RIUVA Special: Be The Best Man You Can Be!

Hi all, while I’m the one writing the post, this is actually brought to you courtesy of the RIUVA team. 3 things have happened on this site in the last few weeks. Normally it would be greeted with much fanfare and contests, but due to the hectic nature of school life, we’ve sort of overlooked it. Till now. In any case, the three major events are: 1. The 22nd anniversary of tjhan’s mother excreting him. 2. RIUVA’s 1000th post, the honour of taking it went to LianYL, and deservedly so. 3. RIUVA’s 2 000 000th viewer, which probably happened two weeks ago. The tally currently stands at 2 014 551. We’re all glad to see the continued popularity of RIUVA, despite seeing a slight drop in the average number of comments received for each post. Guess there’s a changing demographic of readers/viewers for the site. Anyway, we sincerely thank you for supporting this site, and we’ll promise to pick up on our production of articles real soon. Meanwhile, to celebrate the 3 landmark events mentioned above, we’re going to have a RIUVA Special: Be The Best Man You Can Be. It is a contest, and this time, incredibly, we’re giving out 3 TENGAs, and more! Yes, 3 TENGAs! Imported from Japan, and is certainly something you otakus definitely need. Time to give those hands a well-deserved rest. We had a hard time deciding the type of contest this would be, since such equipment should only go to those most worthy of it, i.e. the most manly. And what best to measure a man’s manliness than by the size of his NEO ARMSTRONG CYCLONE JET ARMSTRONG CANNON? Yup, you’ve heard that right! The contest is very simple actually: If you think you have the longest erect penis, or the thickest erect penis, or possess the wackiest pubic hairstyle, don’t be afraid to hide it. Flaunt it! Just send us a picture of your erect penis, stating the category you would want to enter it in (no restrictions on the number of categories entered), and indicate the length/width/style, and the picture:real life ratio for us to verify, and wait for the good news! Of course, for those of you with slightly smaller peckers, don’t be disheartened. Size is not everything; a good technique is important too. We’ll also be giving away a special prize for the shortest erect penis. Do send in all entries to tjhan86ATriuvaDOTcom by 13 April 2008! Also, do look out for our announcement post the following week after the closure of this contest, where we reveal the deep dark secrets of RIUVA’s Babylon Towers! Stay tuned!

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