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[Soshi] Around Nishiwaseda

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[Cross-posted from In Your Basement, because I’m busy!]

I think one of the reasons why I’m going out to different districts every day, is that I’ve already been here before and the whole touristy vibe has worn off. I want to trawl through each neighbourhood slowly, get to know the place at my own pace and not just madly snap photos while ignoring everything else going around me. So I do beg your pardon if I don’t seem to be traveling around a lot. If you’d like a different kind of look /experience to the whole one year exchange in Waseda thing, do check out my schoolmates’ blogs: Chris, Julia, Jessie, Dan, Bryna, and Douglas! Which reminds me, I need to update my blogroll.

“Dreams of a Catholic High SchoolBoy” by Mattlock

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Seriously, this is one of my favourite pictures ever taken by a Singaporean. Jing aka Mattlock, who generally does comical photos, ranging from him running around in red underpants in the middle of City Hall to funny set ups with random people, has outdone himself with a photo that damn accurately represents the DESIRES of a Singaporean boys’ school lad.

I was from an all-boys’ school as well, and I damn love Coke, girls and harems! For you non-Singaporean readers, the uniforms in the picture are those of the top few all-girls’ schools, with the exception of the green one which is Darkmirage’s junior college. I would add Nanyang Girls’ as well, and kick out CHIJ since they are all lesbians. Also, check out the President photos in the background.

From Animeblogger to Animephotoblogger.

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FUCK my post got eaten up. As usual. The hosting for this website has not been stable lately.

I wrote a post on the current state of anime blogger photography, since Double posted his pictures. It was a thoughtful piece with good English and also talks about my current interests. But since it got eaten, I shall summarise in point form as usual.

  • Darkmirage takes photos of cosplayers and uses his camera as a physical status symbol of his blog. Large penis.
  • Tsubaki’s camera and equipment is rotting at home since he’s busy burrowing in mud as a soldier.

A White Tiger I Photographed Killed a Man :(

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The title says it all!

It’s quite breaking news, but this afternoon, a zoo worker got mauled by the 3 white tigers at the Singapore Zoo, after he jumped/fell into the enclosure. Apparently he was suicidal, and said his goodbyes to people around him.

What a dick! That sure was a painful way to die, though probably quite unusual. I have little sympathy for people who kill themselves and cause trouble for others, now my cute little tigers have blood on their hands.

Here are some photos of the tigers I took just a short while back! So cuddly, it’s hard to imagine them in berserker mode.

Photographing Nagato Led Me to Greater Treasure.

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I was trying to do the figure review photoshoots of the swimsuit Nagato Yuki that has been sitting around for months. I took her to the pool as usual. After I was done, I walked around the area testing out the capabilities of the 100 mm f2.8 macro lens on some flowers. Then I saw a hot girl! Such a rare subject was not to be missed so I requested for the opportunity to get a few pictures of her and her family.

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