Figure Review: Ichigo Mashimaro Bathtime Set

Now, I don’t normally get gashapon and trading figures as I don’t have space for them. That and they give me characters I don’t like in the set. Now, School Rumble and Ichigo Mashimaro are the exceptions, I like everyone in them. I have this compulsion to buy every single Ichigo Mashimaro (IM) set. But the previous set, the 3D or something set, was so ugly that even I was not swayed. Luckily, the gods of figurines made up for that abomination with the very beautiful IM bathtime series. I put the IM figures in front of my OA computer at work, so the nudity of this set cuts it very close. Wouldn’t want the military police arresting me for paedophilia. We have five girls, all nude, cos they are bathing duh. Bathtowels and soap suds protect their modesty, to some extent. Thankfully, or not, no nipples or other dirty stuff are shown and we get some good clean IM. Let’s start with Nobue, the oldest girl. She’s the only one with cleavage, alright for a 16 year old and she’s scrubbing her arms with a sponge, wrapped up in a towel. Cool. Then Anna, in her usual “leaning to the side” pose. She’s holding on to her towel, which is also wrapped around her body. Cute. I don’t like Miu and Matsuri as much as the three others, unlike the general otaku crowd. Miu holds a water pistol with both hands and comes with a basin. Naughty. Matsuri’s pose is cute, soap suds get into her eyes and she bares a tiny tiger fang wincing at the pain. She loses her specs too obviously. Both are wrapped in towels too. Tsk. Did I mention all except Miu come with bath stools? For the best part of the set, we have Chika-chan. I like Chika the most. And she happens to be the only girl not covered with the towel(!), placing it on her lap as she soaps herself. Chest exposed. Oh no. She let down her asymmetric side tail, but the length of the right side of her hair is prominently longer than her left, nice bit of detail. Everyone likes asymmetrical hair. In all, for just 32 bucks at Latendo, this is a great set to have. It scores 85 for being so adorably loliciously cute.

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