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The Pirates, Comics Connection, Dirty Dirty Bootleg Posters

I happened to be browsing Junction 8′s Comics Connection store when I noticed a special sale they had. One dollar one poster. And these are A3, clearly printed albeit glossy posters, which look good enough to display on my walls. So I browsed through the rather extensive selection and chose 4.

They are obviously bootleg, so the one buck goes to printing costs and their dirty profits. But still, I can’t help but think it’s a good deal. An original poster would’ve cost 15 times as much.

I may just go back for more. Apparently, the offer ends after June, which means it was the final day today. But I’ll go check again and pick up more if possible.

For the uninitiated, Comics Connection is the largest chain of manga stores in Singapore. They sell mostly translated mandarin versions, from local printers, Taiwan and HK but charge 20-30 percent more than other stores for some unknown reason. They have a tonne of merchandise too, but almost all are bootlegs. Some bootlegs go for the same price as the originals and stupid ignorant fools happily buy them when the difference in quality is plainly obvious, as obvious as Nagato Yuki being the best character of Haruhi. But I like the 1 dollar posters, and I’m a bad bad boy.

Note they are all large, the size is A3 if I’m not mistaken. The gloss makes it hard for phototaking, but they do look rather good.

There were quite a few other sexy Rei ones. This one is now on my office wall.

This Lain is too scary for my room so I stuck her on my office wall as well.

I love ABe’s Lain and buy everything with her on it.

This is so not my type of poster. But I like Natsuki.

In case you haven’t noticed, my favourite posters are the darker sort, I hate brilliant colours.

2 up!

Tripeman Graphical Swarm Beast Manly Attack. Who is the Manlinest of Them All?

Graphs are the new fad, replacing Haruhi, Mai-otome and Fate as the coolest and hippest things to talk about. Using the Poisson distribution, standard deviation, cluster analysis, trigonometrical functions blah blah I forgot my school shit, I hop onto the rumbling bandwagon of retardism.

Y-axis is manliness, X is individuals

This is a technique known as a primitive bar graph, taught to primary 1-2 students. Yet it’s better than most of the other graphs out there since there is actual data representation.

Let’s go on to analyse this admittedly complicated whirlpool of mathematical jargon.

You must understand that penis = manly. With this basic equation in mind, you’ll notice that number > size in terms of manly priority. In other words, 2 penises are better than one big one.

As the master of Heisei Democracy, Shingo is manly. Hung gets all multiply hung for Animenano. And for his School Rumble essays, Swampstorm breaks the manly upper limit too. And I’m manly.

As for other details, we see Stripey and Zyl’s manliness factors merging. Why? They are getting married, that’s why.

Finally, we have Last Exile. Guess how it fares on the manliness index?

And this post is so rubbish, I better add some goodies to counterbalance it.

Berserker n00b owned.


The Rider