Movie Review: Koizora is so Bad, it makes Dumb and Dumber Smart

In accordance with my recent watching of more mainstream movies than otaku fare, this article will be reviewing Step Up 2 and Koizora. For those who are weeaboo but don’t know Koizora, you must be otaku but that’s ok because it is the worst show ever made by Man. Yes, even worse than fucking 10,000 BC. Since we’re at it, let us talk about why 10 000 BC is the 2nd worst film ever.

10000 BC has a bunch of monkey men speaking English. There are mammoths and pyramids at the same place. There is ironsmithing and there are bone spears, at the same time. The saber-tooth tiger appears for 4 seconds. The girl dies only to be revived by some weirdass deus ex machina. I hate this show. The action sucks, there is no logic and the CGI is terrible.


Ok that above was the review summarised. Unlike some who thought the show was good. Double probably thinks porn has a good storyline.

For the benefit of those who didn’t see the show I shall summarise its plot.

Beautiful girl-next-door goes to high school. Her cell phone is stolen by a punkish bleached hair boy. The punk, Hiro, deletes all her messages and contacts and calls her, stalking her for 1 day with nameless phone calls. Girl next door Mika thinks stalking is romantic. Hiro is fucking way too slick for his own good and it really pisses me off to see girls too stupid to realise that when guys are that slick, it means they have done it way too many times and are not being sincere at all. Princess agrees and hates Hiro immensely.

Hiro spouts cheesy rehearsed lines non-stop with the same old expression. He reminds me of Derek Zoolander and his Blue Steel, always the same facial expression and people call that ACTING lol. Japanese males can’t act at all, all they can do is pose their best angle for the camera and look pretty while silly Japanese women swoon over them. I also hate his hairstyle.

His hairstyle is so perfect and well-groomed you cannot bloody take Hiro seriously at all. In scenes, where he appears to be sad and crying, HIS HAIR LOOKS LIKE 2 HOURS HAS BEEN SPENT STYLING IT. Compare this to say, PS I Love You where Gerard Butler looks so natural, Japanese sure are fucked up.

Before they’ve even gone on a date, Hiro commands Mika to go to his house and "eat lunch", where "lunch" refers to his penis. So they have sex!! Hello, 16-year olds?? Mika is the stupidest girl ever. The catch is that this Hiro guy dumped his old girlfriend for Mika because Mika is hotter. I suppose Japanese think this is romantic.

The spurned girl, forgot her name, then hires a bunch of guys to rape Mika. How did they get to her? Because fool Hiro asked Mika to meet him in a field so secluded no one could hear her screams of help. The problem is, Hiro never ever takes the blame for anything, the bastard. If it wasn’t for him and his lust, the dumb Mika would never have been raped. Yet Hiro acts all mighty and angry.

Then to soothe her raped girlfriend, he wants to kiss and have more sex. This must be romantic in Japan. Next time, if I see a raped girl in Japan, I will ask for sex to soothe her pain.

And one day, Mika finds out she is pregnant. Hiro then declares that he will marry her and quit school to work. Mika is from a rather middle to upper class family, with a really nice dad. Poor dad finds out his precious daughter is going to marry a useless, lusty and disgusting narcissist. I felt so sad for the dad. Man, I hate these pretty boys. The worst part is Hiro can’t even talk politely to Dad.

Those of you who don’t know Japanese might not notice, but throughout the show, Hiro talks like a stupid gangster/punk and it is fucking annoying. Even when he has to lower his head and beg Dad to let him marry Mika, he still talks as if he deserves her and Dad is being a prick. Poor dad.

Meanwhile, old jealous girlfriend beats the shit out of Mika and gets her a miscarriage. So much for Hiro and his constant "I WILL PROTECT YOUSS", he’s never here when she needs help, probably STYLING HIS FUCKING HAIR.

After the baby is gone, they build a little tomb for it at the park. Hiro then organises some party where he sexes up some random girl and starts ignoring Mika. Mika is very sad. She meets this new guy, Yu, who is from university unlike Hiro who thinks studying is a waste of time he would rather style his hair.

Yu is such a dear, he is like the typical Korean male lead. Sweet, charming, interesting, intelligent, caring, courteous, has good self-control and a car. Mika’s parents are divorcing and Yu does some really sweet and courteous stuff that brings Mika’s entire family back together. Mika enters the same uni as him and he always tutors her. But stupid Mika never stops thinking of the hairstyle boy. Yu proposes to Mika and she accepts but in like, 15 minutes, decides that she wants Hiro instead and runs off, dropping the ring. Yu really gets the short end of the stick here. Women prefer bad boys obviously.

She runs off because someone told her Hiro has cancer and is dying. From here on, what happens is open to interpretation but my version cynically differs from most others.

Most others: Hiro knows he has cancer and thus makes Mika go away on purpose so she wouldn’t be sad.
My version: Hiro wants to fuck more girls and makes Mika go away. When he gets some bad STD like AIDS, he decides that he needs someone to peel apples and live out his last days with him and tells Mika that he made her go away on purpose to prevent her from being sad.

And Hiro later dies, not being providing much product placement for Canon or Fuji, I can’t remember. But there’s more! To signify he has cancer, the fucker wears a stupid beanie hat! The shape of the hat gives away that the actor didn’t shave his head at all! Not to mention his perfectly trimmed and plucked eyebrows are ever present!! Surely chemotherapy would remove all the hair? BAD BAD ACTOR. He doesn’t even want to look unglamourous on his deathbed.

What a shit show. And worse, its pacing was terrible and an extreme 2 hours 30 minutes or so. Throughout the movie, I was constantly moaning, grumbling and slamming the actors and plot. I shook my head so much people must have thought I ingested ecstasy pills. DO NOT WATCH THIS AT ALL COSTS.

As for Step Up 2, it is a typical sports movie where the underdog wins with her motley crue of social rejects. Thing is, I really dig such shows. That’s why I like sports shows like Major, Slam Dunk, Ookiku Furikabutte, Capeta etc. The dance moves are awesome despite me not being a fan of hip hop and breakdancing in general. I think I’m going to sign up for salsa classes. WATCH THIS. The geeky Moose guy is cool, I like him.

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  • LoL! Terrific review. Now I’ve decided to check out Step Up 2 instead.

  • >>Double probably thinks porn has a good storyline.

    Haha, if you say so. Though I did say that the storyline has flaws.

    Looks like we got differing opinions on this movie. The last two movies I have watched before Koizora were Evangelion 1.0 and Evangelion 1.0, so I was actually trying to be slightly more positive towards the $7.50 I spent. And my standard of a alright movie differ a whole level from yours, so I guess it’s each to his own. We can’t get back the 2.5 hours anyway.

    To tell you the truth, the only part which I really enjoyed was when Yu was around, and the scenery shots. Those were done rather well.

    But one thing I have got to agree is that Hiro is a bastard and deserves to die. Heck, he should have shaved his hair for his role, at least… And I got very bored towards the later end of the film, after Yu got dumped, and the idiots beside me started crying for Hiro and Mika.

    Basically, like I stated in my post, I watched this for 4 reasons, and none of the reasons included the bastard. The bastard can die for all I care.

    You gotta admit though, the music’s good.

  • Best TJ movie review yet, A , would read again.

  • Hiro obviously has a larger penis.

  • The more you slam this movie, the more it makes me want to watch it. Hah.

    And Step 2 is just glam dirty dancing, it only makes perv’ed otakus with new girlfriends happy.

  • Someone got slighted.. somewhere.. and somehow.

  • Tsubaki: Step 2 is not dirrty, more like glam street dancing. There is no sex at all. NO SEX.

  • I see you like to kitt.

  • You have no idea how many of my female friends are in love with this show.

  • I must say i found your review immensely entertaining. lol ok laughs aside, i totally agree wit u. this movie sucked balls. dissapointing for me.

    mika was annoying the way she’s so stupid in love & hiro was unbearable cos he was such a jerk.

    but what really seems irritating to me was the rape scenario. i mean, c’mon nobody pursues it with charges or a followup, instead the whole issue was dropped by a matter of time…even by her family? thats just messed.

  • Although i did enjoy Koizora and actually liked it, I enjoyed reading your critics with regard to the movie as well. Hahaha you are damn funny!

  • even if you don’t like the movie, there is no need for you to criticise it till like that, right? so you call this a review?

    it’s a movie adapted from a novel. as you know, in order to make it into a movie, the director have to add in elements to make the movie more romantic. if you were to read the novel, you will realise that the movie is different from the novel.

    according to the novel, the way hiro got to meet mika is totally different from the movie. kazumi got mika’s number from her best friend. kazumi used hiro’s house phone to call mika but kazumi was drunk at that moment. so hiro took the phone, both of them started to chat with each other, and exchanged their number.

    and to a 16 year old girl, whatever hiro did is very sweet. maybe to you it’s not, so stop saying mika is stupid. =\

  • Dude i totally agreed wit u!

  • yat, you rock. lol.

  • WTF?
    This blows.
    You are terrible at reviewing.


  • you definitely suck in giving a review.
    oh hello,
    do you know how much effort that a director need to put in order to produce a film /movie?
    you’ve been so sacarstic and hurting people’s feelings.
    if you are so good in criticising why not you make a movie?
    watch this movie from another view, you’ll definitely see something that is much more sweeter compare that what you mentioned in your post.
    in addition, if the movie is terrible, why you still spent the 2 hours and 30 minutes in watching it?
    is a typical type of japanase romantoc movie.
    you can definitely just walk out from the cinema or turn off your computer.
    oh, maybe you’ll say that you’re not willing to waste the money that you pay for movie ticket.
    then it would be the lousiest excuse that i’ve ever heard.
    and last but not least, have a good day.

    p.s: i”ll definitely watch this movie more than 10 times in order to prove that your view is wrong. woof.

  • huh…


    i watched KOIZORA in Japanese..
    i mean there is no subs at all….

    but still…i loved the story,,,,

    and for me, the movie that i WATCHED was not about SEX!!!!!
    but about a boy and a girl who experienced love at a young age and their struggles….
    i never watched it for Hiro’s penis or anything,….

    you suck at giving review…
    that was not a review at all…


  • le critic of le mofo :]

    you suck balls :]
    and your reviews suck ass

    beat that mofo.

    oh yes and before you start writing these one opinioned reviews on films which only view the film by your opinion;
    go get a life.
    or try and watch the film from another perspective.
    since the directors and actors of these movies did a way better job in creating them than u did when u were sitting on you ass, writing this load of rubbish for the past 2 hours.
    thanks and er bye :D

  • your review is dumb. very dumb.
    if you are so good in criticising other people’s work, eh, why don’t you go make a movie?
    i want to see how good are you in potraying this movie if you were given the task.
    nah, better don’t, i don’t wanna see a movie like this to be destroyed in your childish mind.
    just like what KOI said, if you feel that while watching that, you’re wasting your time, criticising the actors for doing what you dislike there, you can just storm out of the theatre like a kid. or turn off the computer like a gay.
    and well, not bad, for your creativity to be thinking so far uh.

  • I think you make a very bad review,even so its you opinion….I think the movie is good,i cannot say excellent because i didnt saw it all yet….dont be so bad mouth and let the others see and have the own opinion.

  • [22] Your review is SO dumb, it makes me feel disgusted breathing the same air as you!

    why dont you go make a better version of Koizora then, make a movie yourself since all you can do is to criticize the movie, like the director owned you ten million bucks.

    oh well, i suppose all you like to watch are realistic, materialistic movies that they show everywhere nowadays, and those so called hunks in the movies turn you soooooooo on, yeah?
    i feel disgusted just talking to you. And you call this a movie review?!

    oh gawd, just HOW OLD ARE YOU?!

  • wow! graet job on making the world’s lousiest movie review, that entertains you and all other idiots!

  • seriously rolls eyes.

    you have no idea what you’re spouting.
    good job on making the world hate you. that’s all i’m gonna say to you.
    i had great experience talking to an uncivilized civilian.

  • Lesson of the day - Stalking means you care

    LOL thank you.
    God this review just reconfirmed the bad feelings I had about this movie from what I summized via wiki (lol pathetic I know, I found out about this movie in a forum and I just thought …wow. Another overly-dramatic and masochistic film marketed for hormonal, angsty teenage. D: *wiki’s)
    Thanks for stopping me from watching another drawn-out cliche and by the by, Ben Stiller is GOD.

  • Dude! Love your review…it was quite funny and straight forward.

  • I like this review,
    everyone can give their opinion… -_-” even if you don’t share it

  • Ha, nice lols. I wasn’t too impressed (nor dissapointed. It was a nice time waster) with this movie but hell, I dont give a crap if I get to see me some Aragaki Yui.


  • i tend to flail

    i read this a few days before i watched the movie and i honestly don’t think this was a very good review. maybe those jokes about hiro getting aids or whatever are supposed to be funny, but that has nothing to do with the movie, and he didn’t quite “sex up” some other chick. also, i don’t remember saki actually beating the girl up. all of that is very misleading. also you gave away the ending, what kind of review is this? you’re entitled to your own opinions i guess, but is it necessary to keep calling mika dumb or mentioning hiros appearence?

    oh well, i’m glad i watched the movie anyway, i thought is was pretty good. the only thing i hated was that the progression was extremly slow, they could have knocked out a good 10-20 minutes without really taking away from the story.

  • you suck totally at reviews.

  • totally speechless.

    worse movie review i’ve ever read.

  • What a bunch of heartless motherfuckers.


  • Oh Yeah, give up on writing reviews.

    You Suck.

  • review wa daikirai ~

    anata wa daikirai desu. >=/

    seriously. u can’t write reviews
    i just finished watching it and it was one of my favourites

    uu must be a racist skip huh?
    discriminating against japanese way of movie making
    and the actors

    don’t criticise until you can do a better job
    you’re entitled to your own opinion but i think you’re being
    way too harsh

  • hahah!!
    I’ll admit, to your discontent; that I actually like koizora.
    If you say that koizora sucks then who cares? it is your OPINION.
    People do not think the same. Everybody is different.
    I like koizora, i think it’s a good movie.

  • Even though this is not my most favourite movie, it’s still watchable anf quite good.
    I must admit that this is the worst review ever. I can’t even consider this is a review at all. Even though you may have your own opinion, what you’ve written is just some kind of discrimination against Japanese, I feel. And you are very much in favor of Korean, it seems. To what I understand, having sex at the age of 16 (of course with the person you love) isn’t a big deal in Japan. I’m not saying it’s good, but it seems to be part of their culture. Why don’t you learn more about their culture before you even critise? In other words, why don’t you check up your knowledge and understanding of what you want to critise before you even open your mouth?
    This movie is all about having sex?? You’ve gotta be kidding. Hello?? There are only two small scenes in the movie saying that they did have sex. You must be good at exaggerating.
    If the movie made u “constantly moaning, grumbling and slamming the actors and plot”, why did you bother keep watching it till the end? Just so that you can write this ridiculous review? You’ve gotta be an idiot because no reasonable person would do such things.
    You kept saying Mika is dumb, but i find you dumber, lol.
    I agree with others, as u make the director and actors seem to be the worse, why don’t you make one? I’d love to see how ‘good’ you are.
    Oh, by the way, i don’t understand why you compared Koizora (Japanese movie) with PS I Love You (American movie). Because neither of those is a remake of the other. It’s like you are comparing a chocolate with a sky, lol. Nothing in commons nor similarity.
    Grow up, baka.

  • haha… u’re review is so… >

  • wtF this review totally ssux..

  • hahah “yat” and “i tend to flail” said all that i wanted to say xD you completely exaggerate when you diss this movie lol it sounds more like youre trying to make this review as “funny” as you can instead of writing it about what you think about this movie. your review just made you sound like an insensible jerk, especially to people who actually watched the movie and knew that a lot of what you said werent true.

    on the contrary, i thought this was the best japanese movie that ive watched so far =] i love it ~ x3

  • super stupid review. eat that super stupid tasteless mainstream hollywood movies.

  • Don’t listen to this stupid and racist review. i just watched this movie yesterday and i think this is definitely one of the better movies i’ve watched in recent memories. the story is very lighthearted and presented very nicely. whoever made this stupid review needs to get a life or get laid. once again don’t listen to this useless review. just give it a try and if you can appreciate typical asian drama then chances are you’ll enjoy this movie.

  • I have just wasted a few minutes of my life reading a noob review… issit even a review?
    You think it’s bad because u’re NOT the target audience of Koizora.
    Just like not much boys would like to play simulation games.

    Get it?

    If u don’t get it, then u’re really the dumb person who got smart after watching.

    First thing. If it’s that bad and so much people are still like it, there must be something wrong with u.

    Second thing. Don’t think u’re smart.

    Third thing. For your own safety, please don’t say all these out in public, esp Japan. You’ll end up in the hospital. Probably. Women can be scary.

  • I just finished watching ‘Koizora’ and I find your review extremely perplexing. Either you were watching a completely perverted version hitherto only seen by you or you possess the “emotional range of a teaspoon”. Projecting your prejudice and hatred onto a perfectly good story is a bit over-the-top, don’t you think? Don’t hate Hiro’s hair simply because it’s beautiful. ;)

    As for Step Up 2, it was bleh. Some very good dance sequences, but the plot was a bit too corny and predictable for my tastes. I don’t think I’ll be recommending that particular Disney movie to my friends any time soon.

  • im sorry but you suck! BIG TIME!
    i know everyone has the right to critisize and such
    but this was just low. koizora is a beautiful movie.
    as for step up 2 … dude … the worst movie ever. i’ve never ever seen such crap before.





    CAUSE W E D O N ‘ T N E E D I T

    thnkks lot yeahh bastard , the worst ur mom does is gave birth to you :D

    opps i wasted my precious time on rubbish , guh . ohyas hell yes do close this close mother fucker review before our comments no UR review created soar-eyes for readers :D D

    Wish you all the best for tomorrow and the worst everyday after tomorrow :]

  • you know I absolutely don’t agree with you!
    it seems you’re a boy(?) because I think you absolutely don’t understand any part of the whole movie. I’d really like to know if you watched other japanese movies before, because it doesn’t sound like you did at all, and the hairstyle doesn’t matter at all, though I laughed because of your stupid comment on the movie, but whatever, the two are great actors and the movie is absolutely the best I’ve ever seen! and I’ve watched many!
    I’d also like to know if you watched the movie in japanese or in english??? because that makes a great difference! if the english synchronization sucks, it’s not the actors fault!!!

  • That was a totally ignorant ‘review’. if you want to call it that. The whole time you sounded like a child who thinks they are of high intelligence and posesses an excellent sense of humour. I doubt you have either of these.

    The only thing I can agree with you on is that Step up 2 is a good movie. Even so, Step up 2 is a light hearted, comedy drama dance movie. Which you don’t need half a brain to figure out what’s going to happen next.

    Maybe a movie like Koizora is too much for you to handle. You obviously couldn’t see past the sex part of the movie and consider that there was a something more to their relationship besides that. You twisted every significant event in the movie and tried to make it sound perverted and pathetic. Koizora may not be the perfect movie, but I understood it and liked it.

    Don’t strive to become a movie critict or something that requires anything above little to no intelligence.
    You won’t get far. :)

  • its like hello
    what a sucky review
    did you like read the novel?
    or like pay attention to the story
    or are you simply paying attention to the sex part???
    like wth.
    like at least respect the story the director the actors and everyone that took part in the show?!
    and also for the author
    is like
    hello you dunlike japanese movie
    might as well give up the seat to someone who want to watch it
    i really cant find a word disgusting enough to describe you

  • holy fucking shit man. you honestly call this a review? jeez you’re stupid. you don’t even tell the story accurately, just twisting it to make it all perverted and shit. friggin lame ass. you’re probably a perverted, racist jackass too, aren’t ya. can’t even see past the sex parts, and that’s all you seem to think about. you’ve probably never been in love either, so you wouldn’t understand the meaning of the movie.
    anyways, it’s pointless talking to you. have a nice day, and go find a girlfriend will ya?
    then again with this kind of attitude, i doubt that’ll be possible. great job in making pretty much all girls hate you :D

  • kay your tottaly lame.
    you fucking suck at giving reviews.
    kay, if you hated the movie since the beginning, why continue to keep watching it?
    theres one thing about your so called review that ticked me off.
    everything about your review was based upon YOUR OWN PERSPECTIVE.
    everything was true, but you exagerated everything and added your own thoughts into it.
    you are so biased.
    just b’coz you didn’t like the movie doesn’t mean you could go cristsizng it like that.

    “My version: Hiro wants to fuck more girls and makes Mika go away. When he gets some bad STD like AIDS, he decides that he needs someone to peel apples and live out his last days with him and tells Mika that he made her go away on purpose to prevent her from being sad.”

    yeah fuck that. Thats YOUR version.
    no one really cares about your version, so why put it up?
    i could of said step up 2 was horrible and a peice of white trash. WHICH IT IS.
    you never once said the negetives about step up 2. Which there were PLENTY.
    don’t go ranting on with your stupid and immature reviews, it just pisses people off and makes yourself look bad. :\

  • uh… this is what you call a review? xD
    funny but weird. overuse of the word “fuck” and slightly racist?
    nice to see other opinions though… most people i know loved the movie.

  • this is why i hate people.
    i mean the retarded comments, not the actual post. your review is funny.

  • Lol,
    You made me laugh!

    I thought it was a good movie. But indeed, Hiro left his eyebrows, wich was really fake :P
    BUt you made me laugh.

    Still, it’s a good movie!

  • I watched it for Hiro penis & I will not deny it. Movie would have been better without the chick, just 2 hours of Miura Haruma. Mmm, delicious.

  • what the hell?!

    your review is one of the most disgusting reviews i’ve ever read. you probably didn’t realize that the world is changing. having sex with a 16 year old doesn’t mean that they are slut/ or whatever you call them. it’s just a small thing that has been changed over the decades, do you realize that same-sex marriage is now legal at some areas (i think), that kind of thing is FAR more serious than the situation in the movie. and i congratulate you for being the most sarcastic and the most racist ever. i am absolutely sure that you are just watching it because of the sex scenes and you are just probably angry that you didn’t see much of it. HELL yeah you have the right to criticize the movie i also have the right to criticize you. i am NOT AFRIAD to commit a sin! i know we have different opinions but don’t ever write a stupid review if you say that the movie is stupid because it will make you dumber-don’t even waste you time writing it. stop making the movie to look bad because we will make you look far worse than you think. if you really think it’s stupid, GO PROVE your point and NO ONE CARES. that’s my opinion.

    ps: go outside and notice the world is changing (yeah including your brain, it became far more childish) and have a life. good day.

  • Wow I watched 40 minutes of Koizora and realised it was utter shit – wish I read your review before I wasted 40 minutes of my life, though at least ur review sealed it for me (and saved me another 20 – 60 minutes of pain).

    After hearing all about how good Koizora was, I downloaded it (thank god I didnt spend money on it) and was both appalled and bored shitless from all the random rape/abuse scenes and unnecesary melodrama. To all the commenters who actually liked the movie…you’d probably shed tears watching paint dry.

  • lol…your hilarious and kinda weird?!
    i have never read any reviews with so much “f@#$” word on it…
    anyways yeah…the movie was so bad i loved it…!

  • your review is crap.

    I hope you die soon and go to hell.

  • to be honest, this review was stupid, and to criticize was, beyond stupidity…
    Think, American movie are even more dumb! At least the Japanese can REAL movie!
    Really, when your in love you don’t really think straight, so obviously she’s not going to do the smartest thing in the world! shit, think man!
    This movie was actually really good! I just finished watching it, and reading this, you just sound jealous, and STUPID!
    have you read how many comments saying they hate you?!
    Now, think you do have the right to give your opinion, but don’t tell other people NOT to watch it, let them see how it is, so they can give their OWN opinion! GEEZ!
    As an Mirua Haruma-san fan I will say, did NOT look that glamorous! He looked quite unglamorous…
    He’s also a very GOOD ACTOR!
    Step up 2, was a movie I did enjoy watching but, again, there was no need to make another one, It was almost the same as the first one, just with a few changes…
    anyways, this was stupid, and unnecessary ‘review’, if you can even call it that!
    seriously, I didn’t even finish reading it…
    -shakes head-

  • shut up man!!!!! ur such a dickhead!!!
    that movie is the best love movie that u could ever watch

  • and it tells you abut love u dumb ass
    not penis and sex!!!
    mayb u have never fallen in love before or something saying that kind of stuff
    to this movie.
    u noe , i can proudly say that i wish i could be mika
    (i didnt mean to b that rude gome)
    but come on seriously
    how can you say that to this movie
    this is like the best movie ive ever watched man

  • To think step up 2 was better than Koizora, you are truly a fucking idiot.

  • WOW! that was the best review ever. I don’t want to watch this movie anymore. lol hahahaha WOW you’re funny I’m guessing this review is more entertaining then the movie lol hahaha.

  • Hmmm….. I see alot of people are repulsed by this review…. and most of those hate comments are probably FEMALE. lol Because most of the people who watch this movie on their OWN FREE WILL, are female.

    So because I dont BLOG about movies myself, Im kinda infamous for going to other review blogs and leaving longass review like comments because…. i can.

    Alright I’m going to be honest, I agree with the review in SOME aspects but I do agree with what alot of people wrote as well.
    First off, as a guy who was forced to watch this movie because of my sappy romance asian movies loving girlfriend, I can say that I understand where this reviewer is coming from.
    Most people don’t really realize this, but when we are watching movies with a dominant MALE and FEMALE role, girls will generally pay attention to the female character and to guys with guy characters. The reason being is because even though we THINK we pay attention to the hot guy or hot girl, we don’t ‘characterize’ with them. We want to sync with our OWN gender characters and that’s where I see the light in both the review and the comments towards the review.

    Hiro pisses me off too. Before all you girls go “booo your jealous of his hair!” and yes, i admit, I am, understand why he pisses me off. Girls, can you be a LITTLE bit more open, pretty please? With Kimura Takuya on top? Okay, FIRST OFF, yes, I get that this is BASED on a true story and there’s a novel. Okay, stop. “WE DONT CARE ABOUT THE NOVEL.” Did you get that? Here, let me type it in big CAP fonts again just to make sure you got that without mistake, “WE DONT CARE ABOUT THE NOVEL.”
    I noticed people saying something about the “novel” and how its different from the movie. It makes me smile because you are all truley flowering, genuine, FEMALES :) You see, even though some movies are based on novels, they still can suck. Harry Potter was a genius children’s novel and the first movie got mixed reviews. We dont care about the book. The reviewer is reviewing THE MOVIE, not the book. I just want to get that off my head. WHEW! okay, im better now.
    Now back to Hiro, yes he pisses me off. WHY? And don’t be giving me your *eye rollings* until you hear me out. I’ve seen my fair share of stu- I mean, romance Asian dramas and movies. Don’t you think I KNOW? Oh, I know. Hiro is intentionally the way he is to ATTRACT THE FEMALE VIEWER. There’s no other way to put that because it’s 100% true. It’s what directors do to REEL in an audience.
    Now let me defend the reviewer by saying that I can see where he’s coming from on Hiro. If you’re going to make a movie this deep, this touching, this… TRUE, you’d think that the movie would be a little more realistic than another TEENSUPREME drama. Excuse my asianness if noone knows who I’m talking about, but am I the only one that thought the director had some inspiration on characters from…. THE SUPER POP MUSIC IDOLS ALL THE WAY FROM SOUTH KOREA…. DONG BANG SHIN KI!!!!! (TVXQ, TOHOSHINKI, WHATEVER.) ‘HIRO’ reminds me of…. ‘HERO’ from this mega popular korean group who happen to be mega popular in japan as well. And then halfway through the movie I was like, “OH SHIT. His name is Hiro!!! GAAH! it all makes sense to me now!” yeah. Do you STILL need a lesson on HOW TO ATTRACT THE FEMALE VIEWER? And I mean, Mika’s hot…. for a 15 year old and she just never ages even though she dresses like a 30 year old at the end, btu she’s still hot. No, maybe not hot but thats the term Im going to use because I’m a typical guy (aww…) no but in reality, she’s “CUTE” very…. too cute. even my girlfriend wanted to puke. AH but the annoying cuteness is not in vain, Mika is also rendered towards attracting the female audience. Shes like super innocent….LOOKING and stuff… I mean sure she has sex the first day she like meets Hiro, but she didnt know any better. Hell, in fact I swear that Mika didnt even know what SEX WAS. Hiro on the other hand DID. Hmm…. so why the hell does he like Mika again? Do you guys get how VAIN that looks to us? The only thing as a guy I figured, hey Hiro saw Mika when she ran into him that first couple scenes in, and he was like, *turns around* “dang….. she looks innocent and cute. i want to try something different.” WHAT ELSE WOULD WE THINK? WE’RE GUYS.

    Anyway that’s just my input/rant on Hiro. Because I think alot of people are repulsed by this review because it made it sound like Hiro was a bad guy and he was just horny. Hmm.
    But I do agree that this review was highly biast and it was uncessary to be negative towards Japanese actors. There are many good Japanese actors, just not in these crappy teen romance ones.

    Overall? I thought the movie was…… something. Yeah my girlfriend cried…. I had a face like >__> the entire time. I thought Mika never gets old….. and OH before I forget. Whoever mentioned Japan and 16 year olds getting pregnant is common… uh… GIRL WHERE YOU HEAR THAT FROM? Actually that is VERY uncommon in Japan. In fact, only the kids with bleached hair are possible to that kind of scandalousness (joking of course but sadly, somewhat stereotypically true. hermm.. not the bleached hair but i mean the rebelious types. duh.) It’s not common for a 16 year old to get knocked up in Japan and have miscarriages. No dear, it’s not. HOWEVER, showing stuff like that in a movie is no longer such a closed off topic either. You have movies like JUNO in America so why not in japan ya know? I dont know, but yeah its not common at all.
    Anyways, I think the storyline is really sad and really typical too. It’s like I dont get these asian dramas with the guys being a total dick to the girl because he “DOESNT WANT HER TO GET HURT” real guys dont act like this i assure you! uh…. isnt the point of a relationship to be OPEN?? If your hurt, you share your pains with your lover, thats what you call LOVE. Okay im talking from the mentality of a 3rd generation, white washed Japanese guy but still, Japan or America or Zimbabwe… I dont get this lying to make things better thing. I dont buy it (once again… CUE DRAMATICS!) and whats up with Mika’s parents? I swear they make Japanese parents look like a joke. Mika is 16 and she JUST GOT PREGNANT. her parents act like she just got her first KISS or something, rediculous. She makes Miley Cyrus… oh wait no shes not the pregnant one… oh who was it? umm… Jamie Lynn Spears! look like a Nun. I mean….okay so maybe Japanese parents a bit more on the chill side. I mean my parents are kinda like Hiro’s parents. One crazy mother, and the non responsive dad. But then again…. my girlfriend is Korean and damn korean moms are scary as hell…. i cant compare them to Japanese moms but I think their expression with Mika was too unrealistic. I loved the fact that Hiro’s sister was played by KARINA shes super cool, but what a random ass role to give her.
    Okay I think I’ve rambled enough but i definately wanted to input my 200 cents because i just watched this and i feel like crap now.
    but i think im leaving MY review on too negative of a note and ididnt mean to (guess when you ramble though your true thoughts come out lol) i would like to praise HOWEVER the intensity of the last few moments with Mika and Hiro. Their chemistry is really good, the two actors, I believed they really liked one another and all that. My favorite scene in the entire movie was when Hiro and Mika are making VOWS to eachother (marrying) and Hiro all the sudden cracks and starts crying about he doesnt want to die. I say its my favorite not to be sarcastic but sincerely, becacuse its the only scene in teh entire movie that I BELIEVE WHAT HES SAYING. He’s young, he’s scared, and he shows his self pity and fear and that made me say “finally…. i feel bad for him.”

    as for STEP UP 2……. it was better than STOMP THE YARD is all i can say.

  • you dont have a right to critisize japanese ppl in the review.

  • wow. you say dont watch koizora, but watch step up 2??

    you sir are a dumbass. the fckin description to the movie said it chronicled “issues that occur in the lives of teens.” of course some of the decisions were fckin stupid bcus theyre FCKIN TEENS!
    and for one who flames the japanese, you do not deserve the right to call yourself an otaku.

    go fck that sabertooth in 10000 BC.

  • wow amazing

    … i wasted my time reading your stupid review…how amazing ….
    keep on writing i want to read your review more hahahahahahahahaha

    and you sound like a kid hahahahaah i guess you must be a boy… little boy hahahah

    maybe you like dirty dance from step up 2 cause its show dirtttttyy side

    dont blame these actors and director…. you need to grow up now yah kid!

    then come on make your own movie when your grow up….

  • I’m glad that someone finally wrote an ANTI-Koizora summary. Kudos. I’m a Japanese female (in high school) that absolutely HATES this movie. so extremely stupid. someone finally caught on to the stupidity of having sex with a just-raped girl. thank you. thank you so much.

    however, I was slightly (just slightly) offended by the following statement:
    – Japanese males can’t act at all, all they can do is pose their best angle for the camera and look pretty while silly Japanese women swoon over them.

    um no, I beg to differ. while that guy may suck at acting, there are other guys that can act fairly well. i have to admit though, Japanese acting in movies are crap. You can see much better acting in dramas…

    other than that, I couldn’t have agreed with you more.

  • Honestly, I can agree with some parts of the review. The movie pacing was awkward, their “relationship” was questionable and the only factor that actually got to me was the “sickness” factor because I experienced it first-hand on several occasions.

    However, I don’t agree that this is what people would label a “review” since it’s rather baseless and makes many bias stabs revolving around Japanese acting and even hair. Though, admittedly, if this review aimed for humor: it’s somewhat well-met depending on the targeted audience.

    Also, for your benefit: I can say this first-hand that the hair doesn’t take that long and it doesn’t mess up that easily. Esp. because his hairstyle is not even that complex to begin with.

  • Akira: Your comment hurt my eyes and my head.

    Some of the things you said revolving around Hiro were true but it’s rather hard to take someone who can’t even type properly seriously. Sry2say.

  • I’m not going to comment on the review because, to each their own. Though I think you are horribly racist in your sarcasm..”this must be romantic in Japan”, seriously…you need to find better jokes because that’s rude, and yes culture is different. Learn to respect it, otherwise, don’t watch shows from that country if their values irk you so badly.

    The reason I’m posting though is due to your “those of you who don’t know Japanese may not notice” bit. Actually, I think it’s hilarious you would say that Hiro talks like a punk even when he is talking to Mika’s father, because on the very contrary, one thing I found very cute in his speech to his dad, is that for once he used “boku” to refer to himself. He always refers to himself as “ore” anywhere else in the film. Please don’t try to review the original language and its variants if you don’t understand it.

    That’s all.

  • your review is bad, it makes you dumb dumber.


    i have a review for YOU.

    You’re dumb,




    i am commenting on you review for the 2nd time coz i hate you as hell

    well, akira was right.

    you’re just jealous of his hair. XD

    here’s my tip for you,

    GROW UP.

  • All I have to say is that this review had me on the floor ROLLING around LAUGHING!!! Pointed out a lot of areas in the movie where I also thought “WTF? and people think this is acceptable or romantic?”. It was a movie that I thought I might’ve enjoyed had I been naive and in my teens, but in my jaded 20′s mindset have written off to be nothing but glorified and unrealistic notions of love. If Mika and Hiro were kids in real life going through real-life situations, then the story would have ended with her running away from his house as he made out with the random girl at his birthday party. Him dying from cancer in the end I guess made his behavior more forgivable… but I still feel that him being an ass to her to save her from pain is unrealistic.

  • while i enjoyed reading your stupid review i have to point out that you have absolutely no good taste. compared to most japanese movies, koizora had pretty good acting and a storyline that’s realistic considering how women and men typically react with each other in japan. koizora painted a beautiful landscape in which the characters of mika and hiro were allowed to grow and blossom. their love for each other is genuine and is pretty typical of most whirlwind type high school relationships. although you seem to have some dislike for hiro’s “punk” character its important to remember that his class, friends, and personality all revolve around a tough guy image so his manner of speaking seems in line with everything else. maybe you should try watching koizora again and be a little less narrow minded because that movie deserves 4.5 stars. its a tear-jerker because its based on the real life experiences of the author.

    and by the way, didn’t step up 2 go straight to dvd? i didn’t know that great movies made $0 in theaters.

  • HAH~ lol harsh but so funny. I admit. Koizora…so cheesy and terrible story line. It just felt like she had no balls, not literally of course. Hiro was a bastard but he was forgiven because 1. he dies. 2. he is hot. And you can’t really expect much from Japanese acting…most of it is based around looking really hot, and over-acting.

  • sheesshh..chill k?
    it may not be the best movie but at least show some respect..
    i think that cinepuri sucks..but i still adore the cast and respect their work..
    thus i DO think that koizora is a GOOD movie..

    you need love.. reaaaaally reaaaally bad
    tsk tsk..

  • OmG!! wat a jerk!!
    Yur Jus jelous cuz u aint dat gd enough
    n da movie was rlly gr8..
    if it was. bad, dumb watevaaa…y will dem ppl watch it nywaie???
    dumbass..bytch!! hu eva u r..dnt jus ryt shit..
    cuz yaanoo its nut tru!!

    nwaii Luv dis FilM!!
    rlly GuD:)

  • Dude. Why did you even watch Koizora then?
    You should be more serious if you want to make reviews. It´s not like anyone forced you to watch (at least I bet that´s the case).
    Sure I agree with you (a bit) but you don´t have to be rude. It´s a really cheesy drama, lame too. Still, it seems like you tried to extend the bad points.
    And dude again, I hope YOU never go to Japan.

  • I must say, please do the world good and NEVER write a review like this again. It’s very unprofessional and rude in all aspects. Even if some ideas are agreeable, there was no need to be so rude about the characters and spoil the ending. You sound so sure of yourself that the movie sucks shit without considering why others may like it. And also, i think you’re racist.

  • you’re extremely terrible at reviewing.
    you might as well go make one movie of your own. don’t be an idiot and say people with such negative comments while you didn’t even tried it.
    you’re hopeless, dude.

  • Could not agree with you more. Every asian drama cliche was pulled together to make this movie. Pure crap.

  • You are absolutely freaking awesome for this review.

    I just wasted 2 and a half hours of my life watching that. I wanted to see what the “fuss” was about. My friend linked me to your review once I finished and everything you say is 500% true.

    I sat there, shaking my head throughout the whole movie. Also, every time that female actor spoke, I got so annoyed. her voice… is… Well, lets just say I think a lot of Jap girls need lessons on how to “talk”

    LOL @ the guy who doesn’t want you write anymore reviews like this. I on the other hand look forward to more posts like this. *saves link*

  • wow you actually had the guts watched the whole movie.

    I couldn’t agree more. even typical bollywood movies are better than this crap. not that i like bollywood anyway, but at least indian guys have normal hair :)

    people who think koizora is good probably never watch good romance movie like Byousoku 5cm (japan animated movie) or Baran (Iranian).

  • Read from other review that dumb chick gets the pregnancy scare from the rape but it was false. However, after such event you’ll think the dumb guy would be more cautious and NOOOOO….., they get right down to it and gets her pregnant. GOOD JOB!?

  • Ehh, worst review I’ve ever seen in my entire life.
    First off, it’s filled with nothing but lousy jokes that has nothing to do with the movie at all. I understand though, perhaps you’re doing it to entertain people but I think exerting more effort in including smarter jokes would have been preferable.

    Second; I’m not sure if this is the first time you’d ever made a review, hopefully it is because if so it would have been forgivable. But bare in mind that when making reviews, it’s okay to include personal opinions and preferences, but what’s more important is stating the pros and cons of the movie in a generalized point-of-view. Not all people share your crappy criteria when it comes to judging whether a film is good or not. (>.>)

    Third; I dont get why you’re bitching about a 16-year-old having sex with someone she loves. As if everybody stays a virgin till they’re in their twenties. Open your eyes and see the reality, buddy. Also, with regards to Hiro’s hairstyle and way of talking; if you ACTUALLY understand Japanese and the modern Japanese culture like you said so, then you’d totally understand that some delinquents actually talk, act and look that way nowadays. Do your research first.

    And lastly, I know everyone’s entitled for their own opinions. But this is a movie review, not a personal blog entry of yours that nobody would give a rat-ass about. It’s okay to not approve of how the movie turned out but do it in a proper, civilized way. Because I’ve read a lot of disapproving movie reviews, but this is one of the most useless. It’ll do nothing but condone hate and prejudice to other people who probably have already left a harsh comment above even though they haven’t watched it.

    But sure, kudos to your precious review.

  • ?
    you’ve got me confused, cause it seemed you were reviewing the movie, but then you mentioned the show?
    cause in the show, they don’t meet that way.
    but you said shows.
    anyways, i think the show was awesome, i’d love to watch the movie too.
    so screw you, i think :D

    plus, you should’ve just reviewed step up 2 separately, you only gave it a paragraph!

  • will people get over themselves

    geez, listen would everyone stop posting this hate crap as coments. it pisses me off to see people flaming someones opinion. if you liked the film good for you go and watch another weepy epic film….. i did after watching koizora because i liked it.

    but obviously tj_han didn’t. oh bloody well, whoop-dee-do. if you dont agree with her then dont read the damned review. i think its obviously from the first 3 lines thats its not gonna be nice or unbiased, so if you like the film, DONT READ THE REVIEW AND DON’T WASTE YOUR FACKING TIME WRITING A FLAME COMENT WHICH ONLY MAKES YOU SEEM LIKE AN IDIOT… because that really is the only thing that those sort of comments accomplish.

    on another note, even though i like koizora so many things in this review were true. i laughed so much at this review. nice one :)

  • @Akira Don’t degrade all the female population! Not all will watch this trash willingly.

    What’s the big fuss anyway? Another than being mildly offended at the Japanese actor part (though this is partly true), this review is hilarious. Why so serious? In fact, I have a good mind to watch the movie myself and see how bad it is. :D

    If anyone wants a good teen pregnancy movie, watch 2 young. It’s a good HK movie.

  • for a movie so suckingly sucked. u’ve paid a lot of attention to it, so much that u can wrote such a review.
    when ppl think a movie is bad, they dont watch it till its finished :) . like kungfu girl for example.

  • Have to seriously LOL at some of the people here who are truly, completely flipping out over the fact that someone would DARE bad-mouth Koizora. You’d think the reviewer just murdered their newborn baby. XD

  • You probably just wanted to fuck shit up.
    You’re probably laughing reading all your hate mails.
    Actually your crap of a review made me want to watch Koizora so thanks for suggesting it.

  • I find the person who wrote this offensive. If you were to write this on a newspaper you would have alot of hatemail.
    fair enough everyone is entitled to their own opinion yes?
    You are allowed to critise yeh? but to only some extent.
    I haven’t seen you make a movie. You seem quite heartless.
    And alot of what you have written is not true.

    The reason why i loved this movie was because everything that happened in it, happened to me.
    I know her heartbreak, i understand her confusion- waking up everyday thinking that yesterday didnt happen.
    I dont expect you to understand nor do i want your sympathy.
    But if you ever get raped and then end up pregnant and your bf decides he doesnt love you anymore, yeh you would be fucking hurt too.

    Seeing as you obviously don’t understand how to write a review , here’s some advice.

    Tip- There’s no need to critise EVERYTHING in the film.
    When writing your review on a film, you state if the target market will enjoy this film, how much money it is estimated to sell and then a few facts on the actual film.
    You can give reason as to why you didnt like it, one small paragraph. Not an essay.

    By reading your “review” you’ve only wasted my time.
    There is no facts in it. You’ve just stated the plot and critised everything.
    I personally think you’re a waste of space.
    No one here expects you to understand the story because you’ve obviously never been in love.

    p.s I think you’re well full of shit.

  • uhm. shut up?


  • i love your review
    its perfect…made me laugh so hard i cringed with pain
    keep it up !

  • “Hiro commands Mika to go to his house and ‘eat lunch’, where ‘lunch’ refers to his penis.”
    You are SO right. I watched Koizora thinking there was a REASON everyone loved it and cried during it, and I was sorely disappointed. More like disgusted. It is so freaking unrealistic… the cellphone part was REALLY creepy and stalkerish and not cute at all, the having-sex-after-getting-together-for-5-minutes was really appalling, and the rape scene was poorly performed. Like they made it seem as if it wasn’t even that big of a deal. And the pregnant part was too predictable, and… I actually stopped watching after that, because I was too bored and went surfing for spoilers. Of course, after reading yours, I don’t feel like finishing the movie. I feel sorry for you that you spent 2 hours and 30 minutes and actual MONEY on this movie. Poor you.

  • Whether you like this movie or not, this was a horrible review…Not even a review.
    Before you start on writing a movie review, get the structure down, please.

    And your language. Just totally rude and unnecessary.

  • didnt see the movie but have seen the actor’s photo before, he really does have shaped eyebrows doesnt he
    japanese men like looking pretty

  • fuck this. this is shit. koizora was GOOD!

  • Well, I think I might be one of the very very few females who actually sort of agree with this review. I admit, Hiro was way over the top in well, everything. Like you said, he is way too slick to be real. Do keep in mind that this is a scripted movie; all the lines are going to sound scripted to some extent. Miura Haruma actually exhibits okay acting skills, but maybe my standards for Japanese actors have been lowered by the influx of Johnny’s talents in the drama industry lately…

    In fact, both of the leads were good looking and okay actors, which actually made the drama seem more fake. I spent the first ten minutes wondering why the stupid girl thought that having some random guy call her every day was romantic and how much hair gel Hiro uses every day. As the movie progressed, I wondered why the ex-girlfriend has to be so bitchy (because they usually aren’t in real life), why the parents are okay with all of this, why they don’t know about contraceptives, why she isn’t happy with the perfect boyfriend, and YES, WHY DOES HE LOOK PERFECTLY FINE EVEN THOUGH HE HAS CANCER? That part really got to me, because I work at a hospital, and terminal cancer patients do not look like that.

    Bad acting and plot holes aside, I’d like to say the cinematography was gorgeous and the actors were all good eye-candy. I had so much fun laughing through this movie; in fact, it was my boyfriend who teared up at the end. :P

  • The best review ever!! Seriously, the worst movie I’ve ever watched. I don’t understand what’s the hype over this movie.

  • Miura is SO hot in this movie.

    Gaki is so cute.

    Movie was shot so beautifully.

    Story line sucked though D: His cancer was so unbelievable.. seriously.. that part was so bad.. and it got boring at times…. if it weren’t for Miura’s “fucking perfect” hair looks.. i wouldn’t have watched it

  • You are absolutely right. This movie sucked so much it is a parody for itself. I cried for the two hours that i will never get back.

    I cannot believe the person who wrote the story is apparently a ‘millionaire’ now…

  • haha! your review is hilarious… and so true. i’m a typical asian girl who likes romantic dramas, but i couldn’t even bring myself to finish the movie ’cause it was that ridiculous.

  • Monkey men speaking english? You really are horrible at writing, and you sound pretty darn ignorant. Still though, you stopped me from wasting my time watching Koizora.


  • I will hate you along with the general public, but I guess you can be better than koizora because apparently it makes you look smart

    There’s too many of us in the world and we should all die, but we would get rid of you first because your hot air is causing global warming.

    If you ever go to Japan they’ll arrest you for dancing naked on the street.

    If you stay here they’ll…Well I don’t know, but if anyone reads this I’m sorry I wasted your time.

    By the way you were an accident, your mom got raped and had you. But she was so scared of men she married your dad. Sorry to tell you the truth so late but I am actually your old girlfriend’s friend. I just happened to find this out about you.

    ~I hope you never read this, but I had to find a way to convey this dark message to you…and I couldn’t do it directly so I wrote it in the form of a hate message.

    Well gotta go. I love you dad.

  • it’s a drama not a movie.. gosh, how come you people can’t understand what a good drama is. It is realistic too, just because it dun show porn, dun mean its lame. people these days, dun know what’s good for them..

  • *ROFL*

    wtf?!! that was one heck of good review..

    hahaha i was so about to say all he did the entire day is style his FUKCING hair hahahahaha

  • なんか…あんた最低やな…

  • 리오 요시다

    I really liked this movie because it’s based on a true fuckin story.
    And I think both Aragaki Yui(Mika) and haruma Miura(Hiro) Are very pretty.
    You must have no fuckin life going around talking about Japanese people cant act.
    What race are you then HUH?! Would you like it if some bitch just came up to your face and talked constantly about your race. Now I think your just hating.
    If your gonna talk about this why dont you just go talk about some other fuckin fantasy story’s for once eh?! Something that’s NOT based on some true story. Bullshit!
    I HATE! What you wrote here. I should just go to Mika’s blog and post your fucking URL and maybe she could see with her own damn eyes!
    もしあんたも日本人ならさ~ てめえーの頭おかしいんじゃね?!
    殺気の子が言った見たいに 三浦春馬のどこが割りぃんだよ!
    Btw you and these bitches posting bullshit about this fuckin movie

    Idk what you guys think about people w/ cancer dieing
    You fuckin whores with no fuckin heart!

  • a good day to you

    how could you insult koizora like that
    you didn’t know anything at all
    why don’t you criticize your self first
    before you criticize others

    you didn’t know much about that’re not perfect to insult
    others’ work.
    why don’t you make your own
    then let’s see if people will
    gladly like your work
    i’m pretty sure that people
    will just waste their money.
    time and effort with your work

    and lastly,
    japanese people CAN ACT

    maybe you just envy their talents
    coz you didn’t know much about acting

    you SUCK

  • This review over dramatized a lot, but it nailed the core points. Based on a true story bahahaha, that’s just ignorance right there. Just, because an anonymous writer says so you believe that? Why doesn’t he have the the right to criticize. That’s what critics do.

    I liked the cast though. It sucked, because of the story for the most part.

  • I have to disagree with you I found this movie very enjoyable. But i have to admit i did snicker at alot of the points you made. Oh and i did find hiro’s hair annoying but it was even worse black i think i would have chosen a soft brown in a more relaxed style.

  • it seems a lot of my female friends liked the drama. some were even brave enough to admit that they were somehow sadly stimulated sexually by the rape scenario. summing it all up, i’m not sure if females watch this because it’s “cute” to be raped and sexually consoled by their knight-in-fucking-armor.

    the show is a point-blank epic failed. i hate the stupid plot. it’s an annoyance. the climax still irritates me. the conclusion is a waste of my fucking life. i hope this becomes a masturbating material for me in the near future. i’d love to masturbate to all the crap-sulking pathetic scenes. *fap fap fap*


    I feel kind of bad since i haven’t watched the movie itself yet. That’s why I was running around looking for spoilers, haha. Anyways, for me though, I am reading the manga at the moment, and I can still laugh at this review, since i can recognize most of the parts. To clarify, I do know this movie was based on a real life story. But I hope you guys also need to know how much to separate from a movie and from the real-life story. Director’s and publisher will always use ways to exaggerate and emphasize a movie to appeal to the audience. Also, the manga I’m reading is closely based on the novel, so I can tell you guys Hiro didn’t phone stalk Mika in the beginning. It didn’t happen that way. Anyways, I just have to say I hate reading this whole story. It sounds like bullshit with the way the events happen, and I hate the protagonist for being so stupid. Yea, just by reading what I read, i knew in the end he was gonna turn out to have some terminal disease and had to throw away, literally, his girlfriend. You know, there are other ways to stop a person from liking you instead of putting them in immense pain, and then have them find out you have a terminal disease, and when you die, be put in immense pain AGAIN. So, I knew I wasn’t gonna like the movie, but I wanted to see what would happen in the movie, so I’m glad I read this review. I don’t want to waste 2 hours and 30 minutes of my life, and if I ever do choose to watch this movie, it will be to see just how ridiculous the story looks and screen and of course, Hiro’s styled hair. I have to say, I only liked the final dance scene in Step Up 2.. =P haha

    I feel bad that you have to read all those hate comments. I render them totally unnecessary, but as a die hard fan of other things, I guess I can kind of understand. Still, I think some people took it a tad too far, and I will reiterate this: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So, even if the larger population liked the movie, there’s bound to be a small percentage who thinks it’s shit. But I have to agree with some people, that I don’t think Japanese acting is bad. Still, I loved your review because it was hilarious.

  • ふーん。ただのやりすきやんちゃう。

  • Your review was pretty funny to read. Got some points here and there… 10,000 BC was really far fetched too… But majority of Korean and Japanese movies have plots that are just way too flimsy. They love each other. So what? I prefer Titanic over this. Classic. And I’m not just saying that because it won a lot of awards.

    I’m pretty sure the cell phone novel was a lot better than the movie, even so if it claims having, what, 3 million Japanese viewers cry in theaters? I initially thought the movie was going to be “sweet and innocent” but my thoughts have changed.. I’m kind of disappointed, actually, but it’s not the worst movie I’ve seen. Bad movies are like “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins” or “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan” or “Over Her Dead Body.” Seriously. Not even 10,000 BC is that bad.

  • I’ve watched the movie half way through and now I found your review and YOUR REVIEW IS SO JUST I CAN CRY. I actually enjoy reading your review more than the movie itself. Koizora was.. HORRIFYING, DISGUSTING, MISLEADING, and just plain STUPID. I only watched it because many people seem to love it so much.

    Hiro, I detest him so much. He thinks he’s all that. It’s pretty darn OBVIOUS he’s just desperate to get laid. Him and his cheesy lines. And his fugly hair. And a demeanor that calls for a slap. That girl Mika’s not any better either. She’s got nothing up there, I tell you. An easy lay.

    Now the other guy.. Yu.. I haven’t watched Koizara far enough to know who this character is. But he sounds like a gem. The kind of guy I’d like to watch in a movie. But ngeh, the movie’s a total ruin for me, i’m not going to continue watching it. Pshaw, cancer! AGAIN. Lame.

    Thank you for your review. Your review stopped me from continuing with this movie. I stuck through till this far only because I’d hope it’d turn out better, cause it’s just that bad it’s pitiful. Thank you thank you for your LOVELY review.

  • ¬¬”… apparently this is a true story. so would you feel as comfortable at criticising them with what actually happened to them?

    hmmm i agree with the acting…Miura Haruma was pathetic at the bit where he suddenly broke out in tears after “marrying” Mika.

    Overall… the first half was rushed but the second half was good.

  • Wow.. I haven’t watched it yet and i was about to not watch it after reading your review. But after reading the angry comments of some of the above, i shall watch it and get back to you.

  • Yeah, I’d agree with certain aspects of the movie:
    1. Hiro’s yellow bleached hair is atrocious.
    2. The acting on hiro’s part is terrible. Mika’s acting is better. (If his acting was better, maybe we can excuse his ridiculous hairstyle which may be suitable for an anime character.. but definitely not him)
    3. THe plot is pretty darn stupid. Esp how she sleeps with him after meeting him for the first time.
    4. another complaint. i dont like how easily her parents accepted him.
    Its promoting the false image that raising a baby at their age would be easy. Or even acceptable. (but thats my own opinion)

    I stopped watching shortly after.

    The only good aspects of the movie are the scenery, “mika’s” acting, the music, and the actors/actresses appearance (with the exception of Hiro’s hair. that has to go).

  • Okay, I normally don’t respond to reviews like this, because I usually can’t be bothered. But, in this case, I need to get a few things off my chest. Call this a review of your review, if you like.

    First: A critical review that is worth its readership would not give away the ending even if it is a negative one. Bad form on your part.

    Second: This is supposed to be a movie review, right? With all the racist comments you keep making toward the Japanese acting community, it was hard to see what could possibly be construed as a valid point from your end.

    Third: Personal attacks on the characters in the story do not make you sound smarter, instead, you seem even less qualified to me making any type of critical review.

    Fourth: If you plan to review more than one movie, give both movies equal time and space. I’m sure you could find as many good things to say about Step Up 2 as you found bad things to say about Koizora….that is, if you were any good at making reviews.

    Have a nice day.

  • sucks to be you^_^

    wow!! surely a lot of people hate you now… dont they?? hahaha!! poor review.. i thought koizora was good.. not the best, but good. goodluck on those death threats… hahahha!!

    p.s. learn how to write a good review.. okay? or better yet, finish grade school first!

  • lol i really loved the movie Koizora but i found ur “review” really funny and entertaining
    but MEH~~~ i still love the movie

  • whats wrong with you??
    your review is s0o0o0o0o0o damn bad…
    i shall spare my words as it had been said by various people beforehand..
    the only thing i’m left with is…
    maybe you should try to produce a film/movie…produce a script of your own…direct it yourself and better still if you could act it yourself…
    i’m fine with people having different taste and preferences..
    but to sarcastically insulting people ( no matter how i sees it..i shall never see it as critics) is t0o0o0o offensive…
    suggesting improvement is better than to give offensive comments…
    give it a chance…
    its a movie of a 1st timer..the actor is quite new t0o0o..
    people deserve time and space for improvement..
    nice effort by the way on expressing your thoughts..

  • Your review sucked, go get a life, this movie was awesome.

  • first of all stop being so fucking racist to the japanese
    also stop fucking saying bad stuff about his hair. jsut becasue you’re such a fat lazy shit to get up and go style your hair like his hair. and stop blaming the actor about the hair because there’s such thing as a fucking hair stylist and a director, okay?
    or maybe you hate the movie because the male lead is hot and you’re an ugly mother fucking jealous son of a fucking bitch.
    and please, go learn how to criticise a movie, before you write a review on one, only insulting it and not even criticising.
    and don’t go telling everyone not to watch it, because this is YOUR OWN fucking opinion got it? stop trying to shove it in other people’s faces that their wrong about liking this movie and should hate the movie becasue that’s their own opinion, and this is yours.
    and stop fucking insulting the actors. even if their acting was bad then the director would’ve done soemthing, yes? and maybe you should go see some of the other dramas/movies miura haruma has been in, like his recent one and see what you think of him now? and practice does make perfect. give the boy some time, geez.
    good day.

  • I loved Koizora because i am a fan of the sappy and romantic, but your review was hilarious. Even though it was a pretty bad review. It sort of made you sound illiterate and idk, uneducated. Not all of it was about sex, you know. :/

    Miura’s acting wasn’t exactly that great in this movie, but his acting in Bloody Monday is so much better.

  • Although I haven’t seen Koizora your ridiculous review forced me to comment: first of all, I’m repulsed at your remarks. How can you even post a review when as a critic, you only take in the bad, and as a writer you have no manners, no artistry, and no consideration? Although I’ve read the plot and understand where you’re coming from in terms of the fast pace of the main character’s relationship, was it really necessary for you to be so misogynistic? I mean, you calling this movie evidence of “how fucking stupid women” are is not only rude, but, it also proves you to be an arrogant – pardon my language – asshole and, quite simply, an incompetent critique. Discrimination against the Japanese film industry? Sexism? Profanity? Who includes these personal opinions in such a nasty way in a review?

    If you’re going to go and write a review, the least you can do is actually put some thought into it. You need to revise the way you go about presenting your opinion. Nothing wrong with hating on characters, or the movie its self, but the method you chose to present your opinion has made me any many others see you as an inept critic – open your mind a little. Look at the comments you received – they’re basically all offensive reviews of an offensive reviewer.

    You’re, quite frankly, not ready to be critic, especially one who posts reviews. Review yourself first.

  • Ahaha I agree so much with your hilarious review. Absolutely GOLDEN.
    Mika never deserved Yu. Yu was such a sweet guy who sadly fell in love with a dumbass girl. I think I will marry Yu now.

  • Hey, I’m one of the few that really enjoyed Koizora, even though I found it pretty lame at times. And it’s not all about sex! And something about it makes me think that if you’re not Japanese or haven’t lived in Japan, then it might take a little more effort to understand the subtle in-between-the-lines stuff. Japanese romances aren’t like western romances. There’s a lot of in-between-the-line stuff.

    Funny review, anyhow.

  • u r soo slak!! just cos u didnt like it doest mean u have to citisize it that much!!

    dont u understrnad that this was all true and not friken made up?

    and u call that a review? JEEZ!!

    y dont u try and make a movie as good as that!! like u can even do it

    if u have time to make a review like that critisizing it, get a LIFE!!

    srz u r soo SLAK

  • u dirty ASSHOLE! KOIZORA iz such a gd show…thx 4 blowin it up…

    N about HIRO’S hair, i pretty much lik it, n wads best iz im a boii=P

    don go arnd criticizin directors lik a spoilt brat, if u hav so much time, com dota 1v1 me?

    Japanese RAWKZ, DON U EVA 4GT DAT….

    N 1 last ting? GROW UP!! U ASSHOLE!

  • YOSH

    This review was the best and funniest shit ive ever read. God i loved it, who cares if your slamming some stupid mother fucker, hes only slammed cause hes a bastard. I hated hiro, he fucking made me run for a razor. Claiming he loved her and shit, and then screwing the shit out of another girl at some party. I remember that part clearly, partly cause im a pervert, partly cause it made my blood boil. I hate bastards like hiro, the kind who doesnt know how to just change his phone number and move, rather than tearing her fucking heart out. or at least dump her, dont relentlessly stab her the punk.

    And you know what, dumb mika should be facilitated. She just can’t let things go can she. what a clingy woman, i hated her thoroughly.

    Loved the review, totally brightened my day, since the movie was such a waste of time.

  • You cannot slam the Japanese saying that they ‘cannot act for shit’ just because of one film. That makes you sound like a pig-headed idiot. Contrary to what you, and the other little kids on your level may think, this was not funny.

    I can understand that you didn’t like the movie. You don’t have to be unprofessional about it.


  • Seems like you were oppressed in high school or something…..

  • I’m guessing you should have added a IMHO…^_^ v

    I suppose I can understand where you’re coming from…Koizora- compared to many other Japanese romantic dramas- was not the best…however, I can say that I’ve seen worse.

    People- this is a review, an opinion. You don’t have to agree, but respect someone’s opinion.
    and don’t take everything personally…

    but LOL- you made me laugh…:D

  • Its interesting and amusing to see how different people think about different things.
    You are free to think whatever you want.
    Different people different tastes.
    To me Koizora was EPIC.

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  • lol. Actually I thought it was a good review.. At least you didn’t cry through the whole movie and forgot how totally stupid the girl and her decisions were.

  • you ASSHOLE has NO SENSE for REAL ACTING!!!!!!!

    you fucking bastard, just look at those movies you recommend us. or western movies!!! they just deal about fucking SEX!! thats all!! no romance, no sense of respect but just fucking fucking fucking!!!

    FREAK!!! ASSHOLE_FREAK!!! no sense at all!!


    so just look in the mirror before writing those non-sense, asshole!!!
    fuck off you ass, motherfucker!
    go die, freak

  • I might be an otaku and all…but i like Koizora. Some people just ENJOY those kinds of stories. It isn’t the first if it’s kind and certainly won’t be the last. Obviously, they made a lot of money and a lot of fans and they will continue to do so. It’s nice that you have your opinion and all, but you have to think sometimes. Didn’t Mika still look gorgeous and well dressed even after she had been raped? And her crying bit? Hardly looked as if her makeup had run. So why just pick on Hiro? The females like him. Oh well, the directors decided against making them look like normal people when they were upset. It happens in quite a few movies. I have seen romantic dramas that are way worse than this one. But if you’re going to insult this one, please have more of a reason to. And when you make your own movie that makes you millions and is better than this one, than maybe more people will respect your opinion. For now, you’re just someone who likes to rant. Sorry to say, very unappealing.

    And as for Step Up 2, it was a lame response to a very decent first movie. That’s what happens with sequels. But it’s not a sports movie. Far from it. Dance is an art. Don’t bunch them up with the jocks who barely have a brain cell between themselves. What they do takes years of effort and training compared to someone who picks up a ball and throws it.

  • you, sir, are a fucking bastard. this was a terrible “review”. first of which, you didn’t even get some of the facts right. to think you actually thought that this was a horrible movie– you must not be romantic at all. you must be one of those people that only have fucking on your mind, who only care about a girl’s looks instead of the actual girl. shame on you– you must be a lonely person to actually write something like this. but hey, i guess you want the world to hate you right? hah, well you got it– we hate you. congrats.

  • Koizora are my favourite movie..
    how could you say that..
    this is the best movie..
    it’s not about sex at all..

    And I agree with Di chan on everything he/she said…its so true…WE ALL HATE YOU….LIVE WITH IT.

  • Hey Smartass!

    Do us all a favor and instead of sitting on your computer criticizing the work of many people,
    why dont you go make a movie?!
    and we can all tell you how bad it is STUPID FACE ! yess i said it ~
    suck it MOFOOOOO!
    everyone hates your reviews
    dont bother posting anymore PLEASE .
    you have a retarded & DISGUSTING sense of humor.
    you are an IMMATURE BITCH (: who desperately needs a fucking .


    fuck man , i’ll pay ;)

    because i feel so damn sorry for your jealous ass.

    dont blame the actors, they just act, everyone else tells them what they should wear, what they do for a scene and id they should keep their eyebrows or not -_____- SMARTASS.

    QUIT being such a baby you chicken shit.

    just beacuse HIRO is getting ass and you are NOT .

    you have absolutely no respect for these people and you deserve a good beating from your mother !

    you know what else , you’ve probably never been in love thats why you dont understand.
    i wouldnt wonder who could love someone with a peanut sized brain, a horrible personality and probably a 2 inch dick like yours?


    i understand perfectly well that this review is based on your personal opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion it juts so happens that your is STUPID and not worth the minutes it took to read your review.
    poor readers like me who bothered to read you review, our brain is rotting from being contaminated and corrupted by your stupidity.
    GREAT JOB BASTARD ! now i have to go read something educational so that my brain cells will multiply.


    oh and i would like to shove you back up your mothers ass (:

    i wont bother continuing to express my disgust for a human like you.
    im afraid my fingers will rot from commenting an idiot and my eyes will dry up from being on your blog.

    suicide is a good option mr. psycho ^______^ next time dont forget your happy pills !
    oh and quit PMS’ing and shove a pad and tampon up in it !

    have a nice day !


    thats it your going to an orphanage (*_____*)
    but who cares right?
    since you dont seem to give a damn about anything sad that happens because you think its STUPID.

    well have fun enjoying your stupidity.

  • after reading the comments of people who agreed the movie sucked i realized that a bunch of DUMBFUCKS watched it and didnt understand the story at all !

    Hiro’s hair is white because he is “the bad boy(along with his other bad boy friends like Nozomu)” the real Hiro’s hair was probably white too. So dont blame the Actor Haruma Miura ! it wasnt his choice, he HAD to dye his hair for the role !

    2)If you’ve read the original story or watched the drama you would know that they DIDNT have sex right away it just seems that way because the movie was rushed .

    3)Mika’s parents also didnt agree right away , also the father never really accepted it he just wanted to believe in his daughter Mika.

    4)Watch Haruma Miura’s (HIRO) other dramas like Bloody Monday and you will know what an AMAZING 19 yr old actor he is.

    5)dont blame the actor about his eyebrows !

  • your father's mother

    thank you YOUR MOTHER…u said everything i wanted to say!!!

  • haha.. I soo agree to your rebiew. I like the actor (Haruma Miura) but I’ve got to agree that this movie SUCKS… and I, for the life of me, can’t see why my girlfriends were all so over it… hahaha… you siad everything I wanna say.. woohoo.. great review.. ^^

  • The comments made me LOL more than your “review”

    you fail

  • This movie has fail written all over it

  • A year has passed , and it is still funny.

  • The idiocy and closed-mindedness of the comments on RIUVA still make me laugh, even a year after they’ve been up.

  • some guy from the internet

    hahaha, and i thought the review was pretty damn funny. you sir deserve a medal for this review.

  • The comments made me lol

    Teenage fan girls are hilarious saying stuff like “YOUR REVIEW SUCKS” when that displays poor reviewing of reviews on their part.

  • I never seen this movie, but I will probably agree with review even if I had watched it.

    A lot of comments don’t seem to understand “Blog reviewers”.
    Blog reviewers don’t have to hold themselves up to a standard that official movie sites do, they don’t have to be nice or consider others. That is what makes them loose and funny.

    And I will definitely agree about Japanese acting… >_>;; This is usually why I avoid watching Live-action, because the acting is so terrible. You get some rare gems though, like NANA for example.

  • I’d never even heard of Koizura before. How can something I’ve never heard of, have such a large and shitty fanbase?

  • I like the cinematography of this film. It’s quite beautiful. The plot is not stupid because it is real so you can’t say it’s not realistic.

  • Oh my, this is a lousy review. Of course you don’t have to like the movie, but you don’t have to trash it like that! I think it’s a really beautiful movie, and the fact that it’s real it’s just fantastic.. It’s a beautiful movie and the remake that’s a drama is also great. Japan make better movies.. They always do..

  • Oh man, this review was spot on. I wish I’d seen it before I wasted two and a half hours watching this heavy-on-the-ironic-quotes “romance”.

    The relationship was bad enough (what is it with tweens and confusing stalkerish controlling behavior with love? the first half was like watching a Twilight remake in japanese) but the relentless piling on of scenes that were so obviously contrived to be as heartwarming/heartbreaking as possible got incredibly tiresome after a while.

    Subtlety, guys. Try it sometime.

  • royalfreshness

    as much as i love plotlines that are dramatic, cliche and make no sense…… wtf is this shit? this movie was horrendous lmao throughout the whole thing i was like really and i’m the type of person who really likes anything that i watch no matter how bad it is, but this was just utter shit WOWOWWOW i don’t even want to kno about the drama version.

  • I just watched the first half hour of the movie and a lot of it made me angry. Haven’t watched the rest but judging from your review.. ain’t that good.

  • Haha, nice “review”(!)
    you obviously are a very ignorant person with a limited view.
    With regards to everything you said about the plot being unbelievable: obviously it’s going to be unbeleivable. Its a film !ADAPTATION! of a novel !BASED ON! a real life experience. It’s going to be glammed up and have a fantasy element, it’s what it was about. It’s not a documentry so don’t get worked up that them lead characters are good looking. Afterall, it’s a love story, Did you ever see Titanic (good looking characters with perfect teeth in 1912?, clean sea water?, etc etc etc), but in the end, it was only a moral-love story so it doesn’t really matter…
    Maybe you were watching the film with the wrong expectations, it wasnt a film to gross people out about fatal diseases. it was about love and loss.
    It was always going to be slightly unbelievable and magical. In what world does it ALWAYS, without fail, snow on the 24th of December every year…?? I’m sure no medical students were observing it to see the effects of cancer on a patient, so why would have to be so accurate?? If it was, i’m sure the type of cancer would have been mentioned and more story would have been based around the medical condition, rather than the love between the characters. That wasn’t the focus.
    Next time you watch a film be a little more open minded and suit your expectations. Every thing has a target market so think of it that way.
    I enjoyed watching the film, even though it was unbelievable and unaccurate in certain (..most..) aspects, because i expected that and appreciated the things that the director and writer were trying to convey.

  • hey, you really suck!

    i loved this movie!
    well…everyone IS entitled to their opinion…but don’t watch the WHOLE thing then go bashing it like some stupid retard. i think your review is just over-the-top and fake.
    and geez you’re so racist! bagging the whole japanese population because of this >_> i think YOU’RE the one who’s fucked up. it’s people like you who really make me sick.

    리오 요시다 1 comment
    Oct 28th, 2008 at 8:07 am

    I really liked this movie because it’s based on a true fuckin story.
    And I think both Aragaki Yui(Mika) and haruma Miura(Hiro) Are very pretty.
    You must have no fuckin life going around talking about Japanese people cant act.
    What race are you then HUH?! Would you like it if some bitch just came up to your face and talked constantly about your race. Now I think your just hating.
    If your gonna talk about this why dont you just go talk about some other fuckin fantasy story’s for once eh?! Something that’s NOT based on some true story. Bullshit!
    I HATE! What you wrote here. I should just go to Mika’s blog and post your fucking URL and maybe she could see with her own damn eyes!
    もしあんたも日本人ならさ~ てめえーの頭おかしいんじゃね?!
    殺気の子が言った見たいに 三浦春馬のどこが割りぃんだよ!
    Btw you and these bitches posting bullshit about this fuckin movie

    Idk what you guys think about people w/ cancer dieing
    You fuckin whores with no fuckin heart!



  • wow~
    your review is sooooo damn funny.
    you were quite right.
    i agree with some of yer idea.
    but still, i looooooooove koizora.

  • YAH! You sucked in your Review, Man! :) ) But anyway, i also hate the part where they made ***. I haven’t watched it but my friend told me the story. So, when i heard that *** part, i was like… “OH MY GOD! With that age?! How could they do that?” i hate the the one who wrote that novel. God! Kissing scenes are better. :s
    SUCK the author!!!! :) )=))

  • its based on a true story and i dont understand why you’re such a “bloody” hater. you sir are a fuckhead clearly. you rant like some 5 year old its hilarious really=]. i dont expect shallow people like you to enjoy these types of movies.

  • this review is stupid.
    just like your face.

  • its the beginning of the movie and already i feel nothing for the movie. i think its pathetic.

  • Wow, I really loved your review. Never saw the movie, but you had me laughing at the indeed awful plots people sometimes come up with. Loved the mini-rant about 10.000 b.c. (which I did see and got into an argument with my bf and brother because “I should just enjoy movies, not analyze them nor their chronological accuracy”), loved the puns about the hair styling. Was not really happy that you said, I quote:


    Personally, I don’t consider myself stupid and I don’t think bad boys are attractive at all. Then again, I go for geeks who feel it’s more important to show up at a raid in Ulduar (WoWarcraft) than to spend some quality time together. I have to hand it to you, though, some people (men and women alike) can be really stupid when it comes to relationships… but then it also happens to women that we have to pretend we’re more stupid than we really are, men think stupidity is endearing and not many men can stand a girl smarter/more successful than themselves. I’ve honestly never understood why deforming your feet, mutilation of ears and other body parts and wearing a freaking string up your butt are considered standard acts of decency and beautification for women.

    I really had a lot of fun reading your review. You saved me from wasting my time, so thanks so much! :)

  • Wow, I really loved your review. Never saw the movie, but you had me laughing at the indeed awful plots people sometimes come up with. Loved the mini-rant about 10.000 b.c. (which I did see and got into an argument with my bf and brother because “I should just enjoy movies, not analyze them nor their chronological accuracy”), loved the puns about the hair styling. Was not really happy that you said, I quote:


    Personally, I don’t consider myself stupid and I don’t think bad boys are attractive at all. Then again, I go for geeks who feel it’s more important to show up at a raid in Ulduar (WoWarcraft) than to spend some quality time together. I have to hand it to you, though, some people (men and women alike) can be really stupid when it comes to relationships… but then it also happens to women that we have to pretend we’re more stupid than we really are, men think stupidity is endearing and not many men can stand a girl smarter/more successful than themselves. I’ve honestly never understood why deforming your feet, mutilation of ears and other body parts and wearing a freaking string up your butt are considered standard acts of decency and beautification for women.

    I really had a lot of fun reading your review. You saved me from wasting my time, so thanks so much! :)

  • hehe funny review…… but I thought it was pretty good allbeit alitle long

  • Kay… I’mma watch the movie right now and give MY opinions on it

  • hmm… well, the movie wasn’t as bad as the review said. it’s worth a try tho.
    the movie starts out pretty corny & cheesy tho. i got no tears for this 1.

  • >> Yu is such a dear, he is like the typical Korean male lead. Sweet, charming, interesting, intelligent, caring, courteous, has good self-control and a car.

    Unfortunately, while I agree that movies like Koizora are built on cliches and unrealistic premises, I have enough experience with Korean dramas and films EXACTLY the same is true for them. Just look at Winter Sonata, Autumn Fairytale, Beautiful Days. Stereotypical premise, loaded with mind-numbing tear-jerker sequences, unnaturally high rate of mortality and amnesia. Totally and completely unrealistic.

    I don’t know what dramas you watch, but MOST TYPICAL Korean males leads I see, are arrogant, pushy towards girls, DRAGGING their girlfriends by the arm when they wish to discuss something, ignoring the protests of the girls, with an unhealthy tendency towards shouting. They also like to look exasperated whenever the girls talk, AS IF girls lack a BRAIN.

    Some of hot favorites like Kim Sam Soon, Coffee Prince, Pure 19, Be Strong Geum Soon, are BUILT upon these gangsterish cliches, yet hoards of fans swoon over these stupid man-jerks. Even Lee Dong Wook and Lee Byun Hyun are not free from playing swaggerish characters. The only one exception I can think of is possibly Bae Yong Joon — his image is really too gentlemenly to be a thug.

    Of course, a whole range of smooth versus unruly characters exists in fandom, irrespective of nationality, so I was really surprised that you THINK the TYPICAL Korean drama male lead is sweet and charming. I was also surprised that you criticise cliches WHEN you buy into the typical K soap opera, because, what ELSE is MORE cliche?

    As for bad acting, I’ve seen it before. I was really annoyed by Sawajira wearing mascara in hospital bed during her illness (1 Litre of Tears), and yet people cry over them. This is another one of those awful tear-jerkers with bad acting. Bad acting, basically is pandemic.

  • Rofl.

    I watched the movie and I really liked it, but your review was hilarious.

    “Before they’ve even gone on a date, Hiro commands Mika to go to his house and “eat lunch”, where “lunch” refers to his penis.”

    “Meanwhile, old jealous girlfriend beats the shit out of Mika and gets her a miscarriage. So much for Hiro and his constant “I WILL PROTECT YOUSS”, he’s never here when she needs help, probably STYLING HIS FUCKING HAIR.”


    Love a guy’s perspective on chick flicks. MOAR PLZ.

  • i think Koizora is a really good and romantic movie

    besides this isn’t a review at all
    this is just what YOU think

    if you didn’t like this movie than why didn’t you just walk out?
    you didn’t have to stay and watch it if you don’t like it

    it is actually a great movie

    some people just have bad taste

    for people who didn’t watch this movie yet, you should give it a chance and look on the bright side of the movie
    the love that Mika gives to Hiro
    and their relationship is great

  • Is this a review? Nope I don’t think so. Its just your OPINION of the movie, and its damn biased. You cant even write a review properly, then DONT. Dont write stuff that make other people disgusted with you. I loved koizora and I think its okay for you to express your opinion, but this is altogether too biased. No one needs side commentary from you. Besides, you cant even interpret the movie properly. Retard.

  • One year after I read and commented on this post, I am deeply surprised that people are still flaming you for your review of this crappy movie. Thanks for the laughs people!

  • Erm, so just because his review of the movie doesn’t coincide with yours, it’s not a review? You guys are being so silly. :P

    There are critics that give professional reviews of movies and you can see for one movie one critic will give rave reviews and another will slam it. Why? Because it’s THEIR OPINION. And all opinions are biased.

    Now we can say tj has bad taste (I personally loved the movie ;p), but I think he gave a good, funny review. Why are people so uptight?

  • == i hate this review

    == wtf is ur problem koizora is fucking awesome nd u kant say single shxt bout it until u read the dam book. its a fucking tru story nd if u have fucking time to criticise this movie here why dont u go make a better movie urself?
    u dont get it at all do u? why did mika do it? why did hiro do it? coz they have a fucking life instead of spending ur time criticising a movie like this. if u dont lyk the movie then fine, but u have no fucking right to diss the characters and what they’ve done. they are real people with real stories, some one like u probs dont even have the guts to do what theyve done.

    koizora is dumb? i think ur dumb . so dam dumb i hate you.
    i dont care if u find this comment offensive coz uve offended me and millions of other koizora fans by posting this review. u have the dam right to say watever u want but u kant go and tell ppl to not watch it.
    comparing koizora to step up 2 is just stupid. its two different types of story, made by two directors from different countries with different point of views .
    GRR. koizora is dumb? ARH. god i hate you for posting this review on the internet!!
    go read the dam novel people then u will know why this movie made so many people cry.
    the movie doesnt have the whole story, not even half of it.

    if u kant take the dam jap culture then dont go off criticising it. u know nothing nd u have no right to say this movie is dumb. BUT I HAVE RIGHT TO SAY YOU’RE DUMB BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO BASIC HUMAN FEELINGS AND YOU HAVE NO LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ARH. hate this. == nvr swore so much in my life.

  • Did you seriously watch the same koizora as the rest of us?!!!
    Hiro doesn’t steal her phone, she finds his and stitches the teddy bear on itt.
    He doesn’t stalk her…..hes not around her 24/7, however he does make adament attepmts to make her consider him.
    he doesn’t rape her, thier sex was of mutual consent, because they were in love….and by this point they had been in the relationship many months, and he waits for her to even kiss him on the lips properly (he used to kiss her forehead because she was so timid) he doesn’t force anything on her.And before this He saves her from his ex-girlfriends attempt to sabotage their relationship (she had a gang rape Mika) which is probly why they had sex in the first place….and better Hiro acting angry than moaping about like a weakling crying that it’s all his fault, imagine how Mika would’ve felt if he did.
    They might only be 16 but if you want to make a ocmiitment like that, then it’s completely between the two of them, let’s face it….there isn’t an age of consent for japan, they both have thier own minds and it was their decision.
    Hiro never chos Mika because she was hotter than Saki. He chose her because he’s had a schoolboy crush on her ever since she found his cellphone and he saw her fix it in the reaing room.
    In my opinion Hiro did a very very brave thing with the pregnancy. He chose to stick around even though when you think about it logically, the baby might not be his, and Mika’s family are dtiermind to not let her have the baby, and still he persits, changing himself to fit thier views, so that he can stay with the girl he loves.
    After the loss of the baby Hiro finds out he has a tumor, cancer. He decides to push Mika away rather than tell her and make her cry (bit of a meathead decision as he makes her cry more by doing this) so at the party his best friend kisses Mika, and when she goes to wash her mouth she comes back to find Hiro’s best frien’s girflfriend kissing Hiro, she runs off…The next day he goes all meathead again and gets into a ight with her, he breaks up with her.
    Yuu is only a temp, Aya (Mika’s best friend) introduces them…and after Mika gives up on Hiro (thinking he’s forgotten all about her and doesn’t love her anymore(another meathead decision on his part))
    she decides to move on with Yuu (bearing in mind Hiros best friend is the only one who knows he has cancer besides his family, and Hiro has forbidden them all from telling Mika.) Mika goes to the place that she and Hiro pray for their baby’s memory and find his best frind there doing it for him….Mika find out that Hiro has cancer…she pretty much drops things with Yuu, because her feelings for hiro resurface.
    She makes up with Hiro, after calling him an idiot for not tellling her(personally I would’ve slapped him first, for not teling me, then hugged him for being so stupid)
    Hiro constantly goes for checks, and when the doctors decide he doesn’t have very long to live they allow him a day out with Mika (this is where they have sex again) And then he goes back to the hospital, soon after this Hiro askes Mike to get some pictures developed for him, whiles shes doing this, he dies.
    the we see the funeral and so on, and then we see Mika with a small girl, playing by the river (imlying that the girl is Hiros daughter) (and secretly we’re hoping it is) the story ends here.
    So yea Hiro is a complete meathead and extremely stubborn in places….but what fun is love without a little hardship, if none, then we take love for granted and think it”s always going to be there. that the moral, don’t take things for granted because you never know when they’ll end.

    Personally I think this is more for the ladies, as it is a serious chick flick, but well worth the watch if you’re into a good weeper. I cried at it (I’m a girl) I never cry at anything and yet this managed to evoke the female sorrow in me…so something must be uber fantastic about it.
    Your opinion is your opinion, but please….don’t fuck about with the storyline.

  • == i hate this review

    =w= -agrees wif all ppl who hatess this review-

    gay author of this review doesnt have the guts to show his face agen. how gay.

  • I’ll give a virtual hug for the reviewer…wow ppl you’re harsh.

  • I don’t get why you’re so upset about a 16-year old couple having sex..?

  • I seriously thought your review was pathetic and it’d be better if you switched jobs now (if you’re really into journalism or somewhere along that line) since you can’t watch movies w/ half a critical eye.

    Even if Koizora wasn’t the best movie in the world and you didn’t like it, you didn’t have to go to such an extent to spout nonsense about it. Yes, I like Koizora, I like Miura Haruma who acted as Hiro and I even like his hairstyle, in case you’re wondering. But your review was just horrible. I can’t believe you can even write something like that and call your own opinion a review. If this continues, you’ll be hated by your audience i dare say.

    To add on, I’m absolutely disappointed. You might have entertained some people, but you disgusted me. Do get a life.

  • Woah haha you slammed Koizora.
    Funny review, if I read it any other time I’d laugh at reading your perspective, but I can’t ’cause I just finished watching it myself and cried my eyes out.
    Imo saddest film I’ve ever seen and the best.
    I thought the leads did an amazing job, much better than Westerners and they at least had chemistry.
    What Hiro did was something few people would do – sacrificing his own happiness for the girl he loves. And contrary to popular belief that this is cliche and only happens in movies, Koizora was a phone novel that’s fictionous but based on the author’s (Mika) own personal experiences.
    I believe that if you watched the drama you’d slam it even more ’cause I watched parts of the drama and it was bad acting, very stiff while Miura and Aragaki did an amazing job [after Mika get's raped, Hiro comes to her and she's not letting him hold her, she's sort of grabbing at his shirt - that was very realistic acting because it's like she felt dirty after what happened]
    And your eyebrows don’t fall off if you have chemotherapy, it’s just your hair on your scalp. I remember my dad still had his eyebrows.
    Since it says movie review I assume you’re reviewing the movie but there are parts you talked about that don’t make sense. Hiro didn’t steal her cellphone, she left it in the library, he put it between books so that she would find it and he doesn’t stalk her for one day, they actually talked for like months or something before they finally met. The reason she found it romantic was because they could talk a lot about anything and she already knew he was in the same grade and school as her.
    His hairstyle you say takes 2 hours? Wrong, if you have the right hair/haircut (Asian hair is easy to style), spiking only takes about 10min I should know since most of my guy friends do it and it looks really nice.
    It’s pacing was actually perfect compared to other films I’ve seen. I could slam so many well-known Western films for their unrealistic horrible pacing. Koizora’s one was believeable and not rushed or too long.
    I have to admit you’re pretty heartless not to have found this sad. I bawled my eyes out watching this, it wasn’t fake and the acting was done well. The scenario as well was realistic (well have to be since based on a real story) and Hiro actually showed the ultimate love by sacrificing his happiness for the one he loves (as stated before).
    Maybe you yourself have experienced too much hurt and so found this shit? Or maybe you haven’t. I’ve gone through a lot of pain in my life so I can really relate, a person changes after people close to them die. It’s like the Chinese proverb “if you haven’t been pricked by the needle, you don’t know the pain”.
    This was a seriously heart-wrenching story and as I retold it to my mum she got teary as well.
    However, a good alternative take on the movie. I wouldn’t call it cynical or satirical because your review had no real evidence/basis for the points you provided, it seemed more like you personally just didn’t like Hiro.
    Oh wells, maybe if I read this another day I can laugh.
    And another note, I don’t know what Korean films/dramas you’ve been watching but I’ve never seen a Korean lead that’s “Sweet, charming, interesting, intelligent, caring, courteous, has good self-control and a car”, that’s usually the supporting male that tries to steal the girl but doesn’t get her. The typical male lead starts off as a jerk, arrogant, selfish, verbally abusive and extremely egotistical but then eventually changes to sweet, shy but still a bit of a jerk that’s hardheaded.
    I don’t know what sort of blog this is since I just typed Koizora into Google, but if you wanted to write a proper movie review, in places like “Hiro spouts cheesy rehearsed lines non-stop with the same old expression” then at least provide quotes to support that, because I don’t remember him spouting any cheesy rehearsed lines.
    Ah wells what a long reply, you probably laugh at everybody who likes this movie…

  • HAHAH. to all the people that hate the reviewer: SCREW YOU. It’s his/her opinion, he/she has a right to criticize the movie.
    I thought your review was hilarious and true. I loved the part about how he tried to do her after she got raped.

  • This post is really the greatest on this valuable topic. I concur with your conclusions and will hungrily look forward to your forthcoming updates. Just saying thanks will not just be enough, for the exceptional clarity in your writing. I will at once grab your rss feed to stay in the loop of any updates. Astounding work and much success in your writing!

  • I like the movie and drama very much.
    i feel very depressed to know that there are people that can be so negative .
    i dont know,maybe she should have ended with her dad?that would make you happy wouldnt it. cuz I totally forgot that the show was about you.

  • This has definitely got to be the worse review I’ve ever read. Sure, some people thought some parts were funny and all that, but I thought you were just being plain rude, especially to the Japanese. I, being half-Jap myself, am completely taken aback by your words and felt totally insulted. I hope you’ll put yourself in my shoes for a moment, because be it wherever you’re from, I’m sure you won’t like it if anyone insults your nationality, am i right?

    BTW (-LAMP): To reilleterate a point, this is an OPINION, NOT a review. You and some others may find this guy funny, but I don’t. It’s not even about the movie; Calling your own opinion a review is just wrong.

    Overall: Absolute and utter disappointment. Not to mention the major vocab problems as well.

  • I actually liked this review becuase I have seen this movie and found it to be a complete total waste of time. It’s your typical Japanese movie about some girl getting pregnant and falling for a “bad boy.” The whole time While I was watching, I was thinking about how ignorant Mika is and how easy she was. Seriously, this is supposed to be a LOVE story?!? WOW. Sex and a guy stalking you/having a crush on you must mean love in this movie then.

    And it’s true. Where was Hiro every time Mika was in trouble? and he couldn’t even stop her from getting a miscarriage. WTF. Stupid useless boy. Maybe he should grow up and act like a true adult before thinking he is one already at the age of 16. T_T
    anyways, don;t bash me. This is just my two cents. Everyone is entitled to their own options. My opinion is that this movie doesn’t deserve my tears or love.

  • This is the worst review ever and it is so not true. I thought koizora was a good movie and even quite decent. Your review is extremely biased and sucks shit to be honest :)

  • Koizora was based on a true story that is what make the people cry

  • Thx a lot for the LAUGHS!!!! One of the funniest review ever. IT was a really entertaining .

    The film is a really good one. It has a nice soundtrack, nice Pictures and some Action… and a nice love story . Nothing is perfect…

  • Wow, you sound like an angry,, red neck, racist.

    I understand that you hate the movie but dude, what does ethnicity got to do with it?=P

  • I thought your review was HILARIOUS!
    BUT! gets your facts straight, hun.
    i think you better stop skipping to the sex scenes and just watch the god damn movie!

  • As the typical female teen viewer I loved Koizora! I’m currently watching the drama and I have read the manga. Still haven’t seen the movie but I refuse to. Watching the drama is enough for me. I laughed at some of the things you said about it because some stuff made sense but really, this isn’t a review. More like a rant.

    If you’re a guy I can understand but I cried a lot at this. We’re just hopeless romantic girls wishing for something like this… Except for the death and rape and miscarriage etc.

    I always thought Mika was supposed to be plain looking, not extremely cute or anything. The drama and the manga led me to believe so but apparently the movie says something different.

    Hmm I liked how you bashed Hiro a lot. I still don’t know what to think of him but wow. A lot of hate going on.

    And just btw, the author of the novel admitted that it wasn’t a true story apparently. Jeez.

  • You are the biggest life les asshole ever. Koizora was amazing and i this is just the movie version if you actually watched the movie version or read then novel it is so much more different. I really loved this movie too. Japanese guys can act..unlike you…racist dickhead. If you think tour so good at acting why dont you get famous by acting. You think its that easy acting infront of trillions on screen? His haie was normal all asian lbs guys has this hair these days. Mika is not stupid she is i bet a trillion times smarter than you, You are being an asshole talking shit about something that can get you jumped. This is not even a review its about you talking shit about an awesome movie. Why bash so much? go actually get a life. A lot ofothers are bashing and hating you for saying such bullshit about this film. If you hated the movie so mu ch you should had stopped watching during where you started hating the movie. You have no idea what a terrible thing it is for you to actually do something like this. I`m pretty sure you`re just some ultra ugly jealous fagg guy hiding behind the comp screen bashing. You`re probably even jealous Hiro is actually an ultra hot guy with nice hair and Mikas a really pretty famous girl who you will never meet. So just stop being such a douche bag and go get fuckin ran over.

  • WTF….

    SCREW YOU!!!










  • I very much enjoy Koizora even by watching the MV i find it quite sad and i’m very sorry that you did not enjoy the drama.

  • I think the movie was great it was touching and yet sad at the end when Hiro said”I don’t want to die.”
    I respect your opinion but i bet you couldn’t event last 1 sec in Hiro shoes, and i am not saying that as a fan am saying it as a real human being.
    Imagine you have cancer and have someone that you love…

  • WTF!!!

    koizora is the bes movie!!
    you are stupid when you say koizora is so bad….
    haruma and aragaki yui is good acto and actress…
    they are more better thn hollywood actor an actress…




    GO DIE.





  • u know that the story with hiro and mika really happen ?? so more respect please !!! ur review is soo bad !! this movie is amazing

  • I totally agree with you…… i really hate seeing such a cute beautiful girl getting knocked up by some guy when she was 16. (telling her he will be gentle this is obvious that Hiro fucked so mnay other girls before). I seriously dislike the character Hiro because he totally took advantage of Mika when he asked her to go over to his place for lunch. NOt to mention after Mika gets raped, Hiro fucks her again IN THE LIBRARY….. how horny is Hiro seriously? I dun care how much people like the character Hiro but i seriously dun like him at all. Throughout the movie I was hoping that dude that looked korean would get Mika. In my opinion this was a really bad movie.

  • oh…
    I`ve read your comment.
    What I want to say
    yes, I was in shock too, when they were in the bad
    don`t you think, that directors don`t have to make only nice movies?
    if you watch movies like this, I`m sorry about you.
    everyone is fed up with simple and annoying synopsises
    don`t watch films, like Koizora in one plane
    situation like this could happen with everyone
    and if directors produce only standart movies, nobody will watch it
    so dont consider Koizora to be foolish
    try to think about Mika and Hiro`s situation at all.

  • I think it’s amusing that people like to play the “give her a break it was a true story. you should be more sympathetic”… When the author has recently confessed that it was in fact entirely fictional. Whoops. To tell the truth I’m not surprised, the plot was so contrived and the characters so completely lacking in depth or realism that it was pretty obvious that there was no way this was true.

    Personally I thought the biggest problem was with serious serious pacing issues, and less on the actors themselves. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt and say they’re probably good actors but due to the rushed nature of the script and rather shitty character construction, they weren’t working with much. It’s like trying to build a house out of bricks of crap.

    Very predictable plot. Unrelatable, Unrealistic, and unlikeable characters. To me this only barely managed to hold water because of the “some of it might be true” thing which, we know now, is a total lie.

    I would like to point out however that extending criticisms of the movie to Japan and its culture as a whole was out of line, even for comedic purposes. At the same time, I dislike how people are trying to defend it by saying that this is just “cultural”, which is completely ridiculous. Anyone who knows anything about cultural anthropology knows that “culture” is no excuse for moral relativism or heinous, criminal acts. Generalization is bad, period, no matter if you’re trying to defend or attack something.

  • wth?
    japanese male actors suck they just try to look good
    um, noooo! guess what? they are alot better @ acting then you basterd, and look alot better then you.
    yes this made 11million people cry because of its touching stroy that gives you another look at cancer. i cried because of that too. on the other hand, maybe you cried because you were so touched and so jelouse at the same time, and because watching the beautiful actors/actress’ with their mavoulse acting skills that you, as an ugly, retarded human just had to write this “review” to hide it all.
    you need to crank up the volume bcuz hiro isnt after s3x, becuz his sister says, hiro has dated alot of girls, but this is his firt time being serious about it. hiro LOVES mika.
    gosh are you just jelouse because hiro and mika make a child becouse the LOVE eachother and NOBODY wants you? i thought so.
    mika goes to the field becuz her and hiro are going to go on a date. she gets there too early, the friken hired rapers find her, hiro gets to the bus stop neat the field, oh no, mikas not there, he calls and calls, but mika cant reach her phone, later after shes raped, hiro is STILL looking. her phone rings hiro finds her, and the viewers cry. THEY LOVE EACH OTHER. and if u ever find a sad raped girl and try to do her, shes going to smack your ugly face and walk away.
    the baby dies, they bulid a tomb. HIRO FINDS OUT ABOUT HIS CANCER. he KISSES some random girl so that mika gets mad, so that he dosent hv to tell her and make her sad.. HE CARES.
    yu and mika go out for like 1 and a half years!! not 15 minutes. wat? u really think theyre going to show every minute of 1 and a half years?? dumb a$$
    wat? u really think hes going to loose his eybrows because he has cancer, and u really think that hes going to have no hat on and just be bald. have you ever seen a person WITH CANCER hv no hat??? donkey butt.
    oh ya, when he says lunch, he means lunch.
    your versions of the show are jelously put into words. mayb you do take ecstacy.
    and yes, his hair is professionaly styled becuz they dont want their touching, charming chatecter to look sloppy and descusting…like you.
    so how about you just stop your stupid, freaken annoying hallucintations that disgusted me so much it ahs me constantly moaning, grumbling and slamming you and your words. I shook my head so much people must have thought i was just like you! luckily im not *phew!*
    lastly, shut up and make your own movie! i cant wait to make a review about your movie just like this one :D DDDD!!

  • btw, im half japanese and am fluent in japanese, and guess what?? hiro doesnt hv a stupid gangster/punk voice like you, but a charming caring voice that shows how much he cares for mika.

  • not all tht true.

    this movie isnt bad at all. though the drama was alot longer and more detailed.
    drama & movie is worth watching

  • i want to watch bollywood movies because they are very colorful and lively**-

  • Bollywood Movies are very colorful and mostly they are musical stuffs like Broadway,’*

  • Someone who actually Understands

    WOW… this reviewer has no self-content at all. Do u understand the basic standardised ideaologies from such a japanese-influenced movie? NO. Do u understand that this was a Sad, Love story that obviously isnt going to appeal to everyone? NO. U sir have shown that you are shallow, through movie watching aswell. This movie/ novel created a cutural phenomenon in Japan, if it was what u rack up it to be dont u think that this would hav never reached this status? I, an UNDERSTANDING and restaining individual would like to share with you and EVERYONE who is contemplating about watching this movie, that Koizora IS AN EXCELLENT, WELL-STRUCTURED AND HIGHLY-SOFISTICATED MOVIE and if you are to see through the thousands of bullshit this person has written, there are signs of symbolism, metaphorical expressions, literical quotations, intertextuality and humanitarianised perceptions- That all closely wound to the Japanese Tradition, culture and idealogies.

    Finally, This review is the most pure bullshit i have ever read.

    Thank you for reading ~

  • You are verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry BAD at reviewing this movie. Tho your review was Funny, I think you are also A Dumb a**. I watch alot of anime but this Movie actually touched my heart. If you dont like a movie, then keep the feelings to yourself. Do you even care about the ppl who WANT to watch touching and caring movies?! Maybe you wont even make a good and loving Family! And you are hearing this from a 12 year year old!!! I just now finished the movie and give it all the 5 star ratings in the world.

  • wow is this what u call a review?
    u know what? u have no balls!
    if you think that this movie is bad why not you make a new one??
    and why do u spent ur f-ing time to watch it? its bloody 2,5 hours!!
    and you keep talking about sex… its like only 2small scenes..
    it NOT all about sex.. or maybe u like the sex scene thats why u keep bitching about it??
    you know what you should be doing now? grow some balls u racist asshole!

  • @ Aya-chan: I totally agree with you

    This reviewer is totally an idiot!
    What a waste of time reading this stupid review!


  • bollywood movies are nice and cheeky, that is all i have to say ~”;

  • I totally agree with you. Like 100%. I wanted Mika to end up with Yu, but she was so damn stupid as to end up with Hiro. They should have a second movie about how Mika ends up with Yu once more. Then maybe I’ll be appeased.

    As for the people claiming that it was a bad review, look at it this way:

    Hiro did not reject Mika’s care in the hospital. He was totally fine with Mika being with him in the end, even though he was about to die and his dying will hurt her a lot.

    And how could you guys believe that Hiro wanted to break up with Mika cos he got cancer? That’s his best friend’s account, and his best friend could have lied to help Hiro get the girl.

    Plus Yu was so nice as to let Mika go even though he will be sad without her; that she will be hurt when Hiro dies, meaning, he just wants her to be happy and be with the guy she loves, who, is obviously not him. Duh.

    And Yu even helped Mika to prevent her parent’s divorce. And that’s how she repays him? By going with her ex?

    Besides after Mika’s rape, it seemed she had a phobia of guys, not wanting Hiro to touch her and all. After she manages to get over it, allowing Hiro to hold her hand, he has sex with her. All without considering her feelings. Unlike Yu. I mean, she may be able to let him hold her hand but it doesn’t mean she could take sex. This just proves how insensitive Hiro is to her. He isn’t even able to control his own lust, for God’s sake.

    Keep the debate going. I have said my piece. It’s up to you whether to to accept it.

  • Too fucking funny but I love it and it totally makes sense.
    Best movie review I have ever come across.
    Enough said.

  • And sorry flamers, but you guys are wrong about the review being shit.

    Personally I’m a big fan of Koizora that I have watched the drama the movie, and I also have read the manga and the novels (storybook, not mobile phone version). That’s how much I love Koizora.

    Ahhh but now I am looking at things from another perspective and I think this review deserves 11/10 ^^ I still love Koizora, but I enjoy reading the various opinions and thoughts of other people too.

  • Your review is nothing more than bullshit and biased. I don’t know how you can compare Koizora to P.S. I love you, Koizora is far more interesting.

    I pretty much enjoyed Step Up 2 AND Koizora. You know why? Because they’re two completely different movies. Step Up 2 is a dancing movie and Koizora is a heartbreaking romance that makes you want to cry.

    If you call yourself a reviewer, review the movi properly. You’re nothing more than an ignorant biased asshole. :)

  • I stopped watching after ep 1 -o-;
    srsly wtf? losing ur virginity and getting pregnant at the beginning of the show is just stupid….

  • KKK then. i am very certain that when i saw the movie and the drama i didnt see anyones penis or watever. you guys sure nees to see it before you guys make any gugment and her/his review of the whole story is not completely ryt. i just want all of you to think about real life kk coz dats wat exactly wat they filmed. people fall in love, step by step they builed a relationship ( its their choice if they have sex no one forces them) the girl gets raped (happens to sooo many girls in real lyf and i dnt see you guys shouting and swearing at them) the boyfriend takes it upon him (wen he is not at fualt at all) has sex wiv her coz the girl cant take it that she was touched by other men dats why she agrees….later on she finds out that she is pregnent tells hiro and he takes RESPONSIBILITY ( which i have seen not many boys doo) because he really loves her and wants the baby that they created together by love however hiro and mika dnt even get the chance to see their baby or hold him/her as the baby dies….this is were everything goes sad hiro has cancer ( this happens to many people in real lyf) hiro thinks he is doing the best for mika by letting her go (buh he is wrong) mika slowly, slowly forgets hiro (he is sumwer in her heart) and starts to have feelings for yul (dont tell me you people havent been out wiv at least 5 people) wen she finds out that hiro has cancer she falls apart nd cant think properly but decides to go to hiro (which i think she done was ryt) hiro nd mika spend the few days they have together they get married at some point) BUT wen hiro sent mika to go and develope the pictures mika sensed that hiro was saying goodbye forever but she had hope… wen mika sees that the pictures wer hers she feels so much pain…Then suddenly hiros sis calls her to say how hiros condition is bad she talkes to him on the fone and try to remeber wat he say to her (MIKA…SMILE) this wat the story is.its not based only on sex even tho i didnt see anyone naked so how can u people say itz not appropreait i can bet £100 dat kids aged 8 knows wat sex is.. furthermore if you think about it this is a first love story i have seen dat does end wiv miricals for example hiro could have survived at the end but no he didnt even get to see his kid second mika lost two things that was important to her HIRO AND THE BABY at the end she dont have many pictures of hiro just two and a ring also she ends up being alone and falls in love with the sky for the rest of her lyf……who would want to be alone i woyuldnt no one would want that Thats the whole point that if people are truly in love wiv each other then nothing is impossible even if you dnt exsist anymore. I LIKE THE DRAMA MORE COZ MIKA DONT GET RAPED SHE IS SAVED BY HIRO!!!! BUH HE STILL DIES..PLZ DNT CRTIZISE THE STORY WEN YOU HAVENT EVEN WATCHED IT… Thanxx if anyone disagrees plz feel free to open up. PEACE XXX

  • Psssshh, rather then spitting out racial stereotypes, baised & racist comments(as if American can act better) and slamming this sweet movie please make us a amazing and terrific movie that is worth 11 million people’s tears. Nuff’ Said.

  • i love Koizora! it’s da best movie ever and was da only movie dat could bring tears into my eyes. all da other sad movies and shows dat i watch could never bring tears into my eyes. for all da haters out there, ya’ll can go to hell and may SATAN torture ya like there’s no tomorrow! FUCK YA’LL HATERS!

  • h0p3l3ssr0m4nt1c

    I disagree completely with your review. KOIZORA was a wonderful movie and it really speaks to people. Yes, people cried, but not because of, as you put it, “cry with pain and hatred… their waste of money… the decadent moral standards of modern Japanese society… why women are fucking stupid… and why Japanese cannot act for nuts”, but because it is a heartfelt story about two teenagers trying to live a life of love. Yes, Mika was a little stupid in the movie, and yes, Hiro could have been nicer, but not every teenage girl is smart and not every teenage boy is nice. You kept bringing up the fact that his hair seems to never move and that he MUST be taking FOREVER to style it. Have you ever TALKED to a Japanese person? Their hair tends to not move, especially men with shorter hair. Yes, they put time into it in the morning, but after that, there is no fixing it.
    KOIZORA was a great movie. The actors were great. The Japanese can definitely act better than Americans. Seriously? How many TRULY bad Japanese movies are there out there? Not many. Compare that to the number of truly horrible American films. And besides, America is always taking foreign films and fucking them up by trying to make them Americanized. THE EYE, hello, Americans stole that idea from, I believe, China.
    I cried watching it. I admit, I am a young Asian male who CRIED watching KOIZORA. Not because of your stupid reasons, but because it hurts my heart to see this. Two young people get together, are having a child, lose their child, one finds out he/she is dying, and that person dies. Who WOULDN’T cry over something like that?
    Your review was horrible and it gave no good credit to anything. Even if you thought it was a horrible movie, a few good things would have been nice to add. Maybe the graphics were amazing. Maybe you liked Usuda Asami’s representation of Saki (that’s the name of Hiro’s ex-girlfriend, by the way). But there was nothing nice. Your reviews are horrible and very one-sided. Next time, look at both sides of the line

  • Aww... leave 'em alone

    I have just watched Koizora, and I have a simple paragraph to say about it.

    I must say the plot was fast-progressed, but it was a heavily modified version of the original novel so I couldn’t go any further. Some parts were confusing and some of the acting can be lousy. I personally watched it for Haruma as he is my favorite Japanese male actor, but the movie made a huge impact on me, surprisingly. And a positive impact as well.

    Your review/rant had been entertaining, thank you for making me laugh. But I think it’s wrong of you to criticize Japan as a whole because of one single movie you watched. I’m sure you haven’t watched many Japanese tragedy movies before.

    Please do not speak of the character Hiro in such ways, he is probably the dream man of many teenage girls nowadays. Kind of like Edward Cullen but I gotta say Twilight is really kind of lame. There were only two minor sex scenes without any exposure/suggestiveness whatsoever. You could even call it subtle and romantic. Therefore I think you shouldn’t have exaggerated on that.

    The character Mika can also be misleading. The actual novel explored more on her inner thoughts and feelings, therefore as I said the movie has a fast progression. You should actually go read the novel. As for Yu, yeah, don’t we all feel sorry for him; but in any Japanese media entertainment the nice guy never wins the girl’s heart, and Koizora follows that trend.

    Anyhow, this is still supposedly a review; you guys should give all that trolling a rest. If you don’t have any constructive criticism then don’t bother posting at all, and let’s all go watch more Japanese movies instead of wasting time here.

    I found this place via Google as I am unable to get over the whole thing about the movie, and I cannot believe I just posted a long comment on a website I don’t even know.

  • Wow, you got this all wrong.

    Hiro is NOT A LUSTY BOY because who puts time and effort into meeting a girl though stealing and talking to her on her cell phone? A guy who’s hot like that can get any girl without having to work for her.

    You also left out that after she got raped Hiro (somehow, which I agree with you is odd) found those guys and beat the crap out of them and then he bought his ex-girlfriend to Mika to beat the crap out of her. But Mika, being JAPANESE, doesn’t want to hurt her. So the awesome big sister cuts Saki’s hair. Her parents, however, doesn’t press charges because Japanese people are very private and they don’t want anyone to know that their daughter got rapped.

    And he didn’t ask for sex right after. You made it sound like they did it on the same day. When in fact, he waited until she gave him the ok.

    There is no “gangster talk”, maybe he speaks Japanese very roughly but it’s so people like you will look at him and think, “No I don’t like him” so then when the movie progress you’ll see that he is really a nice guy. The Japanese he is speaking is colloquial, NOT GANGSTER! Most non-japanese speakers always assume that the children must speak in a very polite manner to their parents. It’s not true! Plus he dyed his hair when he met her parents (Also the whole, how his hair is always nice comment, is stupid because he’s wearing a wig, of course it’s not going to move).

    So to sum this up, anyone who is thinking of watching this film, go for it. Don’t watch it if you don’t understand that everything in here should be taken literally, it’s just a movie. Sheesh. Don’t turn the movie into something ugly for people who are thinking of watching it!

  • .. ok first of all … ‘if YOU don’t like the movie then zip your f***ing BIG mouth !!!!!!!!1′
    .. WE don’t CARE what you think !!!
    .. damn it !
    .. if people wanna watch the movie let them … who the hell are you ??!! if you’re so fucked up ’bout this why don’t you go and make your OWN movie .. tsk3
    .. maybe you can’t please anybody but atleast respect ‘em , it’s like you’re insulting jap actors/actress/staffs
    .. get a life men :P

  • Cool. I’ve now seen the light. The truth is, I will surely need to wear my sunglasses now.

  • Uhmm…
    Your review is base on your opinion. ^^
    i dont really mind … But .. I think you are saying too much .. About japan, i mean.
    Please dont be rude and say bad words against them.
    They didnt do anything to you. They just want to make a movie.
    Man, theres nothing wrong with that right?
    Im not on either side, i havent watch the movie yet..
    But im planning, since i cant tell whether its good or not if i dont watch it personally.

  • Even if you read the manga, they’re still just as retarded, and the stuff that happened there was even worse. Even Hiro went and did nasty things to Mika before they broke up. Thanks for this ridiculous but totally right on review. Just tone down the racist vibes.

  • Wtf is wrong with you dude i dont give a fuck if your a girl. Japanese are not fucking stupid uggh people like you just fucking piss me off. I think that you need to watch that movie over again because yes i do admit the movie was rushed which made it be a bit off but guess what if something like LOVE has ever happened to you in your life then you probably have something to relate to in that movie. You hate pretty boys?? I guess you might consider yourself hell to the yes fugly. You dont understand the movie at all really people like you are dumb ass bitches yes people have their own opinion of things but you……you just disgust my soul. GO & GET A LIFE where you be a little more sensible. You dutty stinking jankro nanakro boy/girl.

    BYE IDIOT!!!:@

  • taKtsinaiPIIIV

    Awesome review! I’m totally agreed with you.

    I don’t get why many noobs find this movie good. :/

  • Go fuck yourself, worst Koizora review ever.

  • Many people, like Bubu, love the movie because they’re too fucking dumb to see the “norm” of bad things. This is typical of most Japanese who likes and appreciates this type of stuff going on, even in anime I guess. The title of this review should have nailed it for many of you except for the clueless,

    “Movie Review: Koizora is so Bad, it makes Dumb and Dumber Smart”

    Thus, if Bubu thinks this movie is top notch then he is truly Dumber than Dumb. That goes for all those that think getting rape and thus needing sex again is a good thing. Fucking christ, go kill yourself already and make the world less stupid lol. I don’t care if you’re male or female, that’s just sick and wrong.

    But you know what, I have to say I’m pretty fcked up too. I love Godzilla even though the acting sucks and the story sucks even more. I never understand why stupid Japanese military always have to fight Godzilla no matter how many explanations they give. I mean, there’s this other monster doing damage to land and peoples lives, Godzilla comes to the rescue stepping on some crowded homes on the way to fight the bad guy and the military turns on him. But thank God Godzilla didn’t go around raping victims of rape to make them feel better. That would just turn you sickos on to watch my belove Godzilla movies even more!

  • Forgot to add, for the girls responding with hate comments. I invite all of you to come over to my place, I’ll take you to TJ, get gang raped, we come back, you all get gang rape again so you feel love. I’m serious, provide your numbers/email/address and I’ll even pay to fly you over and pay for everything.

    Anything so that you all can show me how “loved” you are. Maybe then I’ll understand this pile of crap that has, like Apple products, “gripped” everyone one of your retards.

  • you sound bitter, sugar. fuck off and get a life. :)

  • It’s funny how pp still fight over this for years. Like the manga, not gonna touch the movie since it’s just suck and they can never potrait the character well enough. Yeah the wig on hiro in the poster look stupid, and really funny review make me laugh after crying over the koizora manga. Guess it hit me home about the baby and the miscarriage since I experienced that myself. And just give the reviewer a break, it’s just his/her opinion. I only saw the poster and gosh… comment since I’m not a japanese drama fan, but thumbs up for the manga. Whoever like this movie should read it too, it’s a lot better way better.

  • BEST KOIZORA REVIEW EVAR!!! Thanks for telling it like it is. And thanks for the laughs :-)

  • At least learn to NOT use vulgarity in your writing. It seriously pisses me off. Yes, you are entitled to your own opinions; and my opinion? I didn’t even bother reading the 3/4 of your review.
    Good day.

  • wow you’re review was so abusive, it did the opposite intended effect … im tempted tp watch it rofl. i love your use of language “beat the shit out of” and “apparently stalking is romantic” rofl you dont know how much i laughed watching your comment. hilarious

  • Horrible. Some Americans just cant understand when something is good because they spend so much time hating. Youre one of those Americans. Koizora is way better then step up 2, the japanese shows/movies are just more heartfelt then any american shows/movies and the japanese people are more heartfelt then most americans are. And to prove it, all I have to do is take a look at you. Youre making america look worse than it already is (btw im american and no im not racist against myself or any americans but this review is just stupid)

    • trolololol

      1) The writer is Singaporean.
      2) This is a blog about modern JAPANESE culture. And you say he hates Japanese stuff? Suuuuure.
      3) Ironic last sentence is ironic.
      4) Grow a sense of humour.

  • only people who envy.. xD

  • to the comment poster above, you are absolutely right

  • don't take it too logic, it's about love anyway

    glad you now notice there’s some people could live like this because this’s adopted from true story, so they are not telling lies fiction story. these people ever existed.

    if i were mika i would be happy too even i was in that kind of situation.. even if you were there telling those to mika, i think she won’t hear you.

  • WTF…..yes, its sweet sad movie .in other side, i really annoying w/ that silly immoral scene

    just watch th movie, n shut your mouth

  • your critiqued is not music to the ears. but it is indeed the truth,and the way you write it is hilarious. X)

    • i mean only some of what you said is the cold hard fact. but i still love the romantic story of koizora for its entertainment anyway. =)

  • 3 years later and still going strong? *salutes*

    And tj, the most ironic thing is that you probably know more about Japan and understand Japanese better than most of the inane commenters here. =P

  • you are the one who is stupid, some of your line in your summary didn’t match to the real one, your a big liar!!!!!

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