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Thanks to Moetron, who spotted this on the Genshiken website. The site seems to have been updated, with the licence at the bottom changed to 2006. The picture also shows the final scene of episode 13. Hmm.

If you mouseover the Kujian TV screen the Genshiken guys are watching, it’s a link to the Kujian official site. This is even more interesting.

This update is late because I actually had some semblance of a social life for once.

But in the early afternoon, I went on the usual rounds plus an extra trip to Kinokuniya since they were having a 20% discount on all items. I’ve been losing track of my manga due to the sheer volume of it so I tend to miss out certain releases especially if they aren’t local ones.

I have no more display space so I want to release some of my items to people who want it more and cannot find them in stores. I’m also looking for certain figurines.

Please see this page.

Contact me if anything interests you. I’m not intending to ship outside of Singapore unless the price is worth the extra trouble. After all, I’m not looking to make profits out of this.

If I had known these were coming out, I would never have bought the wreck that is the Yujin SR DX Aria series. Such is life.

I saw this quite a while back but forgot to post. Just like how I bought lots of FSN stuff even if I knew next to nothing about it back then, this Karen has me all excited. Fate Hollow Ataraxia has two new characters who are really beautiful and cool, Karen and the boxer girl. I don’t see the latter being released anywhere yet, but Karen is set to have two major companies releasing different versions of her.

Has the Rise of Anime contributed to your neglecting of other hobbies?
  • Yes, my best skill now is "watching anime".: 74% (112)
  • No, anime is too weak to make me lose control.: 26% (39)

Total Votes : 151


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