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[Hynavian] Rosario+Vampire Episode 13 review, thoughts, panty lessons

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It’s a miracle that I’ve made it to the end of the first season. Being a proud fan of the R+V manga, I’ve been vividly promoting and recommending it to all of my friends since ages ago but I’ve recently kept a low profile and dare not even mention the word R+V in front of anyone, be it friend or foe. I’m sure it’s tough to find an anime out there that follows the manga 100% in terms of everything but anime R+V outstrip its manga for all the wrong reasons.

Tsukune's harem

What’s with all those unnecessary pauses that fully capture the panties of female characters? The harem would nonchalantly flash their panties now and then and to my surprise, they have a wardrobe supply of colorful panties. The most intolerable effect would be the melodramatic transformation where Outer Moka becomes Inner Moka. There would be chest and butt expansion, bats would be flying all over, and there would be a not so sexy man voice explaining her transformation process each time. Save for a few episodes where there isn’t any Moka transformation, the others are a hell to watch. To complicate matters, they included an unnecessary fat bat that time the duration of each battle and it does some sort of  "chu~" report at the end of the day.

Excess is the theme of the anime. The bigger the better, the messier the better and the sexier the pose the better. Notice the difference in the below 2 images? Whats with those extra bulging lumps? Crap, even the nipples are missing.


But I make it to the end anyway. The anime, as "flashy" as it seems, has its redeeming points too.

Redeeming Point #1
Availability of certain "what if" scenarios that are not available in the manga. In the anime, Tsukune’s identity as a human was exposed to the whole school and he was actually tied to a stake so that he can be burned later. His harem went for a "Rescue Tsukune" operation and fought with the antagonists in front of the school just to rescue him. Such a scene has yet to happen in the manga and would be good reference material should Tsukune’s identity be exposed later in the manga.

Stake burning

Redeeming Point #2
The anime follows the manga closely, let’s say about 60% of the time. The general layout is there; the many antagonists, the harem of characters, teachers and such. The fights might take place in a different location but the gang is definitely fighting the same antagonists. In the manga, Tsukune and gang fought the fox-like boss character in some prison setting location while in the anime, they battle it out on the school’s rooftop. I’ve been having this inner conflict for some time; should the anime follow the manga 100%? If so, ain’t I watching the same scene twice? I actually enjoy the anime when it differs from the manga when it comes to the fight scenes and the elements of surprise. I don’t mind differences but it must end the manga way. For example in the manga, if a particular enemy is suppose to be defeated in the end, he better not be standing at the end of the episode. How Tsukune and his harem defeat the enemy; the means, moves, and methods can differ, but the enemy has to be defeated.

Redeeming Point #3
When you’re bored and want a laugh, the anime is a good choice. I especially like certain segments where I laugh my head off after a tiring day at school. Just to raise a few, in "Maths + A Vampire", its hilarious that Shirayuki could understand Sine, Cosine and Tangent when she doesn’t know the difference between subtraction and addition. The first time when I fully appreciate Kurumu’s F-size boobs and the excessiveness of the fan service was in "A farewell + A Vampire". If you need a just for laugh anime, go for Rosario+Vampire.

Redeeming Point #4
The Ending Song is a A+ reason for catching the anime. As unbelievable as it sounds, I actually sat through some uninteresting episodes just to catch the ED, "Dancing in the Velvet Moon" at the end of it. Its a sexy portrayal of inner Moka and Nana Mizuki indeed has a sexy voice.

Sexy ED

Though panties flashing is the norm in Rosario+Vampire, it wasn’t so bad after all when it comes to plot and character development. I’m entertained right to the end, not by the panties of course, but by the many jokes and laughters from Tsukune and harem.


What else can I say? Thank you for all those panties flashes, I’ve got a good idea what panties to purchase the next time I shop.

Popularity: 4% [?]

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6 Responses to “[Hynavian] Rosario+Vampire Episode 13 review, thoughts, panty lessons”  

  1. 1 Stifler 52 comments

    There’s actually only one redeeming point…two actually. One is that Moka is voiced by Mizuki Nana, second is that Dancing in the Velvet Moon is an awesome song. I felt that that’s about it.

  2. 2 Hynavian 20 comments

    I agree with you totally that Mizuki Nana has a sexy voice, that’s definitely one of the most motivating factors for watching Rosario Vampire. As for the OP, “Cosmic Love”, it has not impact me much as I can do with or without it.

  3. 3 Yakumo 8 comments

    “I’m entertained right to the end, not by the panties of course…..”

    I’ll be surprised if you were. :P

  4. 4 Archedgar 1 comment

    I enjoyed this anime a lot, then again I haven’t read the manga.

    If you look past the massive amounts of fanservice, there is actually a very interesting story with highly amusing comedic material in between to prevent it from getting too serious, it also has surprising character development.

    However, while the series does advance, it has no resolution at all regarding the harem, as these types of animes tend to do.

    Oh well, season 2 is coming soon. I am eager to watch …

  5. 5 Goerdev 1 comment


    Rosario vampire is a very nice and cool serie to watch.
    I was looking for soom Naruto series then I saw this serie.

    I then become great fan of it after watching the serie
    When I finished watching the first episode I then began searching for some more episodes to watch.

    My complimants to the maker of this serie.
    Mizuki Nana has a very sexy voice to listen to and it’s suts perfect to the character Moka-san.

    Now I have al the 13 episode on my PSP I’m now waiting for some more episodes.


  6. 6 Hynavian 20 comments

    Hi Goerdev,

    Its pretty amazing that you found Rosario Vampire while searching for Naruto. ;) lol

    I agree with you that Nana Mizuki has great vocals, her sexy voice has charmed many. If you enjoy season I, good news for you then, season II is set to air in October.

    Peace and have a good day.

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