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[LianYL] CLANNAD Season 2 ~afterstory~ Confirmed?

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Was browsing some China sites and came across this:



It basically says that rumours(I chose to use the word ‘rumour’ here) of the date of a second season has been leaked. CLANNAD ~afterstory~ will start its broadcast in June, or so it says. This piece of information is from 2chan, so you’re getting third-hand information here.

Apparently at the moment, there has only been rumours of ~afterstory~ spanning over one season and not two, that would make it 13 episodes. It would appear that KyoAni and TBS are ironing out the details at the moment. According to the poster, the official news will be declared in two weeks’ time so in the meantime…

…fap to this piece of rumour.

Popularity: 5% [?]

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16 Responses to “[LianYL] CLANNAD Season 2 ~afterstory~ Confirmed?”  

  1. 1 double 90 comments

    I hope it’s not more KeyAni.

  2. 2 Setsukyie 14 comments

    I hope the news is true..
    The ending of the Clannad anime didn’t felt like an ending..
    I want more…

    But, is this going to delay Haruhi 2?
    Well, both is fine anyway..

  3. 3 Crest 12 comments

    Gogo, Mr Lian. Post more stuff and make this site more alive. Usurp it while you are at it.

  4. 4 Yhamm 2 comments

    wouldn’t it be stupid to start it in June even before episode 24 of clannad is available on dvd?
    I’m not sure I want this news to be true, nagisa arc ain’t really good, so unless it’s a different story with an other girl, me do not want

  5. 5 LianYL 581 comments

    Apparently the news of afterstory is rumoured as scheduled to be revealed in the ending creditings of the Bangai episode. Wait for it, it might not be real though.

    What makes you think that the bangai episode is only in the DVD anyway?

  6. 6 Yhamm 2 comments

    I have no clue of what “bangai” is :)
    I just know that next episode is an “omake”, at least something not really in the story, and that there will be a last episode in the dvd n°8[LianYL: citation needed] coming out in july
    or I am wrong?

  7. 7 LianYL 581 comments

    Interesting, I probably never knew that. Too bad I dropped this show. Go figure.

  8. 8 leefe 66 comments

    At least they don’t cut it off without the After Story. Now we know what KyoAni has up their sleeves in between CLANNAD Season One and the Haruhi 2.

  9. 9 Hinano 93 comments

    Man I hope this is true, then I can take back my flamewar

  10. 10 manga 19 comments

    As long as I can watch more Clannad from KyoAni I´m satisfied. More Kyou for the people!!

    And having watched the movie, I do want to see the after story in KyoAni quality.

  11. 11 Aeldt 12 comments

    happy ending version kthx

  12. 12 FlameStrike 31 comments

    If this is true then happy day! Haha I don’t think KyoAni would leave Clannad unfinished like this, and more Nagisa goodness is win. Still, I hope they won’t go the *** end.

  13. 13 LianYL 581 comments

    I guess it’s now official. News is out.

  14. 14 Dango Daikazoku 1 comment

    Man i wish the second season has comedy. Well actually i dont really care if its funny or not because i really want to watch the second season. So its called nagisa’s arch right… Cool name if its really the name of it… If you guys or anyone here have friendster please dont hesitate to invite me to your’s and plez give me more info if u hame any more… Pokeegon94@yahoo.com

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