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[Figure News] Hug Oryzae-tan in Feb’08!

Moyashimon’s yeast hero Aspergillus Oryzae-tan gets its own plushie! Surely a must-get for all fans of the show. I will make a purchase order on behalf of my college’s microbiology and food science departments and hang them all around!

Going for the somewhat OK (for Japanese standards) price of 2600 yen, the 22-cm (wow what a big yeast colony) Oryzae-tan will be released in Feb next year by COSPA.

Figure News: Claymore’s Clare Comes!

Is this the first Claymore figure ever? I hope to amass an army of Claymore girls. Claymore girls sound like GIlmore Girls, but they are quite different of course.

Anyway, Megahouse is bringing us this 1/8 scaled 19 cm tall Clare. The somewhat cool part is that she comes with an interchangeable arm (Irene’s) and you can sheath her sword or have her strike a menacing pose. The figure will cost about 5500 yen and its release date is November 2007.

The face doesn’t look too similar to the anime, but I do rather like it. The shiny armour is a plus too. I should be getting this figure.

NSFW Figure News: Chouun’s (趙雲) First Good Figure! Costs 10k though.

10k yen obviously. Chouun is my favourite Ikkitousen character. She’s voiced by the sultry Asakawa Yuu too, who’s also my favourite seiyuu. How coincidental.

While there’s been enough figurines of the other Ikkitousen girls like Kanu, Ryoumou, Ryofu, there has been no decent one of Chouun till now. Wait, we aren’t even sure if this one is really decent because it’s being released by Griffon Enterprises who like to con us with pretty promo pictures when the real product is nowhere as good.

It’s a good 1/7 in scale and 15 cm tall. She comes with an interchangeable face and body. I hate interchangeable parts because it adds a lot more to the price and you can only display one and misplace the rest. Also makes the seamlines bloody obvious.

She comes with two faces, one with eyes open and the other, her trademark closed eyes. I prefer the latter a lot more. The extra body is one with torn clothing, so typical of Ikkitousen, and showing off her glorious milk machines.

But the best part is the pose, powerful and stylish, with amazing hair swirling around. This 3D recreation of Ikkitousen volume 11′s coverart is by Ikeda Ryouichi, who has sculpted many other Ikkitousen figures as well. I’m seriously tempted to splash the cash….

She’s coming in September 2007!

Figure News: Final Fantasy Tactics Gets Figures!

One of my favourite games ever is Final Fantasy Tactics, which was recently given a makeover and released on the PSP. I bought a PSP just for this game and it didn’t disappoint.

Yup, I should be getting the FFT figures. I do realise they are kinda ugly and stupid fanboy-material Baltier is in the set, ousting more worthy members of the cast like Orlandu, Meliadoul and even the generics. They are basically trading figures though – small and unposeable. You can’t buy them online separately, but I expect stores like Latendo to carry a set.

Ramza is in his Chapter 4 uber-squire outfit, which is probably the best-looking out of his three. Delita looks like crap, he should be wearing his Nanten Knights armour with the King robes. Agrias and Ovelia are alright. Baltier must die.

Each figure should be about 500-600 yen. The other acclaimed strategy RPG game for the PS, Disgaea, got a lot more figures and even a complete set of its generic classes. Now I would love that for FFT. I bet it’s coming though, considering how Square Enix are busy milking the Ivalice games.

These will be released in end October by Square Enix.

Figure News: It’s a F-F-FASALINA!!11oneone

For the longest time, Maxfactory have been whetting our appetites with news that they would be releasing a 1/8 scaled PVC figure of the downright sexiest woman in mecha anime history. Note when I mean sexy I mean the normal definition, not the sexy that you lolicons refer to 8 year olds as.

With her ex-vocation includes such skills as stripping, pole-dancing and pleasuring men, Fasalina even manages to seduce the Kira Yamato-spoof in Gun x Sword. This figure attempts to capture the overflowing sex appeal of Fasalina but somehow I think there’s something not quite right.

Maybe it’s the crazy 6800 yen price tag. WTF. Insanity, figurine prices have officially doubled since two years ago. Anyway, it’s an October 2007 release. I should be getting it. While the mind says "BOYCOTT" the heart doesn’t follow.