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[Ascaloth] Head-To-Head: Toei’s CLANNAD the Movie vs. KyoAni’s CLANNAD (TV)

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In recent years, there has been a relative proliferation of anime adaptations of visual novels from the famed VN stable, Key. Not since a certain adaptation in 2002 have the Kagikko ever had it so good, and this is arguably all due to one thing; Kyoto Animation, and how its studio debut of AIR (TV) took the first step of rewriting the rules of what an adaptation of a Visual Novel should look like. Ever since then, Toei Animation and Kyoto Animation have taken turns in giving us their animated adaptations of KEY’s greatest stories, and Fall 2007 marks the third time Toei and KyoAni have locked horns this season, with their respective releases of "CLANNAD: The Motion Picture" and "CLANNAD (TV)" respectively.

[Ascaloth] NUS Anime Bazaar, 07/09/07

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As our fearless, macho Fuhrer TJ Han and my fellow colleague Kokanaden have vested interests in the recently-concluded NUS Anime Bazaar (being the incoming Marketing Head of the NUS Comics and Animation Society, and the former’s minion respectively), I became RIUVA’s representative for the event, since I’m supposed to be the unbiased view for RIUVA and all *coughyeahrightcough*.

[Ascaloth] And so It Begins…

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And so, it begins…

The National Day of Singapore is the 9th of August, and for me, it now has an added significance; to me, it is also the day when TJ Han offered me a big break by asking me to form a new writing team for RIUVA.

So, first off, a little bit about myself. Like TJ Han, I am a freshman in the National University of Singapore this semester; unlike him, I am based in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Where the world of anime is concerned, I am a relative newcomer on the scene; prior to last November, the only exposure I had with anime were bits and pieces of Doraemon, Pokemon, DBZ, and Gundam (like, who hasn’t?).

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