Those of you who frequent the #animeblogger channel in IRC, on the IRChighway server, would know the existence of the #abgames channel where anime nerds waste time playing a trivia pursuit type game. Sick of answering non-anime related trivia questions (answering? we know nothing!), the idea of creating a set of quiz questions based on otakudom popped up. And being sooo macho, I decided to take the lead and organise a community question drive where everyone can donate questions. I’ll then compile everything up, check it and then send it to the Maestro (boss of He will install the questions into #abgames and then we can all play and pit our anime knowledge against one another to impress the girls.

Mai Towel…

It’s mostly figures and Queen’s Blade books this time. Be sure to check the catalogue out and ask for the price, because it’s not stated.


Since it’s nearing my exams (2 days to be exact), we shall do a exam-related post. This paper shall test your knowledge on anime blogs.

Anime has tonnes of fight scenes, perhaps even more than some hentai has sex scenes. While many of these are pretty good, some are downright breath-taking in their sheer excitement and creativity. I will list some of the notable fights in this post, but it’s obviously not an exhaustive list. Do suggest your own favourites or contribute more!

This year, many an anime fan cursed the timing of Chinese New Year. Reason? Leading figurine manufacturer Max Factory announced that the Suzumiya Haruhi figurine they were releasing in March this year would be limited to 5000 pieces due to their China-based plant having a long holiday. How much is true I do not know, but the resulting berserk rush to get their hands on a Haruhi figure led collectors everywhere bidding on online auctions up to 12 times its retail price! Pretty insane stuff.

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