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[Breadpit] Live Action Ami (ToraDora)… Well Almost.

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Following the visualisation of how Taiga would look like in real life, this time I chanced upon what appears to be more Ami than anyone else. The cattiness, svelte figure and long hair are there. Be reminded that this isn’t cosplay, and attention to detailed replication of the character is non-existent. In other words, it’s just a girl that reminds me of Ami.

Wouldn’t say it was a big success, well just check out the pics.

[Breadpit] Live Action Tsundereloli Taiga Lookalike Found!

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Please enjoy the pictures. I saw this really cute girl and she gamely agreed to pose for me, Breadpit. Now, I must emphasize I am no lolicon and my only desire in taking these pictures was for the sake of you lolicon readers. This being my first post, I sure hope you guys like it!

Guess how old she is? Seriously, I’ll reveal the answer soon. Doesn’t she resemble Taiga from Toradora? This girl is tsundere in real life too, fluctuating between a fierce and cute look with ease.

Tsuntsun mode.

Deredere mode.

Sad mode.

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