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[LianYL] BRstick - 88 >> Impatience Is A Virtue

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My sentiments while waiting for Code Geass R2 RAW.

Popularity: 3% [?]

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7 Responses to “[LianYL] BRstick - 88 >> Impatience Is A Virtue”  

  1. 1 RmX 6 comments

    This should instead be a strip about the lag disaster when 250 users tried streaming the video feed when it aired.

  2. 2 Kurogane 113 comments


    R2 is airing earlier anyways. Same timeslot as Gundam 00. So, there’s no need to stay up at ungodly hours to watch it.

  3. 3 TP 17 comments

    It’s either my understanding of the joke is “off,” or I was right on.

    Interpretion: lack of raw subs are due to heavy clampdown on “uploading of television-broadcast shows on the Internet.” policed by Internet service providers there under pressure from the coalition of heavyweight copyright organizations to stop the massive wave of “peer-to-peer file-sharing.”

    Sounds like “Toshokan Sensou” to me. [/in-before-self-hitting-jokes]

  4. 4 Forceflow 27 comments


    Understand how you feel.

  5. 5 Tiny Red Man 111 comments

    move to japan..

  6. 6 hayase


    So the delay/lack of raws wasn’t just my imagination ^_^;

  7. 7 Hynavian 16 comments

    My sentiments exactly!

    Its great to see the stick figures again! Miss them. :)

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