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This is yet another gallery of a non-Riuva item. Figure property of Tsubaki and he took most of the pictures too. But with my camera.

This is again, a Kotobukiya product. Released in August 2006 for 4200 yen, this 1/8 figurine of the detestably irritating Shana from Shakugan no Shana is more faithful to the original artwork by Itoh Noiji, rather than the trainwreck that calls itself the anime version.

This figurine by Kotobukiya is a tribute to the story Sleepy Hollow.

Or not. She’s a 1/8, released in October 2006 and has a price tag of 4800 yen.

Photos by Tsubaki (with my camera lol) and figure contributed by Umehiko. Location is the bushes outside Raffles City.

You can literally hear the otakus sharpening their claws, fattening their wallets and all getting ready to pounce on the 5000 pieces of Max Factory Haruhi. Not only are the usual hardcore collectors interested, many a casual anime lover is also planning to make her their first figurine purchase. Will 5000 be enough? Not a chance in hell. But of course, it’s obviously a stupid ploy by Max to BURNING the market before releasing subsequent batches.

I was going to take a break today but was alerted to some good news by Lian (Darkmirage’s arch enemy) and his friend Waffen. Both sites are in Mandarin btw. Pictures taken from some Chinese forum that requires membership and the Max staff blog.

Yeah, Max Factory, as previously announced, is doing the Suzumiya Haruhi series. They have planned for all three main girl characters and the sculpt for Haruhi is now out. Maxfac is teh power, so screw Ateliar Sai. I’m not getting that bullshit bunny figure.

I don’t buy cold cast or polystone figurines, for the simple reason that they are just way too expensive to be cost effective. But now that I got to loan one for review, well, it’s a new experience.

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