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How do you watch anime? Do you set up a comfortable pad for yourself to facilitate the 8 hour marathons? I do. I have no computer chair, but a sofa swivel chair. A plastic box which contains raw materials and tools for plamo acts as a legrest. And more importantly, a nice quilt to hug like Peanuts’ Linus. While the hardware stays the same for all anime, the ideal comfort position varies for the type of show.


Gryphon Enterprise is coming out with two Mai-Hime figurines, each of which costs about 5800 yen. The scale and height is not stated strangely, but from the price I reckon it would probably be 1/6 or 1/7? Unless greedy merchants have jacked up prices. Natsuki is in her cross-hand dual gun pose plus school uniform. This pose has already been figurised if I recall correctly, but in a trading or gashapon set. Nevertheless, I like this pose. It would’ve been better if it were a biker suit Natsuki with either her bike or Duran since GSC already has a good version of Natski which I purchased and repeats are undesirable.

If you are offended by this, do check yourself into a psychiatric ward for some emergency treatment. You need it. Either that, or a total lack of humour or self-consciousness. While reading the article, see if you can spot any intentional misuses of words, sneaky references and blatant daggers. Start of article:

Lain, possibly the most recognisable recent anime cyberpunk loli, fittingly, requirs a computer program to look good as a figurine. In simple terms, OMG I PAID 6800 YEN FOR THIS SHIT???? THAT I HAVE TO PHOTOSHOP BEFORE IT EVEN LOOKS ANYTHING LIKE HER AND NOT A UNDEAD ZOMBIE SOAKED IN SWIMMING POOL WATER???

A conversation last night with Digikerot, fellow figure enthusiast, had both of us agreeing that the desire to purchase more PVC goddesses has subsided due to a lack of storage space. We were bragging about how we managed to reduce pre-orders to single digit amounts. Screw that.

Look at what’s coming up.

Has the Rise of Anime contributed to your neglecting of other hobbies?
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