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Weekly Rounds: An Ill-fated Acrylic Display Case and other News…

Having received some bonus bribery money from the government since Election Day is near and they are handing out money so we’ll vote for them, being the good citizen, I quickly spent it.

I bought 6 manga books and 1 triple layered acrylic display case for my trading figures. It was a good buy, I felt then. I also picked up the June issue of Hobby Japan on the way home. On the long bus ride back, it was really cramped but I had a seat so I rested my arms on the giant box and browsed through the magazine.

Upon examination of the funky triple layered case at home, I was horrified to see 3 cracks in the acrylic which weren’t there when I checked it at the store. We all know that acrylic is brittle and cracks easily. We also know that it whitens when stressed. I was just really stupid to have not taken good care of it on the way back, arghhh. I could lie and return it to the store since I’m not totally sure I was the one who cracked it. But my conscience and logical mind tells me that I was the one because of the way the box is designed. If a downward force is applied to the top row, the bottom part of each layer would be forced outward and acrylic doesn’t stretch so it cracks. And yeah I  applied quite the pressure on it for a whole hour. Damn.

At least it isn’t take obvious and I taped it up to prevent further damage.

New Home for the Mecha Musume, FSN, Suikoden and other trading figure sets

On a lighter note, I bought more manga. And another Samurai Champloo cap for my friend.

  • Harlem Beat 13
  • MAR 13
  • Conan 53
  • xxxHolic 8
  • Shikigami no Shiro 1

Of note is the last one, Shikigami no Shiro. I saw many of its figurines made into 1/8 PVCs by GSC so I concluded it must be good. I wonder what it’s about.


Figure News: First 1/8 PVC of Ilya! Sitting on Berserker’s Blade.

This is an amazing figurine from Kotobukiya. Notice a pattern?

Ilya is sitting on Berserker’s sword, Or a dead tree. Probably the former. Before this, Ilya has never had her own PVC figure, and was just part of trading sets. Here, she gets one that could be one of the best Fate ones made so far. The notable points are the face, which is evil-looking as it’s supposed to be, and the amazingly large and detailed base.

Click for biggg pic.

I should be getting this one. Figurines with an element of diorama are always desired.

Vital Stats

  • Maker: Kotobukiya
  • Release Date: August 2006
  • Material: PVC
  • Price: Not confirmed
  • Height: 12 cm
  • Scale: 1/8