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[Ascaloth] CLANNAD ~After Story~, Episode 18

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Not having had regular contact with his own daughter for 5 long years, it is no surprise that Tomoya is at a loss as to what to do with Ushio in his hands. In a most bitterly ironic twist, he’s ended up doing with Dango Jr. exactly what he said he would when asked by a good friend about his feelings on becoming a parent; that is, winging it as it goes. Such a course of events came to be when the elder Okazaki, having lost the one thing he felt was worth living his life for, sank for the last half-decade into the apathetic self-loathing state which had characterized much of his early years. Yet, it is exactly this course of events which will lead him to truly understand and come to terms with the misunderstanding that has haunted his life all these years, as well as recognize that there was something else worth living his life for under his nose all along.

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Guys, I’m guessing most of you would’ve heard of this by now, but renowned anime goods store is having a clearance sale and letting their figs go for half the price, excluding the latest arrivals. They’re shifting to another location in the same mall.

Get to Sunshine Plaza on Saturday 14 Feb and Sunday as early as possible lest the goodies run out!!!

Btw, I know you guys will be there because it’s Valentines’ Day, otaku show their love to the anime by buying more goods.

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No, Anime is NOT Creative.

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In response to a recent blog post I chanced across on animenano, I’ve felt compelled to respond with a post of my own. Saturnine says all the good blogs link to each other in posts, so I shall do some linking because that makes me a good blogger right?

The post I shall address is by some small kid who’s complaining that he did some anime thing for art class (art honours class lol, whatever that is) and the teacher said he couldn’t do that because anime was not creative. The small kid then got really angry online, like all small kids do, and his small kid friends all supported his claim that anime is WAY SUPER DUPER CREATIVE AND THE BEES’ KNEES, better than all the other art forms and so good Jesus wept hugging his body pillow of Nagisa.

Xam’d is Over, Sobz. Spoilers.

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Generally, I measure how great a show is not by logic, but by how many times I weep and repeat the words "Shit this is fucking awesome" in the midst or after the ending of the show. In the case of Eureka Seven, I teared 56.24 mililitres and said "Shit this is fucking awesome" 61325 times.

[Ascaloth] CLANNAD ~After Story~, Episode 17

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5 years have flown by since the passing of the much beloved Okazaki Nagisa, and in that time, the man she left behind has ended up wasting his life away bit by bit, neglecting the daughter in which they had both put so much love into her conception, and in short, slowly but surely becoming the father he used to hate so much for never having treated him properly as family. With the colour having gone out of his life along with his only love, Tomoya is back to where he first started; hating the city which he lives in, drifting along in life without anything really worth living for. Without Nagisa, can Tomoya pick himself up from his slump one more time?

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