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[LianYL] BRStick - 84 >> Awesome Friend From Japan

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Celebrating the 1000th post of RIUVA. For those who don’t get it, ask those who get it.

Popularity: 6% [?]

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12 Responses to “[LianYL] BRStick - 84 >> Awesome Friend From Japan”  

  1. 1 exaltdragon 159 comments

    said friend being babelfish?

    Meh head ish empty? Shit in Meh head?

  2. 2 Hinano 103 comments

    LOL i didnt know poop falling on heads gives you powers xD

  3. 3 Owen S 110 comments

    Brilliant. For those of you who might struggle with the language, here’s a kanji version:

    空の鳥よ、Fly Higher!

  4. 4 double 102 comments

    World class godly translation!

  5. 5 edogawaconan 41 comments

    nice translation!


  6. 6 wolfx

    UHhh…lol? No eye deer.

  7. 7 albert_2mb 12 comments

    I’d be a nice plot twist if he sang:
    “My head is empty
    Fowls of the air, Fly Higher!
    落ちろpoop on my head!”
    and his friend is actually Google Translator..

  8. 8 feng 18 comments

    Erm. Where the f*** did those lyrics come from? o.O

  9. 9 Anonymous Coward 2 comments

    Dear LianYL

    The last line should end with おとす, not おちる.


    I like the comic though, kthxbye

  10. 10 Anonymous Coward 2 comments

    Whoops, re-reading the comic I find you wrote おちろ. In this case it should be:

    xxをおとせ (”Drop xxx”, imperative)

    おちろ means “Fall!”


  11. 11 LianYL 623 comments

    Yeah I figured a weird change in the grammar would add to the humour for those who understand. Thanks anyway.

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