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[LianYL] Anyone Still Interested In Otaku Goods?


I understand that no one reads this site anymore but this is a matter of absolute emergency

[LianYL] Last Of The Loot At China Square Central

Well basically, I’m clearing out the last of my figurines at China Square Central flea market tomorrow. Included are Busou Shinki Wave 1-8 with some of the models already cleared by a friend. You can also find the Queen’s Blade Yuumil PVC along with several others.

I need to get rid of these goods fast so expect them to be at a price way lower than original retail.

The flea market booth will last for 3 Sundays. Figurines for tomorrow, entire manga collection next Sunday and whatever that’s leftover on the following weekend. I’ll also be putting up a box of freebies each week for anyone interested in grabbing. The freebie box will only be accessible to customers who purchase from me before 1pm. Thereafter it’d be free-for-all.

Freebies this week include:
Anime posters
Some random anime VCDs
Random games that I bought on impulse never to play
Couple of doujin books

Come on down if you’re interested.

P.S. I heard Ito Noizi artworks aren’t as desirable as before. But if there’re any remaining fans left, I have both her commercial artbook releases and 2 of her super rare doujin artbook releases up for sale. You can grab them all for $120.

Next Week Preview:
Freebies – ODEX DVDs, Random books, old school manga sets
Sale – Little Busters First Print Limited Edition, some Comp H’s game merchandise, doujin music CDs etc.

Leave a comment if you’d like to reserve anything.