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[Hynavian] Gunslinger Girl IL Teatrino Review - Cooking Pot Recipe

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The fan-sub team that picked up Gunslinger Girl IL Teatrino stopped subbing this series and I heard rumors that they did so because they’re busy working on another series instead. It’s a pity to start something and then to put it on hold when they’ve already done 5 out of the 13 episodes, causing utter distress among fans who relied heavily on subs.

Before I forget, here’s the usual line - You’ve been warned, the below contains spoilers.

Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino

Here’s my general opinion; great OP, ED and the character make over is much appreciated (as compared to season I). However, there’s an over-do with the character blushing arena as the girls are blushing more than usual. I can find at least 1 of the girls blushing in every episode, it’s "Gunslinger Girl", and not "Blushing Gunslinger Girl". Season II confirmed my suspicion that "Rico is the creepiest looking of them all" where  she constantly smiles either before, during and/or after missions. Teatrino has successfully present the girls as cute and sweet, and every meanie would want to kidnap any one of them home. Hence, when a cute looking Rico smiles while shooting others with her pistol, it was disturbing. Graphic wise, its a large improvement as compared to season I; the OP and ED are way cooler too. Just a side note, I actually find the images for the later OP (episode 7 onwards) much more to my liking as compared to the one at the start (Images of streets, nature, random locations).

Episode 1 to 5 - The "basic ingredients"

The anime actually follows the manga closely from the start, episode 1. The first few episodes are actually introductory episodes where the girls, their jobs, their relationship with their handlers and the antagonists were introduced. The macro view is presented in a micro manner by focus on a different character in every episode, each character portrays what the other girls felt, but in an extreme way. In episode 1, we learn of Henrietta’s obsession with her handler, be it due to conditioning or not.  In episode 2, antagonist Pinocchio is introduced; flashbacks to his childhood, his present, and his relationship with his uncle. This is followed by other antagonists like Franca and Franco. In episode 3, we learn more about the "children welfare center" fight against Padania (Name of a terrorist organization), the side effects of conditioning, and the dilemma the handlers face in episode 5 and 6.


I’m sure all GSG fans are familiar with the above mentioned; their obsession with their handlers, their inhuman strength, the side effects of conditioning and the list goes on. Introducing antagonists at the start is also nothing new for there has to be some opponents whom the girls can battle against. The plot actually develops from episode 6-11 while episode 12 and 13 is where I feel the climax was.

Episode 6 & 7 - The "marinating sauces"

Coming to episodes 6-10, everything starts to become complicated. The girl’s robotic bodies are discussed in greater depths and the episodes are good supplements to the manga. Antagonists like Franca, Franco and Pinocchio are given more cameo time and their characters are more developed in the anime as compared to the manga. I actually come to like Franca as a character more in the anime though she’s on the opposing side. There’s much more action in the "Marinating" stage; bombs, spies, and bullets flying everywhere.


Episode 8 - The "secret ingredient"

Episode 8 is a heart wrenching episode on Claes, there has to be a heart wrenching and this is the episode that will make you crumble when you make it to the end.

After seeing many "shoulder disjointing experiments" done on Claes in season I, she continues to be the guinea pig in season II. This time, no shoulder or any body parts dislocation is involved but it seems like she’s consuming some weird looking pills and Jean (Rico’s handler) is showering her with concern. I won’t let my imagination run wild here, I’ll just leave it as it is so that there’s room for speculation. Not all is bleak when it comes to dormitory life. A new character, Beatrice, seems to be the laziest and greediest of the lot. She wakes up late, misses her meals and thinks that the herbs in Claes’ garden are edible. Beatrice speaks rather dully at the start, monotone if you’ll ask me, and she appears to be nonchalant to everything except food and sleep. However, she becomes Claes best-est best friend in gardening as time pass, though she does nothing but chats with Claes all the while staring at the herbs.


When I get to the end of episode 8, it’s a bitter-sweet feeling. There’s some comical moments, especially between Beatrice and Claes in the canteen, but the episode itself ends on a painful note. Catch episode 8 to get what I mean.

Beatrice: 「私楽しいんでどうな事はよくわからない。。。どしてクラエスは楽しそうを知ってるの?」

Claes: 「きっと遠い昔だれかに教えてもらったんのよ!」

A sad melody comes immediately after the above lines, followed by the ending credits. Does anyone knows the title of that "sad melody" at the end of episode 8? I really it if someone can pop me a note of the song title, thanks.

Episode 9 & 10 - The "decorations"

Named the "decorations" for episode 9 to 11 are packed with action and is entertaining. Meanwhile, the stage for the final boss battle, Triela vs Pinocchio, is set.

Beatrice with her handler, I presume

Beatrice, we get to see more Beatrice action in Episode 9. It seems like they have successfully produced a girl that had senses as sharp as that of a dog. However, here’s something interesting that I would like to point out. Beatrice has that "dull" look when she’s on duty but I’m 100% certain that she’s not slacking off during the mission. However, she also has that similar "dull" look when she’s staring at Claes and herbs; does that mean that she’s taking Cleas and the herbs seriously? Beatrice handler is also a rather talkative man and it’s a weird team they have there, the handler chats non-stop while the girl have that "dull" look and is silent.

Fun time with teddy bears!

Remember Mario from Season I, the one whom Triela let off in one of the earlier episodes? Season 2 episode 10, not only the man is back, Triela has to protect his daughter this time for Mario has turn witness and its up to Triela to ensure that she’s safe. Nothing violent happened in this episode but fans of Triela will love this episode as there’s some flashbacks to Triela’s past and both the girls are totally enjoying themselves.

Episode 11 & 13 - The "Deep Fry" stage

Finally the last 3 episodes before season II wraps up nicely. I actually like the way the anime goes as it slowly builds up the climax. The ending for episode 12 is a cliff hanger as Triela and Pinocchio face each other while a round table stood in their way. Episode 13 then continues the Triela-Pinocchio fight. Lots of blood everywhere in episode 13 as the girls are stabbed, shot and one even got knocked by a car. I actually like the fight scenes in episode 13; both Triela and Pinocchio have cool moves. Not only the aftermath of Pinocchio’s battle was included, the producers were nice and fast forwarded the time a little to present a happy picture of the girls before ending off.  I’m glad that the ending of IL Teatrino paints an optimistic picture of the girls as compared to season I, where I had a hard time guessing the fate of Angelica. I’ll keep my fingers cross and hope for a season III.

Triela vs Pinocchio

Gunslinger Girl IL Teatrino
(Cooking Pot Recipe)

Basic ingredients
+ Marinating sauces
+ Secret Ingredient
+ Decorations
+ Deep Fry

My mum will be proud of my cooking skills when I let her know of this.

Ending off, Gunslinger Girl IL Teatrino, is a must watch for all Gunslinger Girl die hard fans out there!

Popularity: 5% [?]

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9 Responses to “[Hynavian] Gunslinger Girl IL Teatrino Review - Cooking Pot Recipe”  

  1. 1 TheBigN 55 comments

    “It’s a pity to start something and then to put it on hold when they’ve already done 5 out of the 13 episodes, causing utter distress among fans who relied heavily on subs.”

    The 6th episode has recently been released for days now. And I don’t mind as long as they keep bringing episodes out, as slow as the frequency maybe be.

  2. 2 Martin 4 comments

    If we’re on about the same subbing group here, ep #6 is indeed out already. They tend to kid around with whether they’ve dropped a show or not, and also make out they hate it before going ahead and subbing it anyway. Their subs are good quality though, so I’m not complaining or anything.

    I’ve only got as far as #6 though, so I kinda skipped most of this post. I will say though that Il Teatrino took too more flak from the blogosphere than it deserved - the artwork and animation is mediocre (or at least, nowhere as good as the first season) but the characters’ personalities are more or less the same and the storyline seems to have a broader focus. In the first series we met the girls, their handlers and got to know them, but Il Teatrino pans out a bit and gets into the heads of their opponents too. Right now Pinnochio is an interesting character for instance, and the recurring appearances of the terrorist organisation adds a bit of complexity to the plot.

  3. 3 tj_han 1055 comments

    I quit after the first episode. I read the manga anyway. I would probably marathon it after all’s done and out, maybe in DVD format.

  4. 4 Beowulf Lee 21 comments

    >>>character make over is much appreciated (as compared to season I)

    You gotta be kidding me.

  5. 5 EdZ 4 comments

    “Graphic wise, its a large improvement as compared to season I”
    Really? I thought there was a massive amount of QUALITY animation and long-pans-over-static-scenes compared with the first season, in addition to the lowered character detail and framerate drop.

  6. 6 gordon 1 comment

    episode 6 is released? will take a look tonight.
    are there any other fansubs groups doing this project as well?

  7. 7 Stifler 51 comments

    Read the manga, watch the RAWs! lol

  8. 8 Faye 44 comments

    Is it official that they stopped subbing it? Maybe they’re waiting to finish Kaiji first. They took a long break halfway off subbing Bokurano, but eventually finished the job. I hope it will be the same for Gunslinger Girl too, I love the series.

  9. 9 Hynavian 11 comments

    @TheBigN and Martin
    Let’s just say…when I was writing this post, episode 6 sub is not out yet. ;)

    I’m going to get the DVD version too! I plan to psycho some of my friends into watching this series.

    The problem with the manga is that the scanlation team is taking their time in releasing the english scanlated version. In my opinion, the rate of release is rather slow. Fans out there should either go for the manga raws or GSG in some other languages.

    Triad has completed subbing the series that they picked up and am back to subbing Gunslinger Girl! :D Its great news to GSG fans.

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