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Why I have not Updated for Weeks: Filling up My Passport with Stamps!

Some of you might have noticed a deathly silence on this blog, well that is because Ascaloth has a real life sort of girlfriend now so he no longer needs to watch the sissy Clannad shows and blog about them, and I myself have been travelling somewhat extensively the past 2 weeks.

Let’s see, I flew up to Hong Kong, then went into Guangzhou of China, went to several of its cities, came back to Hong Kong, flew up to London, was going to fly down to Amsterdam but the flight got cancelled and got stuck in London till the 27th when I will attempt to fly to Amsterdam again, after which I will return to London and fly back to Hong Kong to fly back to Singapore, after which I will go to New Zealand for 5 months of research assistant internship.

I don’t know that many UK or even Dutch anime bloggers, hey I realised PSgels might be Dutch. Anyway so I’m meeting up with Runningkid (no longer a blogger), meeting lots of old friends from high school and middle school who are now studying/working in the UK, doing touristy things and getting stomachaches from dubious kebabs run by Middle Eastern immigrants. Funny how I didn’t get a stomachache in supposedly less developed China. Damn Brits. I have to say that Britain is not exactly a nice place at all – the weather is surprisingly true to popular belief (that is, totally shit and gloomy), the water is so hard it looks like milk, stuff are expensive, people aren’t friendly etc. But it’s still sort of nice I guess, educationally.

Asian countries are probably better to live in permanently. I’ve never visited Europe prior to this, and am not that much of a Euro-phile (we’re weeaboo lol) so the food, while fresh and alien, is really scary to order as I have no idea what the hell stuff are. I’ve had to keep asking, to the amusement of the shop people. The buildings are very nice, but also have the downside of being a bit old so aren’t as well designed as modern buildings in newly-rich Asian countries functionally. Looks is one thing, but I’m not so romantic as to be able to like living in a pretty, historical building with a lack of amenities.

I’m thinking I would probably like living in a) East Asian countries then b) the US, and then Europe and New Zealand, followed by Australia. I’ve not been to Central Asian, Africa and South America so I can’t judge them. Actually, Singapore is really nice to live in for people who like stability and are on the nerdy side, since the Internet censors can be beaten by a simple proxy.

I have some photos of London up on facebook, but haven’t had the time to do my HK and China photos. So I’ll just update them all when I reach New Zealand and get settled in.

[Tenshi_MKII] Merry Christmas Everyone!

Season Greetings from the Love Plus Girls.

Hope you guys enjoy this day with your 3D/2D waifus. And don’t forget that it’s the season of GIVING!!!