[Gman] If Life Were an Anime…

Since I’m done with my social philosophical ranting binge, I thought I might as well start writing about what were all here for- Anime right? Does the G-man know Anime? Nope, but I can sure fake it like I do. So here goes, If life were an Anime, What Anime would you want your life to be?


It’s sad but I’m such an egoist that I actually started a anime staring me, about me, and that glorifies me. Of course, I’m not nearly as cool as I imagine, but its just so fun to dream. In my anime, I’m a mysterious, cup of noodle eating recluse, who loves watching anime and playing video games. I continually get interesting characters barging into my life to free it from the redundant and mundane. I imagine myself as an ex-contractor killer, who wants to distance himself from his prior life and thus spends his time on the lighter things of life. Only problem is I have to pay the bills, so in my anime I take up assignments of my choosing to kill high profile individuals.

The anime that I envision would deal with the dichotomies that are constantly present in life, and the escapism that one goes through in an attempt to coup with the jaded reality of themselves that is usually far from how they envision themselves. And you know my anime is gonna have tons of random violence, blood, gun fighting, sword fighting and pretty women. Oh yeah, and I only where designer clothes, because my anime character, like the real me, has a penchant for being fashionable.

The antagonist in my anime are symbolic and representative of life’s extremes and social norms. For instance, in my anime I have a rich friend who constantly criticizes me for not wanting to sleep around and go out on social events. My Protaganist figures that spending time alone and reflecting is on life alot more useful and healthy then using woman and going to social events to look important.

So if Life were an anime…

There’s a major problem with my description as my life as an Anime. Why is it so far from how my real life is? It may sound completely ridiculous but I think that life could be as adventurous and interesting as any Anime. I believe that though we spend great deal of our lives escaping, we forget to ponder how wonderful existence is and how great it is to be alive. If you want adventure in your life, why not join a healthy pursuit that can provide an adrenaline rush like sports, politics, or fighting for a cause. If you want companion who will be their for you through thick and thin, then seek people with quality character and bold conviction. If your life is boring, then make it exciting!! If you’re weak, then work out. Be what you envision, make it a reality. This reminds me of a scene in Black Lagoon, where Rock was verbally slapping some sense into Revi because of her pity party that erupted into a full scale tantrum. Rock basically told her that if she thinks there is no injustice, that there is no robin hoods, etc That she should rise up and become the very thing she sees amiss in the world. Sure that sounds idyllic and fantastical, but why should we settle for anything less? Life on this earth is short, and as far as I’m concerned, I want to die knowing that if my life were an Anime that it was the kind of Anime that excites me and ravishes my heart. And that my life as an Anime would need no exaggerations or embellishing because as it stands its already pretty cool as it is. Basically, what I’m saying is instead of just dreaming our dream we should be living them. So anyone want to pay me to take somebody out?

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  • Mine’s definitely going to be slice of life style.

  • well well, what a nice life u r in, enjoy it to the fullest, but what do u think of the routine like working? what can kill it ? about every body who is working to earn money is liveing a routine life that he should achieve the money he wants when he is about 50 or 60 years old ,OMG can anyone be happy when he wastes all his youth in earning money for his older times ,,, and yet when he achieve it still its the same story he still wants more, youth is the most part that a person should have fun in
    do u think that the Greens are a must for happiness or it just creats a style in life and fool every one that u r haveing a very nice and fun time.

    from that i can say being happy is doing what u always want never the less a worker but an exeptional one, try not wasteing ur youth take this advice from a very old man like me :p yeah telling things like these made me think that iam a real old-san hehe

    well my life is an anime as i think of it, but in life i always choose the the good side in formal things but in the anime i choose alot of times the evil-part of the good side or pure evil

  • Mine would be the Claymore world and I would be a run away Claymore; just like my idol Galatea :)

  • My anime life:

    Mine is about this girl who lives in Texas and her sole responsibility on Earth is to save Earth from an alien attack, and the aliens are actually really hot anime guys. *gigglesuncontrollably* but they’re very shallow and most of them are actually homosexuals.


    Oh how I ruin things for myself….

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