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This show pretty much turned out to be gutter fodder. But the first episode was so promising, with great action, slaughter, comedy, sexy babes, cool thieves, battle royale and dune worms! How did it all go so terribly wrong?

  • The intricate planning of Mister’s gang to bust him out was never replicated. For the rest of the show it was all "It’ll all be alright! Don’t worry!" and other irresponsibly retarded lines instead of actual hard planning. Oh, nuclear bomb? We’ll just drive faster and get the treasure before it explodes then. If not, too bad.
  • Stupid scenes where rows of guns are shooting at either the Coyote or the Coyotes themselves but nobody gets hit. The bullets all whiz by like a old Scooby Doo cartoon. Even those fired by the super skilled 12 Sisters.
  • Mister talks about how Coyotes never abandon their family. The next scene has them leaving Katana to fight the sisters and their underlings alone while Mister and Franca head off for treasure. If not for number 2, Katana would’ve had eaten a billion bullets and grenades.
  • Angelica was in love with Mister. Oooh why? Because he looked cool on a surf board despite his rather geriatic appearance.
  • So what’s the point of Chelsea? She was of less significance to the story than even… me. At least I watched everything.
  • Swamp and Bishop behave like juveniles instead of the veteran slick thieves they profess to be. When sneaking aboard another ship and pretending to be a deliveryman, Bishop stammers and fluffs his lines like Tsuyokiss’s Sunao! And to think he was supposed to be a master of disguise from the first episode!
  • Marciano’s backstory was never revealed. They just glossed it over by showing her to be a cyborg and pissed off at Coyotes because they have freedom. Wtf?
  • May and Angelica get all chummy suddenly. It was like one episode they were ignoring each other and the next, all smiles and chatting.
  • The supposedly l33t 12 sisters missed everything except grunts. And they never fought much again after the first and second episodes.
  • The thousands of missiles fired never hit anything. Oh and Swamp and Bishop got hit straight on by about 200 of them but just had a little bit of carbon and messed up hair. And Sep dies from a couple of puny ones. So much for androids being stronger.
  • Sandworms don’t ever appear again. Cheating scum.

There’s probably a lot more but I finished watching this a week or so ago.

Anime Rave: Gakuen Alice

I was supposed to go to the manga store today, since they were offering me a read-all-you-can-for-free deal just for today. I even took a day off from work just for it. But as it turned out, I happened to watch episode three of Gakuen Alice the night before on Animax and straightaway, I was hooked and downloaded the fansubs. By the time I finished the 15 episodes out so far (by Naisho), it was already 5 pm and not worth making the one hour trip to the manga store anymore. So, were 15 episodes of Gakuen Alice better than 10 hours of free manga reading? Of course, this article would not exist otherwise.

I note with great dismay that the popularity of Yomigaeru Sora: Rescue Wings isn’t quite as high as the quality of the show would suggest. In fact, a quick search on blogsuki turns up five posts, all blogging the first episode only. After catching up to episode seven, released by yu fansubs (who have done a great job btw), I am totally convinced that this is the best anime series of the current season. Fate/ Stay Night doesn’t even come within miles of RW’s greatness. A while back, I proclaimed Ergo Proxy the best this season. Not anymore. It’s now second best. Thus, I am appalled by the lack of exposure RW is getting. To rectify this injustice, I’m going to write a proper article on why RW is a must-watch.

Has the Rise of Anime contributed to your neglecting of other hobbies?
  • Yes, my best skill now is "watching anime".: 74% (112)
  • No, anime is too weak to make me lose control.: 26% (39)

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