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[Breadpit] Live Action Ami (ToraDora)… Well Almost.

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Following the visualisation of how Taiga would look like in real life, this time I chanced upon what appears to be more Ami than anyone else. The cattiness, svelte figure and long hair are there. Be reminded that this isn’t cosplay, and attention to detailed replication of the character is non-existent. In other words, it’s just a girl that reminds me of Ami.

Wouldn’t say it was a big success, well just check out the pics.

From Animeblogger to Animephotoblogger.

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FUCK my post got eaten up. As usual. The hosting for this website has not been stable lately.

I wrote a post on the current state of anime blogger photography, since Double posted his pictures. It was a thoughtful piece with good English and also talks about my current interests. But since it got eaten, I shall summarise in point form as usual.

  • Darkmirage takes photos of cosplayers and uses his camera as a physical status symbol of his blog. Large penis.
  • Tsubaki’s camera and equipment is rotting at home since he’s busy burrowing in mud as a soldier.

Seiyuu Talk: Hirano Aya is the Seiyuu Britney Spears and Other Pictures…

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The Seiyuu awards are a shambles of mutual masturbation. It’s probably been said a lot elsewhere regarding how the winners are just those with links to the companies in power. But disregarding all that, Hirano Aya is just a whirlwind of marketing gimmicks not unlike "Leave Britney Alone!!" Spears back in her heyday. Not surprising she has fans, because after all there are plenty of otaku who have god-awful taste in everything.

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