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Figure Review: Traffic-Stopping Rei

This is wayyyy overdue. It’s like handing in your June holiday homework just in time for the year end break. I got this figure back in September and did a photoshoot in the busy streets of the city but never got around to posting these up.

Again, SEGA is the culprit behind yet another version of the originally-delicious Ayanami Rei. And following their attack policies of targeting the lower-end spectrum of the market, the price is a measely 1500 yen which lets them get away with almost anything. If Biker Rei was the pinnacle of this series’ power, and Yukata Rei (unless weird cross-eye fetish is part of your delights) scrapes the bottom of the barrel, then Police Rei is square in the middle. Why? Because she is Jekyll and Hyde.

Take a look of the mysterious, cool and sexy left side of the Rei.

Now prepare a barf bag and turn over to her right side.

Looks a bit like Claus from Last Exile actually.

SEGA can get away with a ton of shit because they charge half the price of their nearest competitors for the low-income market – Yujin. And Yujin sucks more balls than Riku of Tokimeki Memorial.

The Good
1. It’s Rei. Rei is like, the grandmother of Nagato Yuki. We have to treat the elders with care and respect.

2. She’s so cheap you could drop her in the bin and not feel all pissed off. 1500 yen buys you a bowl of slightly expensive ramen in Japan.

3. The concept and pose is fantastic. Our Rei, seen in so many costumes, is now a policewoman handcuffed to a signpost! That’s like triple fetish – police uniform fetish, bondage fetish and role reversal fetish. Her arms and leg are chained to the signpost, leaving the silent one with no choice but to pose provocatively. The funny thing is, she’s wearing that "One-Day Police Chief" drape that Petoko from Peto-Peto-san also wore.

4. The words, both on the sign and her, are printed very clearly. The sign says, "Final Battle Weapon Warzone", a bad translation but I couldn’t figure out how to change the meaning to English. And it’s an Eva outline on the sign.

5. Stable like a four-legged cow.  The top half of the post is actually removable and the base is a  realistic chunk of road. Two screws hold her in place along with a couple of pegs.

6. A good left view is better than no view.

7. Sexy legs.

She’s resigned to her fate.

The Bad
1. Argh, more Rei? There are probably more Reis than Singaporeans in this world.

2. The paint job is done by a excited China lad with Parkinson’s disease. Look at the freakin’ eyes! She’s doing some optical bleeding!

3. Her hair is way too brightly coloured.

4. No upskirt shot, no matter how hard I tried. Her skirt’s as deep as Mariana’s trench and the material’s as hard as Shinji’s penis at the start of the Eva movie. So too bad!

5. The right side of her face is comparable to the legendary SADER.

6. Like, there’s a hat on the ground. Why? Is it sexy? Is it some unwritten ritual where in SM you have to deposit your headgear on the ground? Would’ve preferred it on.
For hardcore fans of Eva or the really newbie buyers only. The concept is great as is the pose, but as usual SEGA blows it with awesomely bad painting and sculpting. I like the gimmicky signpost and base. Now I realise how good the Tennis duo‘s quality was in comparison to the crud that pops out of SEGA’s backhole normally. You may be thinking why I still buy Rei figures even if I know they suck. I have since stopped because the upcoming ones look bad even in the promo pictures. At least those I buy look good on paper.


Music Review, Lyrics and Translation: Code Geass’s COLOURS by FLOW

Flow is a pretty good band with two vocalists, a guitarist and a drummer. They first appeared on the radar of anime viewers with their Naruto OP4, the one that goes "We are Fighting Dreamers!" (dumb song btw) and followed up with Eureka seveN’s first OP, Days. Their next foray into anime OPs would be COLOURS (actually it’s Colors but we all know Americans can’t spell and Japanese love Americans despite their poor spelling) which turned out to be an excellent piece.

Some have complained that it’s too similar to Days but I don’t see why. In fact, Days was my least liked Eureka seveN song. But I love Colours! The song has a great singalong chorus and the verses is nicely rythmnic. And the pre-chorus lends a fresh change of pace for the song, before launching into yet another singalong chorus. I have to resist the urge to sing out loud on the bus when listening to this!

This single comes along with two other songs, Astro Slider and Love Dub. Both are good enough to go into my playlist.

So, do you like the song too? I’m voting this one and Ryuusei Miracle (OP of Ayakashi Ayashi) as the best OPs of the season. What say you?

And here’s the lyrics of Colours!



自分を 世界さえも 変えてしまえそうな
Jibun wo sekai saemo kaete shimaesouna
瞬間は いつもすぐそばに。。。
Shunkan wa itsumo sugu sobani…
The moment that changes me and the world is always right here with me

隠せぬ苛たちと たち尽くす自分を みつめ
Kakusenu iratachi to tachi tsukusu jibun wo mitsume
With the irritation I can’t hide, I look at myself who is exhausted.

迷いながら 悩みながら 悔みながら 決めればいいさ
Mayoinagara nayaminagara kuyaminagara kimerebaii sa
All the indecision, anguish, regrets, I chose to use

君がくれた 言葉ひとつ 戸惑いは消え去り
Kimegakureta kotoba hitotsu tomadoi wa kiesari
Just the one word you gave me and the confusion vanishes

からっぽだった 僕の部屋に 光が射した
Karappo datta boku no heya ni hikari ga sashita
and the light shines into my room that was once empty

見上げた大空が 青く澄み切ってゆく
Miageta oozora ga aokusumikitte yuku
The sky I looked up at was blue and perfectly clear,
とざした 窓を ひらくことを決めた
Tozashita mado wo hiraku koto wo kimeta
I decided to open the window that was locked
自分を 世界さえも かえてしまえそうな
Jibun wo sekai saemo kaete shimaesouna
瞬間は いつもすぐそばに…
Shunkan wa itsumo sugu sobani…
The moment that changes me and the world is always right here with me

満たせぬ日常に あるはずの答えを 探して
Mitasenu nichijou ni aruhazu no kotae wo sagashite
In the unsatisfying everyday life, I’m looking for the answer that should exist

あさひに独り 柔らかな声に 振り向けば
Asahi ni hitori yawarakana koe ni furi mukeba
Alone in the morning sun, I turn towards a gentle voice

眩い日射しの中 ふと君が微笑む
Mabayui hizashi no naka futo kimi ga hohoemu
In the dazzling sunlight, you casually smiled
とざした 窓が ひらきそうになる
Tozashita mado ga hirakisou ni naru
And opened the window that was closed
自分を 世界さえも かえてしまえそうな
Jibun wo sekai saemo kaete shimaesouna
存在は 僕の目の前に。。。
Sonzai wa boku no me no mae ni…
The existence that changes me and the world is here right in front of my eyes…

見上げた大空が 青く澄み切ってゆく
Miageta oozora ga aoku sumikitte yuku
The sky I looked up at was blue and perfectly clear,
とざした 窓を ひらくことを決めた
Tozashita mado wo hiraku koto wo kimeta
I decided to open the window that was locked
自分を 世界さえも かえてしまえそうな
Jibun wo sekai sae mo kaete shimaesouna
瞬間を 感じるいまここに。。。
Shunkan wo kanjiru ima koko ni….
I feel the moment, that changes me and the world ,right here right now and here…
光へと 両手を伸ばして。。。
Hikari e to ryoute wo nobashite
Stretch both your hands towards the light

心を吹抜ける 空の色 香る風
Kokoro wo fukinukeru sora no iro kaoru kaze
The colour of the sky and fragant wind lets your heart blow open

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