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Diary of an Otaku #2:

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Moeman’s Journal. March 10, 2009.

This city is afraid of me. I have seen its true face.

Today, I made the world a better place. There was a fool, probably a low-intellect amoral type who doesn’t like anime, that I caught sight of during my holy trips to Akiba. It was on the train and he had the audacity to sully my ears with disgusting filth that he calls music, playing loudly from the cellphone grasped in his hand. The song was not by a seiyuu nor was it by any band that had its music featured as opening or ending songs of anime. In other words, it was an evil song that must be purged.

[LianYL] Cartoons From Before

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You know how some guys always claim that the past is always better than present? That’s bull. Proof is that every single generation says that. Nostalgia will make whatever stuff from your childhood memory appear to be awesomely good. If every single generation is worse than before, the stone age is nirvana. We can only state that products of each generation evolve and people become more forgiving to their past version of evolution.

Are You Embarrassed by the Name of your Blog?

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I ask a very pertinent question, since this issue was raised in my previous post where I mentioned that I used this blog as part of my out-of-school activities during an interview. TheBigN said,  "But the things you never know that can help you out or bust open new doors for you. Life is sorta awesome sometimes." True, but only if your blog name isn’t the "Lolitron" or something really retarded.

I’m Off to Japan! Envy me!

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I’m assuming it has become customary for animebloggers visiting the Holy Land to announce their upcoming pilgrimage and elicit the envy of their readers.

Therefore, I shall take this opportunity to announce that, HEY I’m going to Japan! The story of how this came to be is pretty strange, and I shall humour you guys by revealing it below. Just keep in mind that at this point, it appears that airfare and lodging are provided and it’s set to be a period of two weeks.

[Ascaloth] CLANNAD ~After Story~, Episode 21

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The newfound happiness is but a fleeting one; it almost seems that for our ill-fated hero Okazaki Tomoya, there’s no escaping the cursed life that has been foisted on him, as he finds out the hard way that lightning can, and does, strike twice. The loss of his greatest love five years ago had already taken a horrific toll on him, but faced with a repeat blow with the impending fate of his beloved child with no recourse to prevent it, how can any man summon the will to continue living? What kind of man could possibly be strong enough to weather all that Tomoya has gone through, and is about to face yet again? There are no more tears, and only exhaustion remains. When all hope fails and all happiness fades, the End of the World is nigh.

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