Poll Closure: Has Akira Become Very Hot in School Rumble S2?

With the 100th vote cast, I closed the poll on whether Akira has become very hot in the 2nd season of school rumble.


56 voted for "Yes, she’s sooo hot now.".
14 voted for "No, she sucks."
30 voted for "Who’s that?"

Add this result to the increasing number of Akira fan threads popping up in forums, I hereby conclude that Akira is the rising star of season 2. This is made possible through the many closeup shots of her and the increasing focus on her. Last season she was little more than a background prop hence Akira scored poorly on the popularity charts, even in Japan.

Let’s move on to the next poll.

Gonzo is?


Vote on it!

3 Responses to “Poll Closure: Has Akira Become Very Hot in School Rumble S2?”

  • I’ve always liked Akira, so I hope we actually have some scenes with her as the focus rather than just the background. I don’t think she’ll ever be Yakumo, though.

    Gonzo: So-so. I adore Gankutstuou and really liked Last Exile, but the majority of their shows fail to do anything for me, not to mention how much they change manga. *NHK :’(*

  • haha i remeber at anime episode 6 when she tries kiss yakumo after drama.

  • Whahahahah!!!

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