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[LianYL] Photos Of A HOT China Cosplayer

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I was meddling my own business trying to learn Laplace Transformation of Matrices with Differential Equations in peace two nights back when my dorm neighbour walked into my room with a cunning snicker on his face. He knew I was into otakudom and linked me to a cosplay site with pictures of one hot, hot cosplayer. I always knew that most China cosplayers do their cosplay extremely well at the standard of Japanese ones but this site blew me away.

I sent the webmaster a mail for permission to use the photos but a daemon error occurred so what the heck.

You could browse the site for yourself at: http://cos7.huming.com but to save you the trouble have a preview of the pictures below, absolutely gorgeous:



Of all HIS pictures I liked this picture the most

What’s that sound? Are you in pain?

A little note to anyone who might be concerned: 若站主路过此站觉“盗用”不当,请发个邮件给站长要求撤下。

Popularity: 12% [?]

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47 Responses to “[LianYL] Photos Of A HOT China Cosplayer”  

  1. 1 kokanaden 289 comments

    Okay, fine I admit I am bisexual.

    Wait, I take that back.

    Quite awesome though, I must admit.

  2. 2 TheBigN 57 comments

    That is hilarious. XD

  3. 3 Hynavian 40 comments

    Holy cucumber, you manage to trick me Lian! :) A handsome..*cough*…pretty guy I must say.

  4. 4 Kurogane 115 comments

    Lol, I hate you.

  5. 5 akurashy 2 comments

    Hate…hate…bah.. *save as pictures*

  6. 6 Xak 66 comments

    trapdom has hit 3d-land too…


  7. 7 Hynavian 40 comments

    You’re saving the pictures? O_o

  8. 8 TheBigN 57 comments

    Hynavian: Quiet weapons for silent wars.

  9. 9 Impz 36 comments

    I am in despair.

  10. 10 birdsAD 1 comment

    *fap fap fap*

  11. 11 Tiny Red Man 128 comments

    pls tell me these are all girls….pls….. ~>_

  12. 12 TP 22 comments

    Ponos goes where?

  13. 13 Tsubaki 492 comments

    Oh wow. China has everything now.

  14. 14 Forceflow 29 comments


    but what the heck.


  15. 15 winsonkoh 4 comments

    If god wants you to born to be like a girl, you born to be like a girl. :)

  16. 16 kokanaden 289 comments

    My friend pointed this out: Where’s the Adam’s apple?

    Apart from him swallowing it whole, the only other alternative I can think of is photoshop.

  17. 17 Ascaloth 127 comments

    Excuse me while I go make myself taller.

  18. 18 anonymous 1 comment

    Dammnit, I was expecting Hong Meiling.

  19. 19 The Sojourner 43 comments

    Okaaayy!! Back to studies then!

  20. 20 Ziyang 20 comments

    Hot hot hot!!!!

  21. 21 Crest 25 comments

    The site has a nice reference to D.C comics

  22. 22 koneko-chan 2 comments

    I’d still hit that…

    Did I say that out loud?

  23. 23 wolfx

    I’d hit it.

  24. 24 Sir Meh 4 comments

    … I knew something wasn’t right.

  25. 25 Loba 27 comments

    ..This can’t be true. HE looks hotter than most girls.

  26. 26 LianYL 629 comments

    I’m glad to have left scars in many.

  27. 27 akurashy 2 comments

    Oh yea… is the trap legal? I don’t like jailbaits

  28. 28 The P-Meister 4 comments


  29. 29 Link 2 comments


  30. 30 Stifler 60 comments

    The cake is a lie…
    The cake is a lie…
    The cake is a lie…

  31. 31 FlameStrike 32 comments

    What the fuck….? I thought Traps were only in anime………………………………………………….

  32. 32 Rikandur 1 comment

    Cool cosplay, I admit. Were I a girl I would fall for You Lian. :)
    More pictures ?

  33. 33 LianYL 629 comments

    I wish I was that pretty, too bad that isn’t me. I linked the site on top so go surf around the site yourself.

  34. 34 Victor 60 comments


  35. 35 kokanaden 289 comments


  36. 36 Helix 23 comments

    He’s a… she’s a… holy shit.

  37. 37 Norin 1 comment

    so….Bishounen really… do… exist… wow…. his pretty xD

  38. 38 Jazzo 1 comment

    you know…. i been looking at the pictures.. >.> that CANT be a he… I refuse to believe it…

  39. 39 mnel 1 comment

    i dont think i’d like to go anywhere near him. he makes me feel ugly. as in really ugly.

  40. 40 G-Man 35 comments

    Ummm I thinking of my happy place to make sure I don’t get aroused…

    I am g-man

  41. 41 nanashi 4 comments

    He takes care of his skin really well, unlike others I’ve seen. >_>

  42. 42 Marmot 6 comments


  43. 43 Onibaku 1 comment

    Actually its a girl, the way her speech and talks sounds like a man but its actually girl…

    proof see her 100 quesitons for the cosplayer part. quesiton 7 are you male or female? answer: female.

    4. 你是男性還是女性?

    …随角色需要变化中.三次元内绝对非男, 所谓”伪娘”退散= =

  44. 44 LianYL 629 comments

    That’s good to hear. Now you may be socially accepted to fap to the pictures.

  45. 45 LordBayu 1 comment

    That’s definitely a girl, no doubt.

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