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[Ascaloth] Fall Season Head-to-Head: CLANNAD (TV) vs ef ~a fairytale of the two~

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In the past few years, visual novel adaptations have been flooding the market, like no other time in anime history. Ranging from Navel’s Shuffle!, to Type-Moon’s Fate/Stay Night, and more recently 0verflow’s School Days, the adaptations have had varying success, and while a portion of the otaku fanbase have welcomed the increase in the adaptations of their favourite stories, while others have bemoaned the same change for varying reasons. Of the VN adaptations, however, none have caught as much attention, nor indeed have drawn as much hype, as Kyoto Animation’s adaptations of KEY’s works, from AIR (TV) in 2005, to Kanon (2006) in the Fall 2006 season. Much praise has been heaped upon the small studio located in Kyoto for their dazzling animation, as well as the faithfulness to the storyline of the original VNs, while their growing fame has inevitably brought forth the detractors oblivious to the quality of its works. Whatever the point of view, it is undeniable that the KyoAni VN adaptation hype is set to continue into Fall 2007, with the coming of CLANNAD (TV).

Mega Haul of Anime Goods - The Otaku Revival

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For the longest time, I stopped spending money on otaku goods. But somehow, I blame Gurren Lagann for rekindling the money burning passion. Thankfully, not all you see above belong to me. A good chunk of these are for my overseas buyers. I don’t buy Gundam Seed merchandise of course.

My preorder for the Gunslinger Girls trading figure set finally arrived, 5 months late. Man, this will be the last time I ever buy a trading figure set. I preordered a set but Latendo gave me a full box instead, so now I’ll have useless variants. I’ll see what I like and sell the rest. The whole box is 110 dollars! Shocking. Book 8 of the manga arrived as well so that’s a good thing.

[Ascaloth] I’m in despair! The end of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei has left me in despair!!!

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How would one define the Summer 2007 anime season? That is a question that has many different answers, each one dependent on the otaku asked that question. Some might say Baccano, as is the case with our very macho Fuhrer TJ Han. Others might say School Days, if only perhaps for the pleasure of seeing how messed up Makoto and Girls can get. And of course, one cannot forget Lucky Star, worshipped and derided in equal measures by the pro-KyoAni and the anti-KyoAni factions respectively. But for me, Summer 2007 did not mean any of these three to me; yes, not even Lucky Star, unthinkable as it may seem to some for a supposed KyoAni fanboy like me. Indeed, for me, Summer 2007 is defined by one of the quirkiest black comedies I’ve seen in recent times; Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

Darker than Black is Better than Good

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Everytime an excellent show ends, I feel sad. Sadder than Blue.

Darker than Black ended at episode 25, and I totally wasn’t expecting that. It’s kinda short, because of the various different arcs which delved into the side characters, leaving Hei, Amber and Bai rather undeveloped. Shorter than Dick.

Amber is Younger than Kid

While I did like almost all the side arcs, particularly that of Huang, November and Yin, I can’t help but feel that the similiar format of DtB to Ayakashi Ayashi (also by Studio Bones, canned halfway through its run), should’ve meant that series be set at at least 50 episodes long. I’ve always felt that the low popularity of AA was due to its hard to grasp Edo language and context, not because of its storytelling structure and style. 25 episodes for DtB somehow feels awfully short.

[LianYL] Moetronics Practice Question

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Hi everyone! Have you been studying Moetronics Part 1? Part 2 is in its last stages of completion so in the meantime let’s have a practice question based on Part 1!


Identify the anime shown in the Moetronics circuit below.

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Which is your boy/girlfriend?
  • Right hand.: 30% (90)
  • Left hand.: 13% (39)
  • Vibrator.: 6% (19)
  • An anime character.: 50% (148)

Total Votes : 296


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