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The tennis courts are forever occupied! It took lots of rain to drive those pesky PoT-wannabes off. But it also meant the courts were rather wet.

For people who feel inadequate and want a quick-fix solution to feel hip and cool in this otaku world, look no further! By the end of this post, you’ll have the equipment to mingle around with the world’s most elite anime connoisseurs without feeling out of place or embarrassing anyone.

Yukatas are the single most conservatively sexy traditional costume in this world. Then came the modern mini-yukatas, with their hemline high enough for sexy legs to shine and still retaining the ethnic flavour.

Rei is possibly the single most alluring anime female in history.

DM and I happened to discuss the merits of Inukami. He was of the opinion that it was utter formulaic harem nonsense, while I think it is godly. And he was proved wrong. And when I got home, I noticed a blog who had a rather indepth post on Inukami. Apparently the writer, having read my rave review of episode 20, had high expectations for the series and was sorely disappointed.

So today, I would like to discuss why exactly Inukami is the best harem I’ve seen this year. The above blogger is right in his critical analysis of the show but he is missing the crux - why exactly would you analyse Inukami, looking for elements of plot, romance and logic in the first place?

Today was an interesting day. The start of it involved going down to the city area at inhumane hours for a half-marathon (I didn’t run of course, interviewed the sweaty runners. Some of the females had perky nipples too.). Since the route was pretty close to the usual anime hub, I headed straight over after the event. But the stores were not yet open. Coincidentally, Shia and his group of SP Life Arts clubmates were there as well. They are supposed to be the infamous black SOS-Dan shirted people rumoured to be prowling Sunshine Plaza.

Joining the group for a while, I saw that these guys (one of whom was Bridge Bunny) were very knowledgeable and proficient in Japanese culture aka anime, manga, figurines, mecha action figures etc. The local scene (I hesitate to use the word otaku) is pretty much cluster-based, with separate groups of hard-core fans all behaving very similarly to other groups in a standalone complex. So anybody who thinks he’s alone with no one else to discuss such stuff with should try to either form his own cluster or attempt to join one to maximise his anime/figurine/manga/eroge experience.

Has the Rise of Anime contributed to your neglecting of other hobbies?
  • Yes, my best skill now is "watching anime".: 74% (111)
  • No, anime is too weak to make me lose control.: 26% (39)

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