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Amatsuki Shows Why Men are Better than Women

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Remember Fushigi Yuugi? Miaka and Yui get sent into some medieval fantasy world with super powered bishounen and demons. Amatsuki, with 2 episodes out so far, is similar with two males accidentally travelling to a demon-fraught Tokugawa era Edo.

But there ends the similarities. Miaka and Yui’s priorities in their new world were to whine, generate mating calls and seek pretty men. The two guys instead, Toki and Kon, use the power of science to their advantage, even if non-scientific things like demons threaten them. This shows why girls are dumb and should pay attention more in science class and read up on modern technology rather than study the latest fashion trends which would not even be useful should they be sent to a medieval fantasy world.

Toki and Kon use fractional distillation and fermentation to get a relatively purified amount of ethanol, and combined with the specific heat capacity of water, manage to pull of a FLAMING DEMON trick and scare silly samurai away. Miaka on the other hand, moans and whines.

So men are better than women.

Other examples:

If Marty McFly was a woman, he would not be able to skateboard his way through the 1960s, nor could he play Johnny be Goode and wow the crowd.
If the Time Machine guy was a woman, he wouldn’t have been able to build a damn time machine.
If the guy in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court was a woman, instead of shooting the knights with his selfmade revolver, she would be bedding them.
If the girl in Inuyasha was a guy, Inuyasha would be gay. Oh wait it already is.
If the Wataru in Brave Story was a girl, she wouldn’t have managed to collect the 5 gemstones and save the world. With the power of skateboard, drill swords and light cannons.

12 Kingdoms is not counted!! BOO HISS. Lol.

Popularity: 5% [?]

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9 Responses to “Amatsuki Shows Why Men are Better than Women”  

  1. 1 sesshomaru_haku 19 comments

    How ’bout Claymore?


  2. 2 kokanaden 289 comments

    The bosses in the organisation are all guys. For Claymore that is.

  3. 3 Gman 35 comments

    I think this needs to be explored with alot more depth. After reading some Dick Masterson, I’m starting to think men are just better than women..lol… It’s a preference thing you know

    I am G-man!

  4. 4 Faye 47 comments

    Damnit you just made me depressed. Because no matter how hard I try I will never be an awesome GAR male. Curse the X sperm!!!!!

  5. 5 Anonymous 1 comment

    Sexism at it best here I see.

  6. 6 Corabn 1 comment

    I don’t know. A guy sent into medieval ages, surrounded by pretty yet dumb girls? Most of the guys I know would definitely spend a few weeks doing some ‘cultural exchange.’

    …Of course, afterwards they’d distill high-quality ethanol, and make cars and computers from scratch.

    What would a woman make?

  7. 7 Formetoknowandforyoutofindout 1 comment

    I’m going to have to disagree with you. Women can do just about anything that men can do, especially in the anime universe. Sure, there are female characters in anime that are “just there,” but that does not make ALL females weak and submissive. There are women that have strong personalities and impressive talents. If you’re not convinced, I suggest that you brush up on your World History.

  8. 8 CDan 15 comments

    LOL at Marty McFly..

  9. 9 kirre 1 comment

    You’re like comparing apples and bananas here. Find another shonen genre if you want to prove your point right.

    But I kinda agree with you for Miaka being whiny and annoying. Shoujo’s at its best there for some people I guess.

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