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School Rumble 2nd Term 4: Is Akira the new Yakumo?!

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SR is always great. But I felt in this episode, Eri was portrayed as too blushy and girly. I watched the raw, since Wannabe wouldn’t too coming out with theirs too quick and yourdad subs is funny on its own. Too bad I only got about 80% of the dialogue but I have read the manga.

This episode is basically a rushed version of the build-up to Cultural Festival. Mai and Yuki go through the compulsory script that each member of the class had to write, to get ideas for the school play. As expected of the zany SR class 2-C, the stories are very unique. Mai and Yuki give up and decide to ask Akira, the new poster girl of Season 2, to do the script. Eri actually writes a touching little story about Akira to motivate her. Girl-girl friendships are always so sincere and deep compared to male bonds eh? Akira, always out for a bit of fun (for her), writes a story about how Eri sinks into poverty and is laughed at by Harima. The story is angled such that the reader would conclude it was written by Harima, so Eri confronts him about it. Akira, you little imp!

The kanji says “culprit” or “criminal”. See how she hides? That’s so cuteee.

The two classiest girls of 2-C

Some people just look good when reading. She’s one of them.

Rare sighting!! An Akira Smile.. but who wouldn’t, after the Sweet Eri’s touching story?

Undoubtedly, Akira has been thrust under the spotlight this season and I expect more!! More Akira!! The anime spends quite a bit of time doing Yakumo-type closeups of Akira. Could this be a sign that the next 1/8 PVC is Akira?? Don’t think so.

Akira in Yakumo mode

The rest of the episode degenerates into random pickings of the build-up to Cultural Festival, such as the class stayover, communal bath (yeah good clean fanservice) and the onigiri making by the girls. Eri gets a lot of screentime as well, being forced by Tenma to question Harima on the type of girl he likes. Nothing too special for people who have read the manga, the only major improvement was the Onigiri part where Harima eats both Tenma’s and Eri’s bad onigiri. His reaction is hilarious and the manga doesn’t quite have the same impact as the anime.

Overall, I give this a mere 14958545 out of 0.1. SR always gets top scores because it is the work of a divine being.

Popularity: 7% [?]

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12 Responses to “School Rumble 2nd Term 4: Is Akira the new Yakumo?!”  

  1. 1 Mariana Luz 44 comments


  2. 2 T_T||| 589 comments

    I hope Akira’s the next GSC 1/8 PVC. Please don’t let it be Mikoto.

  3. 3 Hopeless 18 comments

    :o Could Akira actually have a major role this season? I like her, but I don’t feel we’ve got to know her in the same way as we have the other major characters.

  4. 4 tj_han 1062 comments

    Judging from the manga source material, she will not. Beyond the cultural festival, she barely appears I think. The anime may tweak that a little though like what it have done so far.

    And yeah I’ll like to learn about Akira and Itoko! They say mysterious women are always sexy.

  5. 5 Dav 1 comment

    Whoo… Glad to see that I’m not the only one who’s obsessed about Akira, quiet, cool, and smexy. Mad props to Shimizu Kaori for making her sound really hawt!  ^^

  6. 6 Os 55 comments

    I admit, I did not properly notice her until episode 2… How DARE you make me question Yakumo?… but there are boundless possibilities now. Oh, Jesus.

  7. 7 OMG 1 comment

    AKIRA HARIMA 4EVER!!!! (i wish)

  8. 8 scottfrye 17 comments

    I’m sorry I don’t believe that I will ever find Akira hot. She is rather cool and I like those sort of girls but I’m sorry I can’t get over the sleeping Yakumo. Akira will never take the place of Yakumo in my heart.

  9. 9 IWASHERE 10 comments

    I agree with you scottfrye!
    I agree………

  10. 10 LordButete 6 comments

    Yakumo’s still d best and sawachika!!!!!I admire those 2 cute and hot girls…tenma is cute though..

  11. 11 DotA_Master 4 comments

    i don’t think so. yakumo is yakumo, and akira is akira. nothing more…

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