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[G-Man] What in the world was I thinking!?

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I guess there was no mass email sent out to proclaim the news that I’m the newest member of the Riuva team. Oh please hold your applause… When I got the news I was pretty ecstatic because I thought my scholarly treatise on emoism didn’t nearly receive the attention that the coincidentally timed post, that hardly ever shows up, on otaku’s skewed view of reality by TJ-han garnered. I mean it completely overshadowed my wee little post to the point that one could consider such a coincidence an act of nefarious design wrought with malice. ..LOL ..But I digress..When I got the news that I could now have free reign to share my views on otakuism, anime, and life via rivua I was beyond excited. Until I actually sat down and began thinking about what topic I should tackle for you lifeless, I mean, you anime enthusiast out there, and realized that when I agreed to this I must have been out of my mind.

Consider the following points:

Point #1: What could I possibly write about that hasn’t been discussed already?

No seriously, what breath taken insight can I provide on otakuism, or anime , that hasn’t been discussed thoroughly or hinted at already? I mean come on!! Anime and otakus are tirelessly redundant and predictable. The former is usually some fantastical stuff about self sacrifice, the power of friendship, the power of love, the power of destiny, the power of hope, the power of power, etc… And the latter will be obsessed about becoming an actual anime character, marrying an anime character, dressing up like an anime character, collecting toys of anime characters, and watching anime- characters. You know, I already feel my mind zoning out and trying to enter a happy place to free me from the obvious tedium.

Point#2: Should we really be engaging in an exhaustive study of a otherwise children’s entertainment medium?

I always like to deceive myself and believe that the only reason I like anime is because of the complex character development and intricate plots that are found in my fav animes. But this is all LIES!!! As an intellectual I can pretty much find rational justification for anything! Why am I attracted to pretty girls? Not because I’m shallow, but because I’m a victim of a societal norms that exude a constant amount of psychological pressure on my own preceptive ideas concerning aesthetics, forcing me to agree with the consensus where as I might have otherwise created a different functioning model to use a rubric to assess the subjective reality we call beauty, in conclusion I’m only a victim and cannot help my torrid infatuation. Do we really want to seriously dissect anime and place it on the same tier as a real academic study? Should we really go there? Aren’t we just becoming sophist and legitimizing a form a media that should be scrutinize with a healthy amount of prejudice ? Have we become blind orators using the devices of rhetoric to justify our obsession with the lurid and strange? Am I just ranting because I don’t have anything else to say? Will there be a 3rd season of Black lagoon? Will Micheal Jackson stop touching kids?

Point#3: Parodies of a single topic become tiresome and boring?

Yea, I’m going to parody as much anime as possible until all the parodies become similar since most of the plots in anime are seemingly becoming uniform. Yea , let’s crack jokes about anime and otakus until we run out of material. That’s the ticket! Yeah! Let’s see how many weird and strange things are associated with otakus, so we can poke fun!! Are otaku’s really that deep!? To be honest the first time I saw a girl in cosplay I was actually scared. Scared that a grown woman really felt the need to dress up as a super hero and prance around in public! Not to mention that the public event in question was a museum exhibition opening!!!!! Otakus are already a parody of themselves, do they really need our help?

Point#4 I don’t have a fourth point but I love the whole bullet presentation thing….

And another thing! If three otakus go to a bar, who leaves with a date? I don’t know the answer just wanted to throw it out there. To conclude this short little rant I would like to say that I commend all anime blog writers, because you have be a special class of human to engage in such an activity. You have to be part of the preserve of iconic mortals to be able to pierce through the shroud of idiocy that envelops anime and write on those admirable parts, few do they be, that is contained in otakuism. For though they maybe lifeless, unexciting, weird, zany, strange, scary, etc.. Otaku’s make all normal people feel better about themselves, so they are an integral part of nature.

For now I write because I crack myself up and love hearing myself speak. Hey, fellow anme bloggers, why do you write?

I am G-Man, If you didn’t know, ask somebody…

Popularity: 3% [?]

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9 Responses to “[G-Man] What in the world was I thinking!?”  

  1. 1 kokanaden 259 comments

    1 E-inch. Congratulations.

  2. 2 Hynavian 11 comments

    Welcome aboard my fellow co-writer!

    My reasons for writing?
    1. To promote the anime/manga that I like.
    2. To express my hatred…*cough*…special opinions on certain series.
    3. The fear factor. Imagine facing Tjhan’s divine wrath.
    4. Ascaloth. Imagine facing Ascaloth (naggy person, worse than my grandma).
    5. To Rant, its a good outlet.
    6. To kill time while waiting for something. Claymore, once a month…

    Speaking of Claymore, I wonder which Claymore character I should tag you with? :)

  3. 3 Calawain 19 comments

    I don’t think it’s that complicated, I enjoy discussing my hobbies with others who share them. I think that’s the reason most people blog, although there are some out there that just love to hear themselves talk or feel the need to flame shows/people.

  4. 4 Crest 13 comments

    Welcome on board.

  5. 5 tj_han 1055 comments

    How many Japanese does it take to change a light bulb?

    Answer: One. Why? He can do it himself what.

  6. 6 LianYL 583 comments

    Not to difficult to come up with topics. You just need the time to craft them.

  7. 7 kokanaden 259 comments

    I write to satisfy the exhibitionist streak in me.

    Anyone wants to see my penis? I mean, E-penis.

  8. 8 G-man 24 comments

    The post was a joke. I just found it funny that its totally different experience when you’re on the writing end of an anme blog.

  9. 9 SnooSnoo 5 comments

    “Will Michael Jackson stop touching kids?”
    I LOLed real hard when I saw this random line.

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