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WTF, Asu no Yoichi Turns Out to be a Great Show.

Contrary to what the whole solar system thought, Asu no Yoichi actually is a great show. Everyone thought it’ll be generic harem with lots of fanservice. But strangely, it’s generic harem with lots of fanservice, yet there’s something about the show that makes it really enjoyable. That something has blonde hair, a flat chest, a tsundere attitude and sounds like a teenage version of Nagi from Kannagi.

Yup, it’s the middle-child-syndrome kid, Ayame! I haven’t used a screen cap in like a year, and she fully deserves it.

Here, she’s in the middle of getting stripped in public by evil doers.

Basically, the show is about this anachronistic samurai, the eponymous Yoichi, who comes down from the mountains to learn about the real world. He lives with 4 sisters who are from the same sword school. Our delicious Ayame is the 2nd eldest, and is the only one with a flat chest while the others, even the primary school loli, voiced by yet another awesome seiyuu, Hanazawa Kana, have full boobs.

The fanservice is really good, which is part of the show’s attraction. See, good fanservice requires 3 main elements to prevent us viewers from getting bored. The first is to have good art and animation, who wants to see ugly boobs and girls right? The 2nd is to have lovable girls, and not generic or insane shit that nobody wants to see naked. I mean, would you go into a mental hospital and look at the ill people bathing? If you would, you must be from 2ch or 4chan. Or That Anime Blog. The eldest sister has the biggest and most delicious boobs, but she isn’t that interesting a character. The funny thing about 2D girls is that giant boobs are so common that nobody really gives a shit. Now I’m really really a boob person and I like the large natural ones as much as I love anime, but in anime, these are just too common and cause what I term, boob fatigue. Anime boobies are best small-sized, strangely enough, which is why Ayame’s constant whining about her flat tits are awesome. The 3rd and final element is that the fanservice must come from situations that won’t make you roll your eyes and scream "WTF, Lovehina had that scene 32151 times!" or something. Originality perhaps, but I’m sure otaku love a good molestation scene.

See that screencap above? Poor Ayame is captured by baddies who want to defeat one of the side characters. They proceed to strip her clothes off in public and beat the guy up. That’s great fanservice! The stripping is mild enough to not make the show crass like a hentai series, but still titillating.

There’s also a lot of the awesome anime MSG, which is blushing. Blushing makes a show romantic surely.

The main character is lame though, but who cares, he’s sort of like a Azuma Kazuma style hero who never loses. Except he gets beaten up by the girls for no reason unlike the manly baker Azuma, who slyly slips on a wedding ring on Tsukino’s finger. Go, Azuma.

Do catch this show if you’re into hot girls who look 1000x better than Nagi and sound like tsundere versions of her! The seiyuu, Tomatsu Haruka is only 18 years old.

[Ascaloth] CLANNAD ~After Story~, Episode 20

She was the much-beloved whom her man was ultimately too powerless to save from the cruel vagaries of Fate, and whose passing sapped the colour out of his very existence. Yet, she was able to partake of the Miracle of Life just before her doom, and the legacy she left behind through this Miracle is what allows her to live on in her progeny, and bring back the colour into the life of the man she loved in life. Now, she watches over her man and her daughter unseen, ever smiling as they go about their new life together. But though she is now their Guardian Angel, has she the power to protect them from Fate’s eternal cruelty?

CLANNAD ~After Story~, Episode 20.


My Tsundere Sensei Hinano-sama, doujin to be available at C76 this Summer.

"It’s so mean of you to forget all the times we spent in that gym storage shed together…."

It’s good to see Kyou back once again, and indeed, it comes as no surprise that she just so happens to be Ushio’s teacher in charge. Of course, she also gives the perfectly reasonable explanation why none of them have been around when Tomoya was in a funk for the last five years. Apart from having their own lives to worry about as well, what can you do for someone in such a situation, as good a friend as he or she might be? There’s only so much one can do.

I’m wondering though, it’s one thing for Kyou to be carrying around a doll-sized Botan, but it’s not legal to keep a wild boar even in Japan, right? How does she keep Big Botan a secret from the authorities, setting aside the fact that she’s letting it run around quite brazenly in the kindergarten yard? Are there no complaints from the parents, or are said parents the same neighbours who think of the Furukawas running across half the town crying and yelling as an "interesting" event?

I wonder what an older Ushio in the future would think if she learnt that her Papa once had a very good chance to hit her Fujibayashi-sensei’s ass, and basically blew that chance. :p

I’m probably one of the few who didn’t think anything about Ushio being left on her own in the afternoon while Papa is working, but even I have to wonder at the wisdom of leaving the little girl to wander around the town unsupervised. Did the Furukawas also let her wander around on her own when she was in their custody? And yes, Tomoya may have to work, but I’d have thought the guy would be smart enough to at least leave her at the Furukawas for the afternoon. Considering what we’ve seen of their schedules in the afternoon, it wouldn’t be much of an imposition. Besides, there would be plenty of activities there for her; she can learn how to help out at the bakery, play baseball with Akki, hell, she could even get a headstart on her studies by attending the Furukawa-juku. Or maybe even that is just not polite enough for Japanese society, I guess.

Dango Attack!

…dango, daikazoku.


….oh, goddammit Key/KyoAni. Twist the knife in further, why don’t you? T_T

Wait, hold on just a moment there. Which Furukawa-san are you talking about?! If it’s Sanae-san….run, Ushio!!!

Hmmm, okay, I guess it’s Akki’s bread. That said, I wonder what it tastes like….

Introducing CLANNAD 00′s Twin Moé-Drive System. Trans-GrahAm!!!

Invasion of the Dango!!!

Though neither of them might have remembered anything about their common past, it’s awesome seeing Tomoya and Fuuko picking up their smack talk from where they left off like nothing ever happened. ^_^

And while it may have disappeared for the past five years, it seems that Tomoya’s wild imagination has survived the ordeal intact. OKAZAKI SAIKOU~!!!

….Oh, goddammit, Key/KyoAni. T_T

Memories of Okazaki Nagisa, the Beloved. Never forget.

Okay, is it just me, or does the entire scene just look so wrong here? Maybe it’s just me,after all….

Incredibly, history seems to be repeating itself yet again; poor Ushio is left alone and bored at home while Papa is at work, exactly like how Papa himself used to be when he was growing up. It didn’t exactly end very well that time, and while things seem to be somewhat better in this generation, one has to wonder how long it’ll last. Maybe there’s some merit in the suggestion of Kyou’s shippers that she become Ushio’s stepmother after all, since it’s true that it’ll be hard for a single father to raise his child, even if the financial situation isn’t quite as dire.

The place where her mother was saved so long ago, but only for her eventual fate to be postponed. I wonder if Akio told her about what happened here long ago? Probably not, given how Ushio was all "I’m attracted to this place because", but it’s a possibility.

It’s also a particularly nice touch that Tomoya is once again working so hard to beat Akio at his own game, this time for the sake of Ushio. I’d dearly love to see Tomoya tell Ushio the story of how he won Nagisa’s hand from Akio back then. ^_^


Oh, no. No no no no……OMG. T_T

A horrible omen of things to come, a sign that the newfound happiness could just be as easily lost as it was so hard to find. It was a return to the CLANNAD of Season 1 for just a short while, but idyllic times don’t last very long, and once again, history with all of its tragedies seem poised to repeat itself. It’s an awful feeling, but we’ll have to face it. Is this happiness about to come to an end, even before it truly began?

Next Episode Preview

Unfortunately, the title of the next episode isn’t particularly optimistic, to say the least. The first great tragedy to befall our ill-fated hero almost knocked him down, and it was only with Nagisa’s legacy that he could stand up again. Should another tragedy before him, will it be for him quite literally The End of the World? Such a fate is too horrible to contemplate….and once again, as After Story has been for the past few weeks, the next episode both could not come too soon, and could not come soon enough, for all of us.

Ascaloth, out.