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[G-man] Scanlations Targeted….

Recently I was surfing the internet, minding my own business, and doing my daily routine which, unsurprisingly, means checking out some manga at When suddenly this notice comes up on the home page stating that publishers suddenly, out of the blue, feel differently about scanlations and that would be shutting down- which happens to be my main source for all things manga. So I guess the only question that remains is WHAT THE $%$@ ARE THESE PUBLISHERS THINKING!?

The Argument (I think)

Well, I guess the publisher’s perspective is that they are bearing all the risk and cost of developing these franchises i.e manga, just to have them scanned and posted on the internet without proper distribution rights, or in other words,  without publishers earning a dime. So the idea is to rid the world of the scourge of scanlations so that publishers can legitimately license their works to respective territories and be properly compensated for their work. Because without which publishers would lose tons of “possible earnings” which will result in a domino effect of complete hysteria resulting in the end of manga as we know it. That pretty much sums up the oppositions argument. Oh and the fact that scanlation is a form of piracy, and the only pirates that are cool are the straw hats, the rest are obviously evil.

The Counter

Well, I should first like to point out that though it may appear that I’m pretty bias, being a manga reader and all, I completely understand where the publishers are coming from. I mean I’m kinda in the same industry myself, different product but same yin yang. So I will first begin with the disclaimer that publishers are entitled to all of their rights and to being compensated for their work. I truly believe that. The only problem is that the way there are going about attempting to reserve their rights and profit is absolutely 100% ridiculous. Here’s why: 1. Alienated your fan base is never a good thing, they are the reason why anyone overseas knows of you. 2. 95% of manga isn’t ever going to be license outside of Japan because it will never go over well with the general market. For instance, here in the good ol’ USA, manga has a very limited audience since most adults would never be seen caught dead with a manga, most teens for that matter also,  So unless your trying to license the most commercially viable manga possible i.e bleach, naruto, etc.. there’s no hope of actually getting licensed. So basically publishers will actually be prohibiting the “unlawful” distribution of manga that will never be disturbed outside of Japan-how unfair! 3. Let’s be real, we all know, hopefully, that all manga publishers recoup their profits through domestic distribution, serialization, selling volumes, and then making an anime to sell more volumes. The idea that publishers are actually counting on foreign distribution to recoup any losses is madness and a joke- if you can’t win at home, how are you gonna win overseas?

A Solution

I really believe there is a solution to all of this that can make both sides happy. I believe that publishers need to first know that their cult following fanbase is their number one asset when it comes to introducing new manga series to foreign territories. It behooves these publishers to cherish them and treat them well. Another thing that these publishers need to realize is that these fanatical cult status otakus are gonna get their new manga chapters, even if it means torrenting, creating proxy servers, or creating ingenious innovative ways to get their manga fix. And do you know why: 1. because otakus are addicted feigns who will stop act nothing to satisfy their lust- this includes me!!. 2. manga is big business for pirates!! For example, was one the 1000 most visited sites until recently, in other words cha-ching.  The first step to the solution is to really understand this, because only then will the next step make sense; which is to create new means of distribution, via the internet, where content can be uploaded and profits can be obtained through advertising and subscriptions. Will this decrease the sell of volumes in foreign territories? Sure will! But I believe that can be recouped through more lucrative avenues like having wide spread content to premium content at a price or creating a larger consumer market through ease of access.


In the end of the day unless a meeting of the minds takes place through publishers and otakus, nothing will change and there will just be continued variance between the two groups. I believe has paved the way in showing a great example of what can happen when a meeting of the minds does take place. I for one know that nothing short of apocalyptic forces will stop me from reading my cherished manga. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone- power to the people!

I AM G-MAN!!!!

[G-man] All Good Things Must Come To An End…

            I never really bought that saying! I’m from the school where things shouldn’t end unless they absolutely have to. With that in mind, it seems like Riuva has become pretty stagnant and, dare I say it, on a steep decline into oblivion. But does it have to be this way? I don’t think so……


This isn’t something I just thought of today, in fact, I’ve been thinking about this for quite sometime; Riuva can be completely retuned and revamped with just of couple dedicated writers chiming in here and there. So, instead of just talking about it, I’m going to be about it. I, G-man, will be the first to spearhead new entries on Riuva starting with answering quite of bit of feedback I’ve been receiving from my posts and coming up with new weekly post for your viewing pleasure.

Before we kick this puppy off I’d just like to brief everyone on some tidbits about myself and my goals.

Question 1: Who are you?

Who am I!? Who am…I!!? Only the most super-duper, ultimate, ecstatic, fantastic, dramatic, eclectic, awesome otaku to ever grace the blogophere!! I eat, drink, sleep, and breathe anime and manga; this is the true way of otaku.

Question 2: What’s your deal?

I’m glad you asked. My deal is to bring some sophistication and depth to otakuism. Of course what this means is that I’ll offer penetrating insights to the nature and substance of both anime/manga and otakuism. Oftentimes individuals fail to see the depth and profound nature of the otaku culture and write it off as fantastical humbug for social outcast and dreamers. I really disagree with such an assessment and believe that anime/manga can, and does, warrant careful analyst and inspection because it is perhaps one of the last pure mediums of raw primal story telling. How do I know this? Well, it’s actually my job to analyze stories, read stories, create stories and recognize good stories.

Question 3: Oh yeah what makes a good story?

There’s actually many ways to go about explaining the nature and characteristic of story, especially good story. I won’t get into that now, but what I will say is that if you stay tuned I promise that by years end you’ll be able to wow your friends with in-depth analyst of story. Hmmmmm sounds good don’t it!?


Ok, let me rap this badboy up. My first real article will come out sometime before weeks end. What will be about it? Don’t know yet. We’re at the embryonic stages of a grand spanking new anime season, so I can do anything from anime series commentaries to something completely unrelated like host club culture. My only hope is that inspire my fellow riuva bloggers, or a new up and comers, to join me in this renewed vision. Yosh! Let’s research some unicultural visual arts!!!

I AM G-MAN!!!!!