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Top Five Anime of the New Season So Far. How Many Blog Posts have had Such Titles?

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I just couldn’t resist the temptation. I know millions of people have posted stuff on what is good in the new season etc but let me be part of the million.

The sub ratio is pretty low this season due to the sheer volume, which mars the otherwise brilliant season so far. A lot of people are watching raws and struggling through them due to having no alternative. Anyway, I don’t watch raws since I wouldn’t want to waste time rewatching stuff when or if it gets subbed. Unless the anime is School Rumble.

So here are my top five picks for this season so far.

School Rumble 2nd Term
With an average rating of 92348134 out of 0.01, nothing can stop the SR juggernaught of entertainment. Even though the stories are from the manga, which I have already read, it’s still much better than everything else. Haruhi included.

Jyuu oh Sei
This is really VERY GOOD. Studio Bones never ever disappoints. The first episode was just too exciting, too intriguing and I like nature. Nature is cool, as is sci-fi and Takayama Minami, seiyuu of Conan, is my childhood heroine. The idea of killing your twin to survive is realistic and Thor is cool. Pity about the crappy names though. But anyone who misses this show is like a guy who steps on a winning lottery ticket and slips on it, falling to his death. In other words, watch it. Man-eating trees 4tw.

Black Lagoon

Pure Holly-wood action!! What is better than 24 minutes of non-stop adrenaline pumping action after a hard day’s mind-numbing work? Guns and explosions, with babes and cool salarymen thrown in never cease to draw my attention.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
I like this but everyone’s fawning over it already. Yuki go go!!

Yeah Naruto. Just joking. Actually it’s a draw between Higurashi no Naku Koroni and Ouran High School Host Club. I can’t decide. There aren’t enough slots. Ouran is funny, well animated and just really funny. Higurashi is the first truly horror anime I’ve seen. I’ve never felt so frightened watching a mere CARTOON. But the addiction to it never ceases. I now have a fear of loli-moe characters.

There are some good stuff like Simoun that is good but not quite top 5 material. If only they would cut out the gimmicks like lesbian kissing. High School GIrls is actually pretty maligned, it’s watchable. I like it more than NANA. HAHA!!

I stopped watching:

I don’t get this. I didn’t get Paradise Kiss either. Why is this a bestseller? Why?

The .hack series has always been boring for me. I hate MMORPGs, why should I watch shows about them?

Uncool mecha. Seriously uncool. It takes quite a bit to make me stop watching mecha and action genre stuff. Zegapain has that bit.

Amazingly mediocre Jump series. Gintoki has the weirdest most unsuitable voice ever. I bought a couple (5 actually) of the manga but have yet to read beyond book 1.

I have yet to watch quite a few shows too, like Utawarerumono, Strawberry Panic, xxxHolic (I read the manga) etc.

I’m always watching older series as well, hence the lack of time. Currently going through Gatekeepers (for the nth time) and the Seikai Trilogy.

Popularity: 14% [?]

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7 Responses to “Top Five Anime of the New Season So Far. How Many Blog Posts have had Such Titles?”  

  1. 1 Hopeless 18 comments

    I think the strength of Nana is that the characters are tailored to appeal to many people, while the rock aspect lends some credibility to the show. It’s like a live action drama turned manga.

    I like .hack//Roots, purely because I enjoy games were everyone seems to just talk rather than actually play. I just like the .hackiness of .hack. Gintama I quite enjoyed, too, since it seemed to be just taking a stab at the other SJ series. Zegapain, though…ugh. Black Lagoons failed to impress me, too, its just not the type of show I like much.

    I agree with you that School Rumble must always be the best show around when airing, and pretty much agree with your top five, although I’d place School Rumble first, then Ouran, Higurashi, Haruhi and Jyu oh sei. Utawarerumono pushes for 6th place.

  2. 2 Tess 16 comments

    Ahahaha… NANA. NANA is hard to get into in the beginning because it goes so slow. I wasn’t really interested until I got to volume three, then spead read to volume 14. It got slow again so I haven’t read in a while, but NANA is awesome at times. I’m just happy my favorite character will make some small appearances in episode four, which I should be watching soon. If you ever decide to re-pick-up NANA, wait till it’s at at least episode 10… I would guess. BTW, Paradise Kiss sucks.

    My list is pretty similar to yours except… I never got to watch most of School Rumble’s first season, but I really want to. So the 2nd season can’t be on my list. I just don’t have time to marathon a series yet. Soon though, soon.

    Otherwise there is a big tie between Suzumiya Haruhi and Higurashi. Then Ouran. Then JuOuSei. Then there are the not quite awesome but okay shows for when I am bored like NANA, Strawberry Panic, Nishi no Yoki Majo,Saiunkoku Monogatari, Simoun, .hack//roots, in order of good to not/so good/ boring/ not so good animation. NANA is really the only one I don’t find to be any of these things, but it’s just not as great as other series this season, and it’s hard to go crazy over since I already know it all. Though, I can imagine I wouldn’t be watching it if I hadn’t read the manga.

    Haruhi is #1 because I am in love with Haruhi. Higurashi is #1 because I am in love with blood. And I have never been creeped out by a form of entertainment, let alone an animation. And I love creepiness. And murder. Higurashi is love. Ouran is #2 because it is by BONES. Ouran has pretty animation, likeomggmmgmg. And Ouran is usually something I watch directly after Higurashi… so I don’t go completely insane. (I will later drive myself to complete insanity by watching every Higurashi episode a milliooon times). JuOuSei is #3 because of BONES. It would be higher, but Ouran is too happy. And happy is good after Higurashi. JuOuSei is actually really amazing. It reminds me of countless novels I’ve read, some of which being Lord of Flies, and Lord of Rings. Someone also said it has aspects from Heart of Darkness, which is a book I am about to begin reading for English next week. Oh, and JuOuSei airs before H&C S2. LIKEOMG. H&C is my favorite anime ever. Followed by Eureka. JuOuSei is like, connected to my two favorite series ever, so it might very well become one of my favorites tooo.

    GAHH. Nooo. Thinking about these series like this…. I don’t like placing numbers on them. They are ALL #1. Yay.

    Sorry for the long post. This season is just amazing me. These might become some of, if not all of them, my favorite series ever. Those four at least.

  3. 3 tj_han 1243 comments

    I think I lack a certain brain area. The part the processes emo drama. I’ve never watched and enjoyed these types of shows. Especially those from girl view points. I really like BECK a lot though, so the rock in Nana may just be the factor that makes me start watching. Tell me when it gets good.

  4. 4 K-chan 2 comments

    Isn’t Nana projected to be 50 episodes long? I haven’t read the manga, but I’m watching the anime and I’m addicted (along with Ouran). I think it pulls at my heart strings because I’m a girl… and I love Ai Yazawa… or something like that.

    The Paradise Kiss anime did indeed suck, but the manga was very good.

    I deeply love Honey and Clover as well *happysigh*

    Ahhh I can’t wait for the re-make of Kanon in the fall! n.n There’s so much good (chick) anime coming out~!

  5. 5 OMG 1 comment

    NANA is not an anime where you can just pick and watch and expect to enjoy right away. It’s a anime where you need to sit your ass on the sofa with a cup of coffee and turn up the volume so you can enjoy the beautiful pop/rock OST.

    I dont understand how you guys dont like NANA. It’s the most touching anime ever. the bond between friendship and love. it’s like two different anime combined in one. the story flows very well. the art style is a plus, and the OST is about to make me cry everytime an episode ends, always makes me think someone is going to die at the end, which is indeed very sad. while watching NANA, i can’t bring myself to watch anymore anime. i tired, but they arent as good as NANA.

    I think NANA is perfect. The rock music and emotion mixed with bunch of comedy. most important, love breaks everyone apart and brings them back together once a year. TELL ME!? You guys dont think that’s sad? (Well, maybe those who hate sad anime is better off not watching NANA)

    It seems Hacki isn’t likable by most people, but she had her hards time also. A stupid sad adorable girl. And NANA O. is just plain cool, at least she know what she’s doing.

    (Did i spoiled anything? YES.)

    School rumble and Ouran rocks! ROFL. there are so many random stuff you dont expect to see in those two anime, even the Haduri (In Ouran) is always suprised lol.

  6. 6 Welo 1 comment

    Nana is a well thought out manga. The author of the manga has realy captured the true feelings as to what a girl would think in a real situations that happens in life, the manga is not overly dramatic. In other mangas they would put a girl as a dansil in distress and in any givin time where the girl is depressed she would probley commite suicide by jumpping off a building, I am not saying that mangas like these are bad they just don’t seem realistic. Nana is a great manga and I recommend it to people who like independant girls, drama, and an awsome sound track!

    Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu
    Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu is a funny anime and I realy enjoyed it. The only problem I had though is that it was hard to understand and it didn’t seem like there was any plot but then again I have not yet finish watching the anime so who know maybe later there will be a bigger understanding. Overall its still an ok anime. I would recommend it to people who like crazy abnormal semi-sci-fi anime.

  7. 7 Miko 1 comment

    Wowwww, this is the most saddest top anime post ever.

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