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[Hynavian] Telepathy Shoujo Ran Episode 6 – The Haunted Nouda Inn

I guess every series will have a character who believes in aliens, UFOs or ghosts; the same goes for Telepathy Shoujo Ran. They have a classmate that went "Banzai there’s ghost here!" and would be part of a paranormal team next.

Meet the fans of paranormal happenings; Yamashita (above) and Rin (below)

This time, the gang investigates the rumored haunted Nouda Inn after learning of it from one of their classmates and from Ran’s brother. It’s always so coincidental to involve Rin, perhaps elementary students need an adult with them and he just happens to be the one to be baby sitting them. After gaining the seal of approval from Ran’s mother, the gang heads to Nouda Inn and check in for the day.

Much enthusiasm is seen in Rin as he’s thrilled to be able to investigate the inn. Midori, thrilled for the wrong reason, is enthusiastic because she’s able to accompany Rin. It doesn’t matter what she’s investigating, she’ll be happy as long as she’s with him. It’s hilarious to see her holding a ghost detecting device and walking around with it as she volunteers to "scan" for the ghost.

Let’s "scan" for ghosts! XD

The situation of the inn, them losing customers due to all the rumored ghost reports and the other characters who are working in the inn are introduced. Though the inn is rumored to be haunted, there’s still an interested buyer. Episode 6 is like an introductory chapter to a new arc where the place, plot and characters are set. Ghostly incidents flash across the screen briefly but the leads are taking a back seat since they’re still trying to adapt to their environment. I think that they’ll be able to solve the case once they’ve regain their composure in episode 7.

It’s an overall interesting and comical episode. Its amazing how fast Midori’s attitude changes; she doesn’t believe in ghosts but will agree with Ran’s brother that ghosts exist because she’s so in love with him. Why is this happening? Midori and Rin? However, Midori would revert back to her analytical self when she’s investigating the inn with Ran. I guess the whole ghostly incidents might be man-made and interested buyers are using ghosts as an excuse to scare customers away. This way, they can persuade the near to bankrupt inn keeper to sell the inn and purchase it at a low price.

Look! There’s a ghost behind you!

My favorite scene for episode 6 is where a male apparition confronts both Midori and Ran in the female hot springs. Midori actually teased and scolded the apparition because it was in the female hot springs. It took Midori a while to figure that she’s actually scolding an apparition.

What’s next?

[Tsubaki] Gundam Online: Capsule Fighter

Ever want to pilot a real gundam and kick ass? Well now you can with the upcoming Gundam Online: Capsule Fighter where you get to control SD Gundams. Not exactly what you call a real Gundam but hey, chibis are cool. This MMO fighting game is currently avaliable in China, so if you don’t speak the yellow language, then good luck fiddling around.

Since I can’t read much chinese to save my ass from the commies, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.