominance. It took  2-3 anime dudes to get Mark Viduka the beefcake off the ball everytime too.

But after the freak goal, the Nippons settled in and started playing pretty passes in midfield. Their midfield is really good but the two pieces of monkey dung up front wasted every single chance.

And so the Japanese defence and midfielders had to work doubly hard, burning out in the end and conceding 3 soft goals right in the final stages of the game. To think the Japs had so many chances to kill off the tie too. Bah! Useless. Also, there were more Australians than Japanese with black hair. Half the Japanese team had Mohawks or rooster cuts. And the utterly shite Yanagisawa also happens to be a handsome pretty boy. Girls do look out for him.

On a side note, Australia are officially the roughest team in the world. Following through their sliding tackles to take away the opponents’ legs, hacking people from behind, pushing and shoving etc. They need to be shown some Sumo power.

And so, the fourth day of the World Cup looms, with Japan set to face the "wearen’tcheatingdirtylegbreakingthugs" Australians. The same Australia who injured three Dutch players in a friendly just weeks ago. The same Australia whose players include the likes of Lucas "Legbreaker" Neill and lazy Mark Viduka. The same Australia who is joining the Asian Federation even though they aren’t Asian.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure it’ll end 1-0, with the only goal scored from a setpiece header by the big burly Aussies, who’ll brush the tiny weakling Asians aside. Football is not a sport for the frail Oriental frame. But let’s hope I’m wrong and Japan thumps Australia 13-0.

Germany’06 isn’t very exciting at all so far. Most of the matches have been won by the favourites and in uninteresting fashion, save for Germany and Argentina’s matches. But I got to see things not possible in club football.

The genetic makeup of a country is a tremendous deciding factor. That is why I totally am in favour of importing and injecting African genes into Singaporeans and breeding them to be top sportsman. Look at Ivory Coast! Their players are big, pacey, agile and have huge stamina. They make up for their total defensive disarray with pure and utter power ownage, Argentina, with their smaller builds, struggled for long periods. Of course, the Argies’ skill and clinical finishing saved their day but I’m looking forward to seeing Africa become a world power in football. Look at the top players worldwide, who rely on physique and speed, they are almost all African or descended from there. Thierry Henry, Samuel Eto’o, Drogba etc.

Following the madness of the South-West London derby between Fulham and Chelsea at Craven Cottage, I am totally moved by amazing Fulham. Enough to write this article at 2.40 am.

I am not a resident of England, but watch Premiership footie all the time. As a fan of anime, I started supporting Fulham after they signed Inamoto Junichi from Arsenal, where he was rotting away in the reserves having been bought just to sell jerseys in Japan. Lame reason to support them, but I soon grew to like them thanks to their permanent underdog status, invisibility, cosy stadium, decent friendly supporters and most of all, the manager, Chris Coleman and the players. On a side note, Inamoto has since been sold but not before he put in a few memorable performances. Not to mention the fact that he attracts thousands of Japanese fans and journalists. Hell, Fulham’s website used to have a Japanese version just for him and his legion.

A short background of the club – Fulham is actually a very small club based in London. It was bought over by Al-Fayed aka Dad of Diana’s lover and he pumped a small fortune into strengthening the club and it soon won promotion 4(!) times through the leagues under the managership of Kevin Keegan. In spite of its current status as an established Premiership club, the truth is that it is still a very small club in terms of fanbase and its rich chairman was propping it up.

Not anymore. Thanks to sensible player purchases and most importantly, a superb managerial team, Fulham are now a decent mid-table team, even winning the Inter-Toto Cup, which is a European trophy. Inamoto scored a hat-trick against Bologna too.

Let’s now talk about why Fulham is great. (more…)

Righttt.. there wasn’t an upset and Chelsea are out of the CL. It was a disappointment of a game, the 31 whistles by the ref Merkus Merk in the first half alone did not help at all. Especially for a big physical striker like Drogba, who barely did a thing save for one header. Duff, Lampard played so poorly you wouldn’t have noticed them around. And Ronaldinho is broken. He’s like… Knights of the Round with w-summon materia. Or those ultimate FFX weapons, with Break Dmg limit and whatever. Or Orlandu from FFT. Broken.

The highlight of the game was actually the sneaky fouls by the Chelsea defensive players. I was very impressed by their dark arts. Unlike the very honourable Blackburn, who foul hard and get caught, these Chelsea ninjas’ sneak attacks are undetected most of the time. Jose Mourinho must have instilled these into his defenders, and the Ninja master is none other than Ricardo Carvalho, who has spent the longest time being his Padawan.

In three incidents all in the penalty box, Carvalho did a bodyslam on Edmilson, crushing/dragging him to the ground each time while the ref was distracted by the incoming cornerkick. Three slams in a row will surely knock even Mike Tyson groggy. l33t skillz!! The Master also launched a few painful-looking sliding challenges which got both the ball and the Barca players, all the time getting away with it. Sometimes he gets caught with dire consequences, like in the first leg where he gave away the free kick which Broken scored indirectly from. But it’s just way too fun watching sneak attacks, so I’ll still want him to keep whacking.

Let’s face it - the Premiership is boring. The real action lies in the Champions League, where the knockout format ensures every goal counts and only 1 team walks away the victor. The stakes are so much higher as well.

Tonight, the most exciting game of the year looms. Will Chelsea be able to overcome the world’s strongest attacking force, Barcelona, at the Nou Camp? Going there 2-1 down from the battle at Stamford Bridge, the Blues will most certainly be expected to attack strongly for the away goals. They’ll need 2 clear goals for victory.

On the other hand, Barca’s philosophy is like Arsenal’s. All out attack. This is where their biggest strength lies and they don’t need to defend much if they are attacking. Last year, this approach led to them being massacred at Stamford Bridge by the Chelsea counterattack brigade of Duff, Gudjohnson and gang. As professionals, you know they’ll try a different strategy this time. But as stubborn Catalans, one suspects they’ll still come out all guns blazing.

Of course, the Catalans hate the Chelsea team and manager. That much is inevitable after the numerous debacles, from Mourinho’s constant heckling, accusations of collaboration between Anders Frisk and Frank Rijkaard, diving from both sides, and very physical play from the London side. But sometimes, a cool mind beats an angry one, and Barca may just be falling into the Portugese manager’s mind traps by letting all the anger go to their heads.

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