Predictions for This New Season: Watch This Space at the End of It and See if I’m Right!

As the title states, this is my own little crystal ball blogging…

Let’s make a few predictions for this season. Remember how everyone thought Gundam 00 was shit? It wasn’t in the end, it was alright! Shows that most anime fans have lousy clairvoyance abilities, except me.

  1. GONZO will fold if their web streaming venture fails. They are hugely in debt, with no money to even make proper shows already.
  2. BlassReiter will be the new Dragonaut, it’s so fucking horrible that people watch it just to laugh. GIOOO? But LianYL thinks it’s better than Druaga.
  3. Tower of Druaga will be the best show GONZO have produced since, I don’t know, Speed Grapher? Some might argue that the Mermaid show was good. They are fools. Druaga will end up my 4th favourite show this season by its end.
  4. Nabari no Ou anime will NOT be the next Naruto.
  5. Code Geass will reach legendary Hall of Fame status and mentioned whenever people want to recommend anime.
  6. Anyone caught watching Zettai Karen Children will be hauled off by the Anti-Childporn Police.
  7. Anyone caught watching Kurenai will be hauled off by the Anti-Childporn Police, wrongfully.
  8. Macross Frontier will be praised to the heavens by the masses, but panned by the loyalists.
  9. Soul Eater will win awards for fight choreography and animation. But because it is not moe/has no hot guys, it will not be well-received in Japan and fizzle out like Darker than Black.
  10. Bones will be revered by those fans who are rational but derided by moe-mongering or yaoi-hunting fanatics. The latter will call for more Ouran High School Host Club, despit the show mocking them.
  11. Newbies still think D’Gray Man has better animation than Soul Eater because the characters are prettier.
  12. Hirano Aya will win more awards despit her voicing the same role in Karen Children as in Lucky Star.
  13. More people will flame Hirano Aya.
  14. Kallen will die.
  15. Darkmirage will slit his wrists along with her.
  16. Riuva will be fully operational and functioning at high capacity as there are a few good shows.
  17. Due to a lack of girly shows like Clannad, Ascaloth will post less.
  18. Kokanaden will have gotten married to a busty girl with low IQ.

That’s it for now. I’ll probably add more as I see more shows…

18 Responses to “Predictions for This New Season: Watch This Space at the End of It and See if I’m Right!”

  • hmm….can you make predications for your real life?
    And do another posting on your real life. ^.^

  • Dr. Stein can be kinda bishie sometimes.

  • I should make a prediction #4 every season. I will start now:

    Kanokon will not be the next Naruto

  • Gonzo was back in the black before the whole streaming thing (source:

    Thanks for playing!

  • I agree with most of those.

    Kallen won’t die, though. She’ll just end up being a random new character’s love interest. Or even Suzaku’s
    Massive wrist slittings will follow. Har har har.

  • What do you mean lack of girly shows?
    Itazura na Kiss
    Vampire Knight
    Special A


  • Spot on with the Bones predictions, I totally see that happening. Although Kallen can’t die till she kisses Lelouch once at least!

  • I can see 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 17 happening.

    Incidentally I was wondering what old Ascaloth was going to do with the lack of Kyoani or Romance shows. Probably take a nap or a vacation or something.

    As for Aya Hirano, she’ll either win a best actress award for tertiary third tier supporting character Meena Roshan (over Aya Endo’s actually main lead no less) for one or two lines, or for Zettai Karen Children as you said. Why, because she was the voice of Haruhi 3 years ago and that makes her awesome forever…..right? RIGHT?! Hell give this girl best singer for Aya Endo’s idol songs in Macross Frontier if her character ever appears in the background during one. Confuse the masses I say.

    And Bones has it all wrong. Their shows severely lack loli and girls blushing and therefore they are teh fail. (Of course I’m kidding and love Bones stylish choreagraphy and the fun loving spirit of their shows)

  • Hinano, those are GIRL shows not GIRLY shows. BIG DIFFERENCE! Clannad is a girly show aimed at girly men. Vampire Knights is full of gay men and aimed at girls. FYGs to be fair.

    Kaioshin: I’ll still bang her though.

    Owen S: New prediction, The ABC will fall like the Order of the Black Knights. And I am Orange Kun.

    Senshi: Man, that’s a wall of words. GDH does have money making ventures while their anime sucks eh. I hope Druaga turns out good, then we get more streaming.

    Wongtcsg: Two kids, one male one female. Male one will be called Gintoki and female one Tatiana.

    Jpmeyer: Kanokon will however be the next small-weak kid with busty taller magical girl show.

  • “Clannad is a girly show aimed at girly men. ”

    I’d be offended if I wasn’t laughing. Well played sir, well played.

  • Pft Vampire Knight doesn’t have gay men! (not that I read the manga but based on my first impression all the mans wanna sandwich the girl! XD)

  • More people will flame Hirano Aya indeed. They somehow always do.

  • No. 17 was just what I was planning. I’ll bust out that True Tears Final Critique, then take it easy for the rest of the season. I’ve been doing enough regular-publishing duty, as it is. ^_^

  • Low IQ?

    I’ll exchange bustiness for IQ please.

    And height. I dig tall girls. Not wide ones.

  • I can understand why Lian thinks Blassreiter could be better than Druaga It’s a collaboration between Gonzo and Nitro , and anime-figuratively speaking, my eyes lit up.

    Nitro is quite popular though I’m hesitant to say in what because I’m not entirely sure myself. They have fantastic art and mecha designs, but I personally think the stories behind their games and such are actually very good and show a high degree of creativity (apart from the mecha obsession).

    Blassreiter doesn’t even have a whiny Jin-clone, but it’s far too early to say eh.

  • Apologies, I meant Nitroplus, somehow the symbol for “plus” is not accepted, meh.

  • I see 16 and 17 happening judging from the recent post rates. A pity that Ascaloth ran out of girly-shows this fall but I’m highly tempted to catch all those Girl shows.

  • “Soul Eater will win awards for fight choreography and animation. But because it is not moe/has no hot guys, it will not be well-received in Japan and fizzle out like Darker than Black. ”

    Maka has mini-skirt and twintails.

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