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Otaku are Sensitive People. Even those named after Wild Animals.

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Oversensitive, more like. I find it hilarious that certain "bloggers" are ragingly upset over a perceived slight on them by yours truly, for the 3 amazing reasons of:

1. I blog the same shows they do.
2. I corrected their amazingly wrong translation of raw episodes.
3. I include sarcastic remarks of other people, but in an ambiguous way, that the sensitive ones mistake said remarks as insults towards themselves.

[Crest] How Beautiful is a Cage of Lamination and Regret?

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Disclaimer: This article does not serve to be an academic paper or it has any instructive or authoritative purposes. As always, the opinions of this author are written as an editorial and this article acts as a column for the author to express his own thoughts and such.

First, I will like to clarify several things. I am not a new writer on the site, I just happened to be a very slow and lazy writer if not the worst offender on both counts. The other thing is that, this article is indeed an entry for the LaMB blogging contest that’s organised and promoted by Animax, I don’t wish to make any attempts in disguising this effort to be something else. Let’s hope that it can serve the purpose of being entertaining and readable to the general audience as well.

[Ascaloth] CLANNAD ~After Story~, Episode 14

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Now that they have taken the vow which has engendered one of the greatest changes in their lives, the Okazaki couple are about to face even more changes, and it is these changes which, given enough time, will make the idyllic memories of their halcyon days just that; a memory. As the places where their memories reside undergo changes and become different from what they used to be, Tomoya and Nagisa will increasingly find that the many things they’ve treasured during their early days together will start to disappear, and the marks that they left on the city which has nurtured their love will too be overwritten by the marks of others one by one. But as uneasy as one might feel when adjusting to the changes to the place one thought one knew so well, it is not wholly something only worth lamenting; for it is only with the passing of old marks can new ones be introduced, and growth and development comes only after the past has been shed. So it is for places, so it is for people as well, and so it will be for the new Okazaki family unit as they adjust to their new situation, supporting each other hand in hand.

Munto is Good but… why He Wear a Bra?

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Kyoani’s first original anime, Munto, got its TV airing. Lots of misinformation abound on the web regarding this, some claiming that it’s straight from the OVA. But I think not, the animation quality appears to be quite modern, though the character designs are straight from the 90s. I’m amazed that self-proclaimed bloggers are still epic fail at differentiating character design and animation quality.

Anyway, the first 15 minutes wasn’t too interesting, but it got better as the Magic King himself, Munto, showed up and some Celestial war exposition was done. I’ll leave the actual blogging to the man Ascaloth himself, since Kyo-ani series are his forte. I just have two main gripes about the series:

[Ascaloth] Trial Run: White Album, Episode 2

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The introductions are over, now let the fun begin! While Yuki and Rina have become bosom buddies within the tough world of the idol industry, that friendship is about to be put to the test with Touya about to be thrown into the mix. Unfortunately, as is all too common with the male leads of the genre circa 21st C, the guy is beginning to reveal the generic set of flaws that his character archetype tend to possess, and may have just shown the first signs of why he’s considered amongst the likes of KGNE’s Takayuki. Despite his propensity for overkill, THAT’s Crusader-gunsou did indeed bring up some interesting points about the characters and their actions so far, but has he got it spot on for them all, or perhaps he may have jumped the gun a bit? In any case, White Album is shaping up to be increasingly worth the watch, if only because the train whistle that signifies tragedy has sounded into the night, and it remains to be seen just how huge will be the aftermath of the destruction.

White Album, Episode 2.

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