Ethics Alert: Eureka seveN Fully Unleashed! But Should We Get It?

There’s a mini crisis going on at Nanashi fansubs it seems. Somehow, their translations and subtitle files for episodes 37-50 of Eureka seveN were leaked and some guy finished up all the remaining episodes with those. The guy was courteous enough to leave a message saying stuff like how he received the files, what he did to it and stressed that the translations were not his. He also praised Nanashi for their well-written translations and super releases of E7 so far. But this is a tricky issue now. Was it right for him to release all the remaining episodes in the first place? Remember that he did give Nanashi credit, as well as labelled the releases with a [Bizzaro-Nanashi] tag, albeit the contribution by the latter being involuntary. For ease of reading, this guy will henceforth be known as Guy in this article. He has a nic but since the forums at Nanashi are down I can’t remember it.

Speaking of which, the Nanashi site and forums were hacked into. This is unrelated to the above incident apparently. But it probably is contributing to the troubles they must be facing right now.

So the burning question is, to the eager fans of Eureka seveN, does this all matter? If they get the e7 subs they want, does it matter to them which group it is released by?

Judging by the number of peers downloading the torrent, which was posted on several major torrent sites (but since removed from Tokyotosho), the answer is pretty obvious. Guy who is now distributing does not have the capability to seed a 3 gigabyte torrent to the thousands of downloaders so barely anyone has completed the file though.

I shall not go into the (il)legality issues of fansubs here but just fansubber and downloader ethics.

Of course, there will be people taking the stand of “It’s not right. I’m waiting for the proper version.” and call for Guy to be hung, drawn and quartered. On the other hand, some say, “To hell with Nanashi for being slow! I’m getting this.” But the pre-dominant group is the “I’ll download this quietly cos I wanna watch e7 quick. But I’ll also download Nanashi’s better version when it is released and watch it again/keep it.”

Let’s see the issue from both sides now.


  1. Guy receives zero personal benefits for his work.
  2. Guy devoted time and effort and computer resources to making and distributing it.
  3. Guy did it since he wanted fellow e7 lovers to gain access to the remaining episodes quicker.
  4. Guy made sure he gave credit to Nanashi.
  5. Everyone gets the episodes quicker.
  6. E7 becomes more popular.


  1. Subtitle files did not belong to Guy and were used without permission.
  2. It’s still considered series hijacking.
  3. Lack of distribution infrastructure means it’s hard to get.
  4. People at Nanashi are pissed and rightfully so, since they have been doing everything so far.
  5. Quality may not be good, leading to confused viewers. Guy admitted that the subtitles were only drafts and have yet to pass final editing from Nanashi.

Since BT is the medium used for the distribution, bad point 3 is only temporary.

So, what say you? Discuss. With the help of pretty pictures from Danbooru and mounted on my newly-installed Lightbox JS plugin. Please wait for the site to finish loading before clicking. And click on the left side of the loaded pic to go next, and the right side for previous pic.

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42 Responses to “Ethics Alert: Eureka seveN Fully Unleashed! But Should We Get It?”

  • I believe that I would prefer to wait until the Nanashi official release. Although I’m very tempted to download this Bizzaro version because it could allow me to finish the series so I can focus on the current season. However, I don’t want Nanashi to quit doing fansubs altogether because of this.

  • There IS a certain possibility of Nanashi winding up due to this.

  • If you had asked me a few weeks ago, I would have said that he is in the wrong but ever since their April fool fiaso, frankly I can’t help but  I feel a tiny bit happy about has happened to them. There is a small dark part of me that believes they somehow deserved this kind of thing to happen to them ( I know I am going to get a lot of flak for saying that but quite a few of us were quite annoyed by what they did, it was certainly their right to do it, it is certainly my right to still be bitter about it) Still, they have done a very good work on that series, so I guess it is a shame.  I have translated 2 series for a french fansub group a while ago ( Tsukihime and another one that I didn’t like with guns and a girl named Maria .The fact that I didn’t like that series but still had to translate it ended up being the reason I quit fansub)  so I can really imagine how painful it is for them but the rememberance of their childish prank almost outweights the fellings of sympathy I have for them.

  • What I don’t get is, if they already have translations for the remaining episodes why is it taking them so long to release them? Ok, so they were only drafts but still, they can’t be that bad if this guy could release the remaining episodes in a bulk. Still, I think Nanashi has done a good job so far so their slow release rate has to count for something I guess. To be honest I am tempted to download them and I will most probably check atleast one episode out before I decide if I should watch the rest.

  • My guess would be that they want to stagger their releases so that their server isn’t overloaded. Just a guess though. I’m pretty sure the translation is the hardest part of the process, hence the conclusion.

  • For speed subbing groups, then you’re right translating is the most time consuming task.

    But for groups that try to attain a higher quality, the translation still requires a lot of work but in the end, it is not what takes the most time… For new fan sub groups, the timing part is pretty hard but once you get the hang of it, a lot more time will be spent on editing, proofreading,encoding pre-release, and so on. It’s some kind of loop that gets started when the translation is done.

    In this case, either the Translator is a very hard working individual or the rest of the team are lazy bums… Such a lag between the translations and the releases is poor team management. As for servers, well, obviously the load for the xdcc servers would be very high ( especially when you have a limited bandwidth per month, as in Nanashi’s case) but bit torrent is a very useful tool for that. In my team, we used to do pre distro through xdcc with the regulars from the chan about a week before the actual release so we had a lot of seeders on release day, it eases the load on the main server. Then , somewhere between 20-30 % of the downloaders seed at least 75 % of what they downloaded and in most cases it’s enough to avoid overloading our main server. Then again, It was a french fansub team I belonged too and Tsukihime wasn’t as popular as Eureka seven so the number of people downloading was nowhere near the number Nanashi gets.

  • Good insight you bring here. I wonder if that’s the case. I notice a lot of politically correctness when it comes to fansub groups. Since they are doing it for free, people above noob level don’t really criticise them much.

  • I personally don’t mind waiting for Nanashi to release their versions of the remaining episodes because I’m already watching more than I can handle this spring. However, I can understand many people wanting to download the remaining episodes just to finish the series. As Matte mentioned, I may download an episode or two just to check the quality of the product, but ultimately I will probably stick to Nanashi’s releases. I tend to stick to one group’s work even if they are slower. There have been a few recent shows that many groups were working, but I haven’t finished because I’m waiting on subs from specific groups. Waiting is no big deal for me.

  • Ultimately, most people will probably d/l it and watch it. Some just want to finish the series just like every one else as said. In my opinion. E7 isn’t recieving the attention it deserves. It’s an anime that should rival the likes of FMA, but FMA had a larger fanbase when it started. I think the one fault is that Eureka Seven was prelicensed before it could get exposure to majority of the community. Now since E7 is on AS’s lineup, those who wish to progress further can’t get far, since Nanashi is the only group. I still don’t get why the series isn’t finished. I believe it’s finished airing in Japan, so why’s it taking so long? Maybe Nanashi got annoyed by the people complain on them to pick it up, or I could be wrong. Either way, it’s something that the viewers themselves should decide on.

  • I’m going to go ahead and wait for Nanashi. All I care about is translation and Eureka Seven is a show that needs good translation or else it’s easy to get confused. And since these are draft scripts, I fear for the quality of translation. Even in some of Nanashi’s “official” and finalized scripts there have been translation and interpretation errors (which they made note of in future releases).

    Sure, I’ll probably be waiting many more months before finally reaching episode 50, but I enjoy Eureka Seven and want to watch it in the best way possible.

    This opinion is subject to change. :P

  • Aww, poor Nanashi. I just think it was wrong for him to do it without permission. I actually think that people should wait for Nanashi’s fully finished versions, especially if they had not done final editing on the scripts, seeing as viewers can become confused. And there are many people out there who may not watch the fully finished versions later, leaving them forever ruined on what they came out with Eureka. Nanashi has done an awesome job with Eureka seveN. Though I only watched up to about episode 20 by them…

    Thankfully this doesn’t really affect me in any way, as I’ve seen the whole series and could understand it with or without subtitles, though I do plan to rewatch the whole series with subtitles someday, just to make sure there wasn’t anything I missed. I just hope those E7 viewers who have not finished it yet are able to see a correct version.

    I wouldn’t mind downloading episode 48 though… but I’d love to download and watch every and any version of it that I can find. Even if it’s in French, Chinese, Spanish… Oooh… So deffinately my favorite episode. Eeek. I like… even memorized the dialogue for that episode. I usually don’t do crazy weird things like that.

  • Well, I downloaded them, since whats the harm in doing something considered “Illegal” by people doing something “Illegal” to begin with? And I have to say, I’m glad I did it. For the most part, the subtitles are very well written and, from what I can tell, fairly accurate (Or at least as accurate as Nanashi usually is). There are no real problems with the timing, either. The only thing that someone might complain about is the lower visual quality (caused by kind of meh raws) and lack of Karaoke, which I really could care less about because I’m not singing along with the damn song anyways.

    And all that I can say to Nanashi is that it’s your own fault for being so slow that you actually made people go to such lengths to get the next episodes. If you already had this much done, then why not just do “No Frills” style MKV releases for all of them and then come back later with AVIs and karaoke and your oh so vital group logo that you spent so much time trying to perfect.

  • I watched the fansubs quite a good while ago before the news that it had been leaked when it was still circulating through newsgroups and seeing as Nanashi has taken SOOOO long and played that cruel prank I would say go for it and get the rest of the series. It was there own fault and they should have been kinder to the people following their subs and should have gone faster as well

  • Frankly from the standpoint of a Nanashi member, im shocked personally. My ‘associates’ aren’t as pissed or worried as I am, but this is just something that bothers me to the ends of the earth.I’ll admit, us at slownashi are slow, and yes we had all 50 translated, but what people don’t seem to understand the major differences between a Nanashi release and let’s say in this case a STOLEN Bizzaro release.At Nanashi we take it to the next level, we use a variety of tools to increase the watchability of the show without becoming a burden. Special detail that often people don’t notice right away is our signs. We translate and typeset (sometimes AFX) our signs so they are as clear and "natural" looking as possible. Also, the scripts pass through various passes of rigorous translation checks & editing so that the message being conveyed is being conveyed PROPERLY.This alone is just what’s involved in the script, of which 36-50 didn’t have at the time of the leak. The leaked scripts are merely rough timing we did ahead of time, even before translations were availiable raw translations from our TL (who does a danmed good job i might add), and a 1st pass edit mainly for punctuation and line structure.These Bizzaro Releases are more of an Insult to me than anything, our name of Nanashi is tacked onto some low quality encoding & editing mainly because the scripts weren’t in thier complete form. Yes it’s nice this "Bizzaro" tool gave us credit for the scripts, but it’s insulting to me that this crap will be out there circulating on the internet brandishing unfinished subs in the Nanashi name. Most people who will undoubtedly download thier nice little "Box-Torrent" of 1-35 [Nanashi] and 36-50 [Bizzaro-Nanashi] won’t get a lil text file explaining that Bizzaro was actually some jackass who took ‘stolen’ scripts and just slapped them onto raws. He most likely also probably dosent know jack squat about encoding, i wouldn’t be surprized if the files are only single pass. This is a negative effect on us since most people will think we moved to a joint w/ some "Bizzaro" thing and suddenly dropped quality. This is the true fact of the ignorant nature of the average leecher these days.Don’t get me wrong, I understand the longing for anime asap, hell, im following EVERY SERIES (short princess princess) this season, it’s killer cuz the cliffhanger endings only get worse.Anyway, my associates at Nanashi tell me not to get so worked up about this, but it’s more of a personal opinion and reflection. Anyway, If you’re going to download Mr. Bizzaro’s hack&slash, fine, whatever. I can’t stop you from doing that, although I will ask anyone getting these episodes that they in no way represent Nanashi apart from the fact that our translations & rough timing was used.I still highly reccomend that you keep with the real Nanashi for your E7 Dosage, It’ll be worth it, trust me.- ReAn of Nanashi Fansubs (  Timer / Typesetter / SFX Specialist

  • Holy shit, what happened to all my formatting?!?!

  • Good to hear from a Nanashi member! Ok I can’t help but point out that the name "Nanashi" means "No name" so it’s quite ironic when you mention the name of Nanashi being tainted by Bizarro.

    Jokes aside, no doubt your group’s subs are of top quality but when so much time goes into perfecting it, is it really worth the speed sacrificed? I have no doubt that people will still download your releases even if they have already watched the stolen version. But would the average, or even hardcore anime viewer, care so much about the quality? Yeah we do want good editing, translation etc but as far as I know, most are not overly concerned about the aesthetics of the sub.

    As a fansub group who is doing it on a volunterary basis, it’s up to you guys to decide the style you wish to use, but in this case, it feels like the extra amount of time and effort is no longer proportionate to the added satisfaction a viewer gets. To illustrate this with an example of another fansub group, Wannabe generally takes 1 week to do SR. But the speedsub group yourdad/mum does it in a day or two. Viewers are willing to wait that extra week for better quality. But when they have to wait months just for some visual effects, some are bound to be dissatisfied.

    Your concern about the damaging effects on reputation is very valid but if those people are n00b enough to not know that the bizzaro version isn’t from you guys, why would you care what they think? The general reputation of nanashi is, high quality but slow and sometimes has a mean streak, isn’t it?

  • << ~~ Hopefully this wont end up as a wall of text ~~ >>tj_han,Although this sounds a bit on the offensive, we are a quality group. Look at Lunar, they’re slowing down too, and thier quality is going up as well. This is a choice we all made when we went about making Nanashi.Although we’d prefer everyone shared the excelent experience of Eureka seveN in the best quality, if someone out there thinks it’s too slow. Make a quicksub group, just use your own translations / timing / editing (if any ??).It’s the way it is, many many groups out there butt into other series 1/2 way cuz one group is slow. Look at DB for example *cough*.Yes, technically Nanashi means ‘no-name’ but we have a reputation of producing quality subs, and we’d like to keep it that way.I myself have stopped collecting DVD rips, mainly cuz they are cut and dry what Bizzaro did, they just OCR the script from the DVD and paste it ontop w/ some karaoke (sometimes not even) and a bit of typeset (sometimes not even).For instance Kare Kano, a series with a rediculous ammount of scribbled notes / signs / written sounds, etc the DVD rips have NONE of them translated, the show draws a lot of the plot out of those, and I feel like ive missed out. The goal of nanashi is to make the eps feel as natural as they can be, minus the fact that they’re subbed.Like i said, if you’re uncomfortable waiting like this, form your own "your-mom/dad" group (AnimeJunkies style) and sub it using your own translator/editor/timer/etc.Fankly if Bizzaro had translated and timed it himself, i wouldn’t have given a flying f***. He did give credit, but that’s like using a pirated copy of Maya to make a 3D Animated Commercial Movie and then at the end going, oh by the way, THANKS Alias Wavefront!Anyway, that’s my answer to your question.- ReAn of Nanashi Fansubs (    Timer / Typesetter / SFX Specialist

  • Fuck, it did….

  • Fuck, it did. (P.S. Im not an editor, so dont poke fun at my post’s grammar, i know it’s horrible, also i swear, these responses are formatted, this editor just dosen’t like me.)

  • You know…

    Im having one hell of a hard time with this freakin script… *cry*

    - ReAn (
    Timer / Typesetter / SFX Specialist

  • Hey ReAn from Nanashi. I have that formatting problem too. And I’ve did a little experiment. Seems like me posting in Firefox will result in jumbled up paragraphs. Try posting in Internet Explorer and see if it changes. Funny thing is, tjhan doesn’t have problems posting in Firefox…. hmmm…

  • I just realised I really do have shitty grammar.

  • I’ve been trying to fix my comments box. You are the first to get this formatting problem I think. Most people either have to click the submit button twice to submit once, or they click submit and have to reload the page. So many problems.

  • Well I downloaded the Bizzaro Nanashi and I can realy care less about it, I just wanted to watch and understand the series not learn how to sing days or admire how cleaver the type color is to match the sign on the side of a bus. And if any thing nanashi is far from quality. They can’t even get rid of a god damn ticker on the side of the episode. There a ton of better fan subbers better then nanashi. Like Dattebayo they have been subbing naruto since it pretty much came out. They have a far better lvl of quality then Nanashi and they do this in less then 24 hours. An episode of Naruto comes out wensday night and is up for download subbed with karaoke and all the bells and whistles and without mistakes by thursday morning. If they can sub an anime in less then 24 hours then what is so hard about finishing an anime thats been out for months? The only reason I download nanshi is because it was the only one I could find. I mean if it takes you week to do some thing sub par compared to sone who does it in 1/14th of the time how can you call your self quality?

  • homeless_homo


  • Joker27:
    Yeah, Dattebayo puts their stuff out quick and dirty, and yes it’s only 24 hours. This is nitpicking, but they didn’t touch Naruto till around episode 40 or 50. They had ALL the names of characters, special moves, skills, etc, translated for them! Even the manga translations to go from. Nanashi’s been very careful about making sure all the names are properly translated, double checking stuff in magazines, giving liner notes about abbreviations and such used in the show. Take into account the grammar/spelling/typesetting… Dattebayo’s DECENT at best. Nanashi… I nitpick at spelling/grammar/typesetting errors and I haven’t found any(of their good copies. Bizzaro-Nanashi’s have many)

    Considering the flack that groups have received in the past for small mistakes (first episode of FMA comes to mind, with the mistranslation of which body part was taken) I can’t blame them for wanting to make sure everything’s right. Also, if you consider the fact that there have been several instances of people from fansubbing groups being picked up by corporations for doing commercial work; an episode of anime released under your fansubbing group’s name is like a resume for a job.

    Now for MOST people, Nanashi’s efforts are wasted. There are perfectionists out there who won’t settle for anything but the best. I’ve been watching anime for over 10 years now, back when Kenshin dropped the F bomb every other word, so the perfectionism is definitely lost on me. I’ve downloaded the Bizarro Nanashi versions and they’re fine by me, but I definitely will be downloading the proper Nanashi version as it becomes available.

    Finally… Nanashi’s versions are awesome. They’re on the verge of making professionals look bad, other than the aforementioned time ticker, which is near IMPOSSIBLE to make disappear other the blurring it out. Are they slow? Yes, but dammit, they make it look so damn good.

  • I had just begun to download the bizzaro crap when I found this. I have now aborted my download. I havebeen enjoying the releases by nanashi and slightly wish that dvd subs were done by groupd such as this commercially. Honestly, the subs are so much better.

    Keep up the good work.

    OK…I’m done Now


  • Nanashi’s quality is amazing, but speed should be considered as well. I find myself apart of the “I think I’ll download both” group. In the end we should appreciate Nanashi’s work above all since the trans was taken from them, but people have been craving these episodes for a long time now, let them have their release lol.
    This though, isn’t to say we shouldn’t download nanashi’s as they become available, because in the end wouldn’t you want a collection from the best of the best?

  • The fact is, a single person was able to encode and release the rest of the episodes in a shorter amount of time than it took you to release a SINGLE EPISODE. If you needed more help then you should’ve recruited on your site. The second thing is, if you had enough time to translate the rest of the series you should’ve decided to translate and quality check the first half of them and actually release something. You mention Lunar as an example, and i must say they do have good quality subtitles and encoding… However they are paranoid and disillusioned, they stop subbing a series when its licensed and frantically run around like a chicken with its head cut off even though it wasn’t legal to begin with. You shouldn’t be following their lead thats for sure and if you need a role model look to Shinsen-subs, and dattebayo. Shinsen releases more episodes than anyone, the only thing slowing them down is distribution, they actually have to hold off on releasing episodes because even with a bunch of 100mb bots and dedicated bit torrent seeders they still get swamped. Dattebayo releases its fansubs, on average, less than a single day after its premier in Japan. And both of these groups have top notch quality. The only thing bad i can say about either of those groups is that dattebayo’s webmaster is a prick, he and a few other members of dattebayo make the whole group look worse than they are because most of the members are great.
    Your group, nanashi, is disorganized it seems. Not only do you rarely release anything even though you have it translated but when you have a problem like you did with some script kiddie using an exploit on your site you decide to completely change your forums instead of just patching your vulernability. What this guy did to you might not be respectful but all things considered i am really glad he did it. He managed to get the rest of the series out to people when you failed

  • Of course it’s allright. So I pretty much agree with the guy was said…

    “Well, I downloaded them, since whats the harm in doing something considered “Illegal” by people doing something “Illegal” to begin with?”

    This is exactly what I’m talking about. I mean why should nanashi get all ticked off in the end? Anime companies specificially licenese a product so they have sole discretion on when and how their “license” is released. Did nanashi license? Hell no.

    The only reason they have to be angry is that someone stole their translations. But guess what, the stealer made no move to take credit, he pretty much gave credit and respect where it was due.

    So if they did run thourgh a mini crisis of sorts, it’s a pride issue of the entire group. The release didn’t go the way they wanted to go. They didn’t get the precious logo they wanted. They didn’t get the kudos (or even the joy some fansubbers get knowning they have done the work on the series but are intentionally holding back cause they know they are the only ones that have the translated copy) they wanted for completely the series.

  • where can i find e7 sub any1 no?

  • I downloaded the Bizzaro Nanashi series of Eureka Seven, I might have found the wrong one, but episodes 37-50 were not subbed they were just RAWs.

  • I downloaded them all, first i couldnt get subtitles to work, but just downloaded the last MKV codec, and when using Media Player Classic, they all worked fine with subtitles, and the quality IMO is no different to that of Nanashi’s.


  • a new group called Seraph recently started at 40 and r up to 45 ,
    so i am just waiting on the last 5 episodes by seraph so long as they bring them out b4 nanashi.
    i would get the leaked ones but really, mkv sucks and i cannot get the subs to come up when i transcode it to dvd to watch on my dvd player.

    “We welcome one and all to a brand new fansubbing group, Seraph-Fansubs. We’re a group starting off with the anime, “Eureka SeveN” hoping we can get loyal fans by this rather “bold” move. Starting off at episode 40, we plan to complete the series with the quality and speed people expect. Now we understand that quality matters to everyone. But does one need to sacrifice 1,2, or even 3 weeks just to watch a single episode? We don’t think so, so we’re changing things here in Seraph-Fansubs.”

  • I’m going to give my 2 cents. I know this is late but I guess it is still not as LATE as Nanashi. Considering that now is almost 5 MONTHS after the leaked subs and eps, Nanashi hasn’t even completed E7 yet. In fact, they still have 8 more eps to go, although they did mention that they are going to release the rest of the eps in bulk.

    I actually knew of Bizarro’s eps in May, but I did not download them. I was one of those who waited… and waited… until my patience ran out. Seriously, no matter how much quality you want your releases to be, taking this long is unexcusable. ReAn, you claimed to understand people’s longing for anime asap. Is that meant to be a sarcasm? Coz I don’t see how you understand that. You mentioned you are following all the anime but if the studios were to release each ep every 3 weeks or more, like what your group does, would you honestly say you would have no complaints or resentment? Of course, you would argue that they are paid professionals, so they have an obligation whereas you guys do it for free. I do not deny that and I applaud your efforts. The point I want to make is, the viewers’ expectations or feelings are the same, be it the TV showing or your fansub releases. They expect to be given their feed constantly. When they watch the show, they don’t bother whether what they are watching is given out by paid professionals or people who do it for free. Although, most hardcore and longtime anime viewers will have a better appreciation and understanding of the fansub groups. If there is a lag in releases due to circumstances, they don’t complain so much. However, when releases are constantly being released so late, I believe most would start to feel an irritation at the very least.

    Actually, I am more resentful of the fact that no others have taken up this project even though it is licensed rather than blaming you guys for the slow releases since you guys are known for that. I find it funny that people are afraid to take up licensed series or drop them whenever they get licensed in the US. People can talk about ethics and helping the Japanese animators, but at the end of the day, it is really all about the interest of the US distributors. The authorities do not care about the unlicensed anime series since they do not bring them the money, but when US movies or TV series get distributed illegally in Japan or any other country, they would cry out loud about it. Hypocritical isn’t it?

  • i love this site, is the first time i visit this and i’m instantly in love….

    ok, i’ll come here later……

    congrats for the grate site: from colombia (south america)

  • I actually waited for the english-dubbed version of the show to come out…its WAY better hearing the character’s voices instead of reading subtitles. You can also watch Eureka seveN on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, which is the English-dubbed version, and they even play it in order! Tonight (February 29,2008) they played the first episode, Blue Monday. So if you are new to the series I reccommend you start watching Adult Swim now! I live in the Mountain Time Zone, and it is on at 11:30 pm, i think tuesday-friday.

    Eureka seveN is TOTALLY my favorite show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1=D

  • does any 1 noe if there is going to be a new season of eureka seven i really hope there is i love this show so much i really what to know what happens to renton and eureka

  • if there is new episoad of eureka sen=ven i do i get them

  • they should take a few lessons from dattebayo on efficency and speed

  • @Joker27:
    Fuck you, you dumbass motherfucker!

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