[Ascaloth] CLANNAD (TV), Extra Episode

With the most dramatic portion of Nagisa’s arc over and done with, along with what had been the basic driving force behind all of her motivations, the (finally) official couple can now relax and enjoy themselves as they get used to their new status as a pair. Unfortunately, it seems that relaxing and enjoying themselves is the last thing on their minds; why they are even having some trouble getting used to being seen as such. They even have to get over their inhibitions to do what most other couples take for granted; holding each other’s hands. Gosh. Isn’t this kind of inhibition something that was last seen in the previous generation of our older folks?

Nevertheless, the last broadcasted episode of this season of CLANNAD (TV) is here, and it goes back to doing what it actually seems to be doing best thus far; making us laugh. So, let’s cap off six months of this journey with a good chuckle, as we get ready to sit on our asses to wait for the promised After Story Season.

CLANNAD (TV), Extra Episode: The Summer Break Incident.

Well, I always knew Hinano-sama was badass. I just didn’t realize that she was so badass that front-wheelies are part of her usual repertoire. What’s next, dressing up in a white trenchcoat, speaking softly while carrying a big stick, and generally being the ultimate badass? Oh boy, I would love to see that…maybe not, she’d probably discipline me first…OH SHI-

So, the delinquent has been brought to heel so much that he doesn’t dare skip class while his girl is pulling him around by the ear? Heh, talk about the power of a woman…come to think of it, that sounds suspiciously similar to the experience der Fuhrer TJ Han is going through with his 姫さまthese days. :p

Rather funny how Kyou seems to see the need to pick a fight with Tomoyo even when they’re no longer rivals over a guy. Perhaps that Chinese proverb about "one mountain cannot hold two tigers" is true after all. Or perhaps in this case, tigresses.

Too bad we’ll probably never see a total bitch-off between those two, however; Tomoyo may kick Sunohara at the slightest provocation, but conversely she seems entirely unflappable in the face of Kyou’s stream of invective. What would it take to get these two to go for an all-out royal rumble…?

The happiest things in life are….

On the other hand, it’s also nice to see that the pseudo-harem aren’t begrudging Nagisa her man, and are actually actively taking a platonic interest in how she’s doing with Tomoya these days. You know, it’s a refreshing change from seeing rival females bitching, fighting and even Nice Boat-ing each other in recent works these days…


Mei-chan is back!!! And this time, we actually get some solid proof that she’s indeed related by blood to her onii-chan; I mean, her propensity towards comedy is almost so similar to his legendary propensity that it has to be hereditary in some way.

Always nice to see a family enjoying a meal together. Come to think of it, what exactly are they having for dinner, anyway? It seems to be a freakin’ huge bowl of ramen soaked in water in the middle of the table for everyone, which one pulls out and dips into what I can only guess is a cup of soy sauce for each person.

Holy shi-, Mei-chan looks completely different with her hair down! And despite the supposed loli status which comes with her younger age, Mei isn’t actually that much shorter than Nagisa, come to think of it. Mei-chan is awesome; she’s going to grow up to be a looker someday.

Oh, and…..how does that phrase go again? Oh, right. "A sleepy Nagisa is fine, too."

I would insert some kind of Gurren Lagann-inspired GAR quote here, but I’m pretty sure there’s others who can come up with something far better than I can. So you know what, why don’t you all think of a caption for this image instead? If possible, I’ll try to wrangle a prize out of TJ for the best GAR caption, too.

KyoAni sets us up for an Akiko’s Jam moment….

…but Mei-chan is so awesome it’s second nature for her to pass it off entirely. I want an imouto like her, too.

It’s amazing how when you put a shorter character between Tomoya and Nagisa, no matter who it is, it almost automatically gives them the "family" vibe.

That’s right, Tomoya-kun!!! Fight to protect your girl, and emulate the heavens-piercing romantic feats of your predecessor, the indomitable GAR-kio!!!

And as if she’s not already awesome enough, she displays fine business acumen, too. This girl is destined to go far in life.


Tip for preserving a good marriage #1: Be so manly that derailing your wife from a potential minefield of a topic with a GAR-filled proclaimation of love comes as second nature to you.

You know, it’s a rather sad thing that, out of all the characters in the cast whose plights I could possibly empathize with, I actually empathize with Sunohara’s the most. Except in my case, it’s not a sister, but a younger female cousin. Actually, make that cousins. All of which look like they inherit such good genes that I seem to be a genetic anomaly in the family by comparison, and all of whom know what they want in life as opposed to the aimless, shiftless me….

…you know what? It’s probably lucky for me that KyoAni did announce that After Story after all. If they didn’t, I’d probably have gone to find a way to make myself taller after I was done with this article. T_T

When Tomoya gets an expression like that on his face, you know that it’s about time to prepare for an LOLWUT…..

Oooooh, boy. BokuImo, anyone? That Tomoya has one scary imagination; just what kind of stuff does he read in his spare time?!

So, let’s see. How did that phrase go again? Oh, right. Well, it’s probably a done-to-death line, but if ever there was a moment in anime that absolutely required that particular phrase, this would be one. So forgive me for pulling it out once again. Ok then, here goes.


Is it just me, or is the way Mei-chan prances around somewhat reminiscent of the way Kyon no Imouto prances about?

Come to think of it, where did Sunohara go after Mei kicked him out?

I really liked the way Nagisa sounded when she went "Tomoya-kun", for some reason. It’s so cute, somehow even more so than when Kotomi calls Tomoya that. ^_^

It’s amazing how Sanae can use almost any kind of ingredient in her bread. That takes some pretty active imagination. It’s even more amazing how Akio can go GAR and shed manly tears over the slightest excuse. That takes some real improvisation talent, which of course we all know he does have.

Oh Nagisa, you’re too cute. I’ll treat you anytime.

It’s pretty funny how Nagisa tries her best to keep up what unfortunately can only be described as a complete farce. I’m pretty sure Tomoya has already caught on to the act long ago; the only reason Nagisa managed to drag this on for so long is probably because, like us, Tomoya wanted to see how far she could take it.

I have to admit, it was rather LOLWUT when Nagisa blew cinnamon breath in his face, but otherwise I’m not too sure why the veterans have pointed out the Cinnamon scene, though. Am I missing something here? Loved Tomoya’s "dead fish" eyes, though.

Mei-chan’s giving off more Kyon no Imouto vibes again. Now why didn’t she do the KyoAni trademark head-knuckle, again?

You know, interpersonal relationships are an interesting thing. They often tend to involve a balance of power, and those who lead relationships have this balance tipped in their favour. According to Willard Waller (1937), one partner is usually more involved in the relationship than the other in many dating relationships, and the balance of power tends to lie with the partner in the relationship who is less emotionally involved; this phenomenon is known as the principle of least interest.* This can be seen here in Nagisa’s attempt to take the initiative on the urging of Mei, perceiving that Tomoya has less emotional investment in their relationship than herself due to his lack of urgency in taking the initiative on his part.

Further studies on partners’ perceived relative emotional involvement and how it is associated with the outcome of the relationship reveal additional tidbits about Waller’s theory. Le and Agnew (2001) found that partners who share an equal dependence on the relationships reported higher levels of positive emotions and lower levels of negative emotions compared to partners of unequal dependence.** From this, we might conclude that the relationship between Tomoya and Nagisa is a healthy one that they get lots of positive emotions from, for they actually share an equal and mutual emotional dependence on the relationship that they share….

….well, I’m at it again. The last episode of this season of CLANNAD (TV), an episode which is supposed to be pure fun and games, and I just had to execute another sociological infodump on you guys. My bad. Let’s move on.

* Waller, W. (1938). The family: A dynamic interpretation. New York: Gordon.
** Le, B., & Agnew, C. R. (2001). Need fulfillment and emotional experience in interdependent
romantic relationships. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 18, 423-440.

At the end, I just went "awwww" when Nagisa said "I’ll always be with you". They are the perfect couple, indeed. May they always be happy together.

Well then, that’s that. That’s the end of CLANNAD (TV)….or is it?

Next Season Preview

With the rumours started by Moonphase and near-confirmation by Dengeki G’s, Kyoto Animation finally confirms the existence of production on CLANNAD After Story.

Well, I said it last week before, but it’s been a fun ride. It will be somewhat weird not to have anything to expect on Fridays after so long, but at least now we can wait knowing that we will get the After Story eventually. There’s only waiting to do until then, and hopefully KyoAni will announce a second Haruhi season to tide us over until the After Story arrives.

This is Ascaloth of RIUVA, and I will be joining you for the coverage of CLANNAD After Story when it finally airs. However, until then, signing out of the coverage of the first season of CLANNAD (TV).

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  • The Cinnamon Scene was probably one of the most memorable scene with Nagisa, because it immediately involved a very awkward situation where she lost all her will (as seen in the anime as well), while Tomoya was beyond shock.
    It is a pity that they didn’t portray Tomoya’s joy, as in the game, he figured out that she is trying to act more selfishly and eccentricly, which somehow made him feel very happy XD.

    That’s why i screamed the “Guys, there is the CINNAMON scene !!!”: one of the biggest romantic AND funny moment of CLANNAD ^^
    The way how Nagisa is flustered, nearly crying is priceless here.

  • anonymous coward

    i know where “nice boat” comes from, but they were nice-boating eachother?? what the hell does that mean

  • You know how you wondered where Sunohara went? Now, I wonder where did Mei go after Tomoya sent her off. XD The only character that leaves the scene you know goes is probably Akio.

    Also, Misae by default has a fang.

    Given Clannad’s nature, and the fact that Kyoani is animating it, makes it highly unlikely that there would be begrudgement. However, there is a high probability of just dropping the matter. Having a platonic interest is fine, though I still don’t like kyoani’s format for battling an opportunity cost.

    And you may wonder, what did Kyou driving a moped/bike between Nagisa and Tomoya mean? Though you can assume they were in the middle of the road and all but hm … indirect, or just kyoani inserted lol. Then again lots of things in the episode were kyoani inserted (I don’t want to say which one stands out the most).

  • That’s somen (soumen) they’re eating, not ramen. Typical summer dish – thin noodles served cold and dipped in broth/sauce. It isn’t just soy sauce; there are condiments in it like… bleh I’ll have to ask my mum. It’s actually quite tasty; Furukawa et al. are eating it the traditional way, but that doesn’t fill you up at all. In my family, we get a bowl per person =p.

    Misae has a very obvious fang in the game too. Heheh.

    Nagisa in this episode looks like that girl from Suzimiya Haruhi… I forgot her name.

  • I forgot to mention that I love your sociological analysis. It makes your blog by far the most interesting of the Clannad chronicles ^^

    Oh, Asahina Mikuru… that’s her name. Embarrassed Nagisa looks and acts like her in my opinion. By the way, the holding hands inhibition doesn’t just belong to our parents’ generation. In that respect, I’m the same as Nagisa. Hehehe.

    Sorry for double posting!

  • @anonymous coward : Think Kotonoha and Sekai stabbing each other with rusty knifes, and you will have an idea as to what Nice Boating each other means.

  • “It’s amazing how when you put a shorter character between Tomoya and Nagisa, no matter who it is, it almost automatically gives them the “family” vibe.”

    I’m certain that the positioning was totally intentional. But, yeah, I thought the exact same thing.

  • “Too bad we’ll probably never see a total bitch-off between those two, however; Tomoyo may kick Sunohara at the slightest provocation, but conversely she seems entirely unflappable in the face of Kyou’s stream of invective. What would it take to get these two to go for an all-out royal rumble…?”

    Don’t worry, Tomoyo is so awesome even when Kyou uses physical force she counters with pathos!

    “It’s amazing how when you put a shorter character between Tomoya and Nagisa, no matter who it is, it almost automatically gives them the “family” vibe.”
    It worked well with Fuko just as well as with Mei XD.

    Your sociological infodump’s are the win. Keep writing them!

  • Oh god, Mei-chan…

  • I feel sorry for nagisa lol, trying to turn her ultra shyness into a less ultry shyness… still i had fun laughing with this ep…. and again ur blog is great

  • For some strange reason, I lol’d when I saw the references for your sociology ramblings…you were trying to be witty when you inserted them in aren’t you? Or maybe my sense of humor is just plain screwed…

  • Is that a fallen Nagisa we see…? The last picture that is. Or their little daughter…? =/

  • will kyoani follow through with a canon story by the movie ( the purported ‘good’ end?)
    but as i played the game `tomoyo after story……….. ’nuff said…..

    can they pull off filling 13 eps with a story change?
    expect angst, sadness and lots of motoring…..

  • Brilliant. I have now seen the light. In fact, I’ll surely have to wear my sunglasses now.

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  • Whats hard now is how the systematic look to ones life is not revolutionized. You know what I mean? Its almost as if we walk through life with glasses on, not accepting the true fate of our own destiny.

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